February 2017

Ypapanti—The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple 

One of the major feast days of our Holy Orthodox Church is the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple. It occurs forty days after the Nativity of our Savior on the second of February, at a time when we come to an end of a series of feasts that have taken us through the darkness of the long and cold winter nights, a series of feasts bringing out different aspects of God’s search or outreach to us: the Word becoming flesh in the small dark cave in the depths of the earth; the manifestation of God to us through the passage through the waters.

Now in obedience to the Mosaic Law, forty days after his birth, Christ, the firstborn son, is brought to the Temple so that He might complete the Law, and the Law might be completed by Him. The Blessed Mother of God, the Theotokos, and Joseph to whom she was espoused, left Nazareth and journeyed to Jerusalem to present the Christ-child in the magnificent Temple of Solomon. It was required by Jewish law to make an offering for the new Child. As Joseph and the Theotokos were very poor people, they brought with them two small turtle doves, as illus-trated in the icon for the Feast. At that time, those who were wealthy offered money or a small animal to be sacrificed.

Being brought to the Temple, He is met by the righteous elder Simeon and the prophetess Anna: the old now passes, and the new has come. The place where they meet, where the old meets the new and the new is revealed, is in the Temple, the place to which Jesus is brought as a sacrifice. The elder Simeon was a very pious, humble, just, and devout man, a man of holi-ness. It was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that although he was old, he would not see death until he saw the Christ. When the Theotokos and Joseph entered the Temple, this dedi-cated servant of God received the Christ-child in his arms, and the prophecy of Isaiah was ful-filled: Christ is brought in the Temple and He rests in the arms of the elder as on a throne.

At this, Simeon utters the words: “Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to Your word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared before the face of all people: a light to enlighten the Gentiles and the glory of Your people, Israel.”

Israel’s glory has dawned in Christ, who is the light of revelation to the Gentiles. Now that Israel has accomplished its task of bringing the Messiah into the world, Simeon can depart in peace: the promises made in the beginning to Abraham about the calling of the nations are now fulfilled. In Abraham’s seed all nations of the world are now blessed.

Simeon blessed Joseph and the Theotokos and then said to them, “Behold, this Child is des-tined to be the cause for all the fall and rise of many in Israel.” He prophesied that those who believe in Christ will be exalted and saved while those who do not believe will be degraded. To the Theotokos he added, “And your heart shall be pierced by a sword.” He did not mean an actual sword would pierce her heart, but that her heart would experience an excruciating pain when she witnesses the Crucifixion and sees her Son suffering and dying upon the Cross.

As for Anna, who was a widow of many years and a prophetess, she was also pious and humble, advanced in age, and remained in the Temple day and night fasting and praying. When the presentation of the Lord occurred, she gave thanks unto God and then spoke to many people who lived in Jerusalem who were awaiting the redemption from their trials, tribulations, and sins.

The advanced age of the righteous elder and the prophetess indicate the passing away of the ancient customs, the rituals and prescriptions, for these were only ever, as the Apostle puts it, a shadow of the good things to come. The reality belongs to Christ, the one who was received into the arms of the elder, the one who was to cause the fall and rising again of many in Israel, who thus bestows upon us the resur-rection, the new creation. Today then, standing in the Temple with Simeon, we come indeed to the com-pletion of the movement of God towards us, so that we can also say: let us depart in peace, for the glory of God is revealed, enlightening those who sat in darkness. If this movement of God towards us is in-deed light coming into the world, enlightening those who sit in darkness, then we must begin to set our own sights upon the journey to Jerusalem.

The light of God is indeed also the peace of God. We too must begin to see the Lord as Simeon did, to know that He is indeed our rest; to find in him the peace that keeps us in peace throughout the storms of the sea of life; to be at rest in Him rather than be blown about from one crisis to the next, from one emotional bruise to another; and to be focused on Him, rather than on the thoughts which preoccupy us, each one seeming so important at the time, and leading to yet more habituated actions that we know we will regret. Let us pray that like Simeon we may learn to meet Jesus in the Temple, that we might find in Him the completion of our heart’s desire, and ourselves come to know His mercy and peace.

+Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M.D., M. Div.

Hail O Woman full of grace, Virgin and Mother of God: from you has arisen the Sun of Justice, Christ our God, enlightening those who stand in darkness. You too, just Elder Simeon, rejoice, for you carried in your arms the Redeemer of our souls, our Resurrection.

O Christ our God who through your birth have sanc-tified the virginal womb and have now blessed the arms of Simeon, today You have come to save us. O Lord, when wars prevail, keep your people in peace and strengthen our Public Authorities in eve-ry good deed, for You alone are the Lover of Man

We Thank You for Your Thanksgiving Donations 

Josephine Aliferakis, Elaine Allendorf. M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, Chrisoula Arsoniadis, M/M Zisis Arsoniadis, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Baziotis, Nicholas Bouris, M/M Michael Campopiano, Sue Cimino, M/M George Coclin, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M Constantinos Dafoulas, M/M Gaby Daiaa, M/M Wilfred Demars, Louis Dostou, Rev. Andrew George, M/M Constantine Grammas, M/M Carl Hague, M/M Elias Haralambides, M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M Demetrios Harritos, M/M Christopher Hoopis, Julie Karahalios, James Kripotos, Niki Kyrou, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, Dr. & Mrs. James Manis, Peter Manis, Elizabeth Marses, Marianthi Mastriano, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, M/M George Mihailides, M/M Andrew Mitrelis, Anne Morrell, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrissey, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Michael Papigiotis, M/M Ernest Pappas, Mary Pereira, Thomai Petropoulos, M/M Kevin Phelan, M/M Anthony Piscopio, M/M Carroll Promades, Nanci Sarganis, M/M Ernest Sotirakos, M/M Michael Sotirakos, Elle Strekouras, M/M Edward Tarbox, Dr. Golfo Tzilos, Antonia Vanikiotis, Carole Xanthakis, Maria Zaharakos, M/M Frank Zavota.

Total donations were $1,975.00 

Thank You for Your Christmas Donations 

Josephine Aliferakis, Elaine Allendorf, M/M Christodoulos Andriotis, M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Baziotis, Nicholas Bouris, M/M Michael Campopiano, Sue Cimino, Dr. Constantinou & Mr. Santos, M/M Constantinos Dafoulas, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M Gaby Daiaa, M/M James Demetriou, M/M Douglas DeRhodes, Rev. Andrew George, Constance Georgeadys, Argiri Ghionis, M/M Constantine Grammas, M/M George Grammas, M/M Nicholas Hantzakos, M/M Elias Haralambides, M/M Michael Haralambides, Alexis Harritos, M/M Demetrios Harritos, James Harritos II, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson, Julie Karahalios, Zoe Kazianis, James Kripotos, M/M Spiro Kyriakakis, Niki Kyrou, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, Dr. & Mrs. James Manis, Peter Manis, Elizabeth Marses, Marianthi Mastriano, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, M/M George Mihailides, Jean Mihelakos, M/M Andrew Mitrelis, M/M Theodore Moran, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrissey, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Ernest Pappas, M/M James Pappas, Mary Pereira, Thomai Petropoulos, M/M Kevin Phelan, Dorothy Pliakas, M/M Gus Proyous, John Quinn, Mary Quinn, M/M James Rengigas, M/M Stamatios Revis, M/M Steven Rothemich, M/M Nicholas Sarkis, Christopher Sheehan, M/M Peter Simone, M/M Michael Sotirakos, Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, M/M Aristotelis Tsonis, Sophia Tzanetos, Antonia Vanikiotis, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vezeridis, James Vose, Carol Xanthakis, Zambeta Xiarhos.

Total donations were $2,445.00

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News
Be Proud! 

As we continue our journey into the life of our church’s savings account-The Endowment Fund– we can do so with pride as evidenced by the end-of-the-year 2016 financial report shown below:
2016 Opening Balance-$761,381.00
2016 Donations-$20,740.00
2016 Interest Earned $23,797.00
2016 Ending Balance-$805,918.00 

We are getting closer to the goal of $1,000,000.00, bravely established by those forward-thinking parishioners attending the Parish Assembly of December, 1998. To them, we owe a huge depth of gratitude! Be Proud! 

Donations since the last newsletter were made to the Endowment Fund by:
Dr. Mary Lekas.
A donation was made by Nicholas Apostolou in memory of Irene Apostolou.
A donation was made by M/M Gregory Demetrakas, Elizabeth Marses, M/M Constantine Rougas, Kay Spires in memory of Angela Promades
A donation was made by M/M Constantine Rougas, M/M John Vanikiotis in memory of Amina Kivotopoulou. 


Donors for Christmas / Epiphany Liturgical Items 

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations towards the wreaths, icon floral frames, poinsettias and candelabras during the Christmas and Epiphany Sea-son: The Topouzis Family (in memory of Liselotte Topouzis); M/M Arthur G. Pappas & M/M Basil Constantine (in memory of Kay Pappas); M/M James Manis (in memory of George & Helen Manis & in memory of Elias Bassakyros & Trigona Liakos); M/M Paul Degaitas (in memory of father John Degaitas and brother Stanley Degaitas); Afrodite Fotopoulos, children and grandchildren (in memory of husband, dad and grandfather George) and M/M Nickiforos Revis, as well as general monetary con-tributions in memory of Harriet Butler for Epiphany candelabras.



Angela Promades, age 80 of Bristol, RI passed away on 12/18/16. Her funeral and burial was held on 12/21/16. Frank Panos, age 88 of Cranston, RI passed away on 1/21/17. Memorial Prayers were offered on Jan 25. Also the mothers of 3 of our parish-ioners passed on recently, Dr William Tsiaras, Eleni Trikoulis and Richard Otto. In ad-dition the grandfather of Douglas DeRhodes one of our newest parishioners. May their memories be eternal.

We have to date 469 parishioners with the pledge of $232,707.00
The Actual amount received to date is $226,045.02 

Dr. & Mrs. Eleftherios Alexandrou, M/M Artur Amaral Jr., M/M Ilias Arsenis, Nicholas Bouris, M/M Richard Campanella, Sherri Cesario, M/M Paul Degaitas, Jason DiCarlo, M/M Steven DiDino, M/M Spiros Fotopoulos, M/M Gregory Gatos, M/M Antonis Gavrielides, Maria Giovanis, Dr. & Mrs. Cosmo Haralambidis, M/M Brendan Hermiz, Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Kanelos, Athena Karacas, M/M Demetrios Ladas, Dr. Andrew Lekos, M/M Robert Leonard, Theodora Maniatakos, Artemis Mantsos, M/M Christos Mantsos, Smaro Mantsos, M/M John Menard, M/M Stephen Michailides, John Mihelakos, M/M George Moragemos, M/M Craig Nichols, Eleni Panteleakis, Lorena Pesek, M/M Petros Petrou, Elaine Regopoulos, M/M Stamatis Reves, M/M William Rougas, Konstantina Sampalis, M/M Richard Scott, Patricia Skoutas, Theodora Stone, M/M Alan Swierk, Kay Tomson, M/M Christopher Tribelli, William Vanech, M/M Kenneth White.

We have to date 134 parishioners with the pledge of $75,715.00
The actual amount received is $53,670.00 

M/M James Alexion, Elaine Allendorf, Christina Arsenis, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, Kyriaki Arsoniadis, M/M Savvas Arsoniadis, Yiota Bertrand, M/M Lawrence Bousquet Jr., M/M James Brubeck, Anastasia Brun, M/M Alexander Carr & Katherine Carr, Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Carr, Efthimia Cavas, Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Chihlas, Dr. & Mrs. Spiros Constantinides, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M Richard Cragin, M/M Constantinos Dafoulas, Haralambos Dafoulas, M/M Gaby Daiaa, M/M Steve Daras, M/M Wilfred Demars, M/M James Demetriou, M/M Joseph DiCarlo, III, Cynthia Driscoll, Maria Dygon, Drs. Nicholas & Sadie Elisseou, M/M Stephan Erinakes, M/M Louis Feula, M/M Nicholas Filippou, M/M Steven Filippou, Arthur Frank, Janice George, Constance Georgeadys, Michael Giouras, Dionisia Grammas, Eleni Grammas, Elizabeth Grammas, Nicole Grammas, M/M Carl Hague, Dr. & Mrs. Cosmo Haralambidis, M.M Elias Haralambides, M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M Michael Haveles, Peter Hoopis, Jonathan Janikies, Melissa Janikies, M/M Nicholas Janikies, M/M William Janikies, Karissa Karageorge, M/M Fotis Karageorgos, Julie Karahalios, Despina Kartson, M/M Michael Kirios, M/M Kostas Kritikos, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, M/M Peter Leite, Eugenia Lekos, Drs. Robert & Kathryne Leonard, Jason Maintanis, Dr. & Mrs. James Manis, M/M Vasilios Malatos, M/M Theofanis Markos, Elizabeth Marses, M/M Robert Masiello, M/M John Massenzio, M/M Vasilios Melanis, George Michailides, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, M/M George Mihailides Jr., Gregory Mihailides, M/M George Mihailides, M/M William Mitchell, Anne Morrell, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Alexi Nikolaidis, M/M George Nonis, M/M Stephen Panichas, George Panteleakis, M/M Constantine Papaioanno, M/M Gus Pappas, M/M James Pappas, M/M John Paraskevakos, M/M Constantinos Perdikakis, M/M Dean Perdikakis, Giana Perdikakis, Mary Pereira, Thomai Petropoulos, M/M Polydoros Petrou, M/M Kevin Phelan, M/M Anthony Pierson, Lillian Placido, Dorothy Pliakas, M/M George Pli-akas, M/M Thomas Pontikes, Christ Poulos, Dr. Michael Prodromou, M/M Michael Psikakos, John Quinn, Mary Quinn, M/M Brian Rawlinson, M/M Lyle Rawlinson, M/M Damon Ray, M/M James Rebello III, Joanna Reves, M/M Constantine Rougas, M/M George Samatis, M/M Matthew Sampson, Shirley Sears, Bianca Sinapi, M/M Timothy Simonson, M/M Michael Sotirakos, Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, Vasilios Strekouras, M/M Edmund Sullivan, M/M Nicholas Tanionos, Lynda Theroux, Dean Trigg, M/M Scott Tsagarakis, Dr. & Mrs. William Tsiaras, M/M John Turini, M/M Soterios Tsimikas, Dr. Golfo Tzilos, M/M Dean Vose, M/M Nondas Zarokostas, M/M Frank Zavota.

Corporate Stewardship
Thank you to Steven Drager, Stephanie DiSumma, Alexandra & Kassandra Drager for their Corporate Stewardship (Quick Stop, Inc.)

“Recent Goya Ski / Snowboarding Day” Saturday, January 21, 2017

JUST AHEAD—God Parent’s Luncheon—Sun Feb 5 

Our Goyans extend an invitation to all at attend their annual luncheon observing “GodParent/GodChild Sunday” following liturgy that morning. RSVP to Christian Mitrelis at 401-632-1000, or by email at christianmit1999@outlook.com


The always exciting President’s weekend “winter camp session” for our teen youth up in Contoocook, NH will begin Fri evening Feb 17. Visit www.mbcamp.org for details, or call 603-746-2132.


Topic themes for this year’s Oratorical Festival have been distributed in Sunday School classes. Copies can be requested from Maria Coclin, our parish chairperson at 944-7894, or at <mariacoclin@aol.com> Our parish festival will be Sun March 12.

The Financial Corner 

The year 2016 has passed so we can now look at the actual revenues and ex-penses for the past year. The actual stewardship revenues were $10,164.00 un-der budget. Since we have rented our hall so frequently and since we have a new tenant, “The Faith Nursey”, our revenues from rentals exceeded the budget by $12,692.00. Total revenues for the year were $90,387.00 higher than what was budgeted. The reason of course was because we transferred $80,000.00 from the Festival Account to pay our bills on time.

Stewardship $247,336.64 $257,500.00
Total Envelopes $ 13,418.95 $ 15,500.00
Sunday Collections $ 66,282.01 $ 65,300.00
Special Fund Raisers $ 82,836.79 $72,500.00
Special Contributions $ 22,183.28 $ 23,900.00
Sundry Receipts $ 12,437.44 $ 12,100.00
Hall Rentals $ 42,592.00 $ 29,900.00
Festival Transfers $ 80,000.00 $ 00.000
TOTAL INCOME $567,087.15 $476,700.00

On the expense side, total expenses were $13,632.23 under budget.

World Mission Ministries $ 57,758.94 $ 58,150.00
Education Ministry $ 35,543.11 $ 35,770.00
Music & Worship Ministry $ 35,474.05 $ 36,282.00
Pastoral Expenses (2 priest) $149,109.06 $149,700.00
Youth Ministry $ 6,277.62 $ 9,300.00
Administrative Expenses $ 89,763.11 $ 91,750.00
Building & Grounds $ 57,992.74 $ 62,150.00
Parish Center $ 8,650.66 $ 8,800.00
Social Function Expenses $ 38,384.70 $ 38,000.00
Utilities $ 35,106.14 $ 40,050.00
Hall Rental Expenses $ 5,499.78 $ 3,250.00
TOTAL EXPENSES $576,270.01 $589,902.24

Submitted by James Silva


New 4 Week Bible Study in February

Our next parish Bible Study Series will focus on the topic of “Baptism”. As we are about to enter the season of Great Lent, we are reminded that the ancient roots of Lent was the time when candidates for baptism were prepared. And as lent ended, then baptized. Both Fr Andrew and our sem-inary graduate Emile Sarkis will review various bible passages and other texts related to Baptism and it’s living expression in our adult lives. Come and learn how much more there is to it then we often realize. THURSDAYS—Feb 2, 9, 16 and 23, from 7:30—9PM.

Words & Wings—Thu Feb 9

A “Q&A” with Orthodox Clergy

The Orthodox church has a rich 2000 year history and its perspective and teachings are valuable to the world today. Come for Q & A with several clergy … bring your questions and hear the Words of the Church and en-joy some “wings” on us. Mystic Pizza, at 56 W. Main St in Mystic, CT will be the location of this gathering sponsored by the St Sophia Parish of New London, CT who invites all young adults to attend.

Adult Seminar at Assumption Parish—Pawtucket 

From Monday February 27 to Monday April 3, a six week adult class will be offered on the following subjects:

1.Hellenism and Judaism / Athens and Jerusalem. Their different perspectives, their historic encounter and their contribution to Western Civilization. (running 3 weeks) 

2.The Orthodox meditation on the Jesus prayer (Νοερα Προσευχη) v. the modern Mindful Stress Reduction Meditation techniques. Similarities and differences. (the second set of 3 weeks) 

These classes will run from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. For further information call John Lyssi-katos, theological graduate of the University of Thessaloniki, at 401-728-4452


Marriages 2016: 

Constantinos Haralambros Dafoulas to Dadriana Alexandria Lepore both from Cranston on March 3.
Constantine Dean John Perdikakis from Cranston to Melissa Sue Adley from N. Kingstown on June 4.
Vasilios Harritos to Sherry Marie Rose both from W. Warwick on June 9.
David Alexander Cragin to Fallon Marie Guertin both from Warwick on June 11.
Spiros Haritos to Dianne Marie Hodson both from Warwick on June 18.
Spyridon Riley Papaioannou to Angelina Maria Perez both from Cranston on July 1.
John Richard Michaliadis from Garner, NC to Michelle Janjay Soben from Providence on July 2.
Andrew Thomas Plunkett to Petrina Francesca Pappas both from Titisville, NJ. on July 3.
Jason Scott Savoie from Portsmouth to Ioanna Anastasia Dafoulas from E. Greenwich on July 17.
Brendan Alain Hermiz to Patty Chrisoval Aftosmes both from W. Warwick on July 31.
Stefanos Svitlitsas to Marigo Anastasios Georgitsis both from N. Providence on Sept. 4.
Richard Joseph Town from Riverside to Dolly Mnayarji from Woonsocket on Sept 17.
Ryan Meggison from S. Dartmouth to Christina Sotira Nikolaidis from Sagamore Beach, MA on Oct. 8.
Scott Edward Campbell to Kristin Ruth Sampalis both from Esmond on Oct. 9.
Stavros George Theodosiou from Cranston to Maria Alaina Langlios from Taunton on Oct. 15.
Marcus Anthony Cacchillo to Dawn Alyson Pappas both from E. Greenwich on Oct. 23.
James Michael Fitzgerald to Diana Irene Otto both from Boston on Nov. 5 (at Retreat Center in NH)
Mathew David Sampson to Eleni Hatzinikolaou both from Providence on Nov. 5.
Nickiforos Nick Tarbox from Warwick to Kahla Jean Elias from Cumberland on Nov. 6.

May the Lord Bless you out of Zion and may you see the good things of Jerusalem all the days of your life.

2016 Ecclesiastical Report 


Athena Alexandria, daughter of Constantinos & Dadriana Dafoulas on March 5. Godparent was Ioanna Dafoulas.

Savannah Lee, daughter of Cody & Madison Callahan on March 13. Godparents were Heidi & Nick Bosh.

Xenia Marie daughter of Stephen & Rosetta Botsford on March 19. Godparent was Spyridoula Giannos.

Keegan Santoro, son of Jeffrey Brown & Alexis Santoro on March 19. Godparent was Anthony Santoro.

George Gregory son of Gregory & Mandinia Gatos on April 24. Godparent was Eleni Tsigaridas.

Lena Loren daughter of Nikolaos & Gianna Petropoulos on May 7. Godparent was Louis Feula.

Nicholas Savvas, son of Steven & Tricia Rougas, on May 22. Godparent was Elizabeth Grammas.

Reid John, son of Matthew & Kathryn Massenzio, on May 28. Godparent was Christopher Massenzio.

Cristiano Apostolos, son of Daniel & Alexandria Cardosa on June 5. Godparent was Cassondra Cardosa.

Selena Georgia, daughter of Artur & Nickie Amaral on June 12. Godparents—Eleni Fotopoulos & George Potsis.

Kaitlyn Ann, daughter of Gregory & Christine Fraginis on July 23. Godparent was Krisane Karagianis.

Joseph Saher, son of Saher & Fida Abu Aiba, on August 27. Godparent was Sary Awwad.

Joleen Lourdes, daughter of Sary & Suhair Awwad on August 27. Godparents were Majdi & Rula Alkazaha.

Hercules Athanasios, son of Athanasios & Lauren Bovis on August 28. Godparent was Catherine Bio.

Maxwell Wallace, son of Peter & Mallory Barth on September 17. Godparent was Nicholas Malkasian.

Nikoletta Xenia, daughter of Demetrios & Vanessa Ladas on Sept 18. Godparents-Konstantina & Kishore Siva.

Georgia Elizabeth, daughter of David Carroll & Linda Pappola on Sept25. Godparent was Marina Daszkiewicz.

Margaret Lidia, daughter of Panagiotis Trikoulis & Megan Celani on October 22. Godparent- Stephen Morrissey.

Alexandra Elizabeth, daughter of Damon & Rhea Ray on November 6. Godparents—Vassilios & Ioanna Chrysan-thopoulos.

Konstantinos Charbel son of Evangelos & Josiane Giovanis on December 4. Godparents were Nomikou Kalliope & Toni Shalhoub.

Melina Katerina daughter of Peter & Eleni Xiarhos on December 11. Godparent was George Trikoulis. Victoria Elizabeth daughter of George & Julie Trikoulis on December 11. Godparent was Stelios Trikoulis.

Adult Baptisms: 

Brendan Alain Hermiz, (taking the name Athanasios) on May 10. Godparent was Marlene Samra.

Richard Joseph Towne on July 16. Godparent was Tina Varras.

Julie Ly on July 24 (taking the name Eleni). Godparent was Tina Varras.

Chrismations (Adult Conversions) 

Erika Revis on March 2 from the Methodist Church. Sponsor was Frangeska Revis.

Nicholas Bosh on March 12 from the Catholic Church. Sponsor was Vikki Poulos.

Liselotte Topouzis on March 13 from the Lutheran Church. Sponsor was Liza Petrou.

Melissa Sue Adley on May 4 from the Catholic Church. Sponsor was Giana Perdikakis.

Tara Sterpis on July 24 from the Catholic Church. Sponsor was Maha Mitrelis.

Steven Bennett III on September 29 from the Methodist Church. Sponsor was Maria Pavlidou.

Maryann Wheatley on December 11 from the Catholic Church. Sponsor was Josie Aliferakis.

Sacraments Ahead In 2017 and 2018 

With the Phase 2 Program in motion for the various renovations to take place in church, especially the carpet replacement and pew refinishing, it would be beneficial for planning purposes to structure stretches of time when there would be no disruption in the church for the serving of Baptisms and Weddings. If we can collect anticipated dates for late 2017 and early 2018 it would be very helpful. Please contact Fr. Andrew.


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! As we begin the year 2017 Philoptochos contin-ues on its journey of PHILANTHROPY. Our Annual Vasilopeta Luncheon for the benefit of the children of St. Basil’s Academy was held on Sunday, January 22nd, immediately following Divine Liturgy. This is a wonderful family luncheon which is enjoyed every year by our Parish Family and had over 200 people in attendance. Many thanks to Kate Silva who chaired this event and to Roula Proyous and Eleni Trikoulis. Also to the members who helped serve and to the cooks in the kitchen who made a delicious meal.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Our Christmas celebration was held on the evening of December 8th at the Mile and a Quarter Restaurant. Thank you to our host and hostess Diane and Andy Mitrelis for all the special amenities they contributed to our evening. We would also like to thank Karen Drager and Josie Aliferakis for planning an even-ing enjoyed by all. Ke tou chronou!

CHRISTMAS VISITATIONS: Over the Christmas season, Philoptochos ladies accompanied Father Andrew and Father Emanuel as visits were made to our housebound and nursing home parishioners. Gifts were prepared by Ginger Pappas, Georgia Pappas, Anna Demetrakas and Bessie Papigiotis. . Thank you to Josie Aliferakis, Elizabeth Degaitas, Carol Rothemich, Bessie Papigiotis, Georgia Pappas and Koula Rougas, who took the time during this busy season to show compassion and kindness (true work of Philoptochos) to these parishioners.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: We continue with this project headed by Anna Demetrakas. This project is ongoing. At this time, we need baby blankets for the 40-day Baby Blessing Bags and Prayer Shawls. Yarn will be provided. Crocheting and knitting is being done at home during the winter months. We will resume meeting on Monday mornings now that the holidays are over. Thank you to Koula Rougas, Maria Zaharakos, Diane DiCarlo, Bessie Papigiotis, and Anna Demetrakas who continually participate in this Ministry. Thank you to Ann Heberg and Ginger Pappas for preparing the 40-Day Blessing Baby Bags.

MEMBERSHIP: The New Year 2017 is here and we remind you to be sure to send your membership to the Church Office attention Philoptochos/Mary Samaras. Please keep in mind when remitting your membership that $15 per capita is sent to the National Philoptochos and $5 per capita is sent to the Metropolis Philoptochos. Thank you.

SISTERHOOD OF ST. BASIL’S: We remind you also to support the Sisterhood of St. Basil’s by sending in $5 to the Church Office attention Philoptochos/Carol Rothemich.

DONATIONS AND OBLIGATIONS: We ended the Philoptochos year with the following donations and obli-gations: National Philoptochos –Ecumenical Patriarchate $100; Ecumenical Patriarchate tray collection $350; Sister-hood of Presvyteres Benevolent Fund $100; General Medical Fund $100; UNICEF $100; Metropolis of Boston Camp and Retreat Center $300; Interfaith Food Ministry $500; Elizabeth Buffum Chase House $75; Hospice Care of RI $100; Samaritans $100.

OPERATION HOUSEWARMING-HOMELESS VETERANS’ PROJECT – We are continuing with this project once again. If anyone would like to donate a complete basket, the cost is $100. If you have any questions, please contact President Georgia Pappas at 351-3927. Thank you to all that have contributed in any way thus far.

A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all!! 


SAVE THE DATE— Sun April 30— showing of the film “Beneath The Olive Tree.”


As you know we have completed the installation of the new Platytera iconography. I think everyone will agree it is very moving and is beautiful. The total cost associ-ated with the preparation work, the design and installation of the iconography and painting of the Apse was $56,307.50.

Our official fund raising effort is in full swing. In last month’s edition of “The An-nunciator” it was noted that we had received a total of $102,042.00 in pledges. As of January 25, we have now reached a total of $126,242.00 in total pledges.

Below is a list of those pledges we have received since last month’s report.

Josephine Aliferakis, Nicholas Apostolou, M/M Gerald Carignan, Vivian Dafou-las, M/M John Fotopoulos, Costa & Kathy Grammas, Dr. John & Anna & Helene Grossomanides, M/M Michael Haveles, Ernest & Aldina Kanelakos, Julie Kara-halios, M/M James Maintanis, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, Andrew & Lise Mihailides, M/M George Moragemos, Richard & Elaine Otto, M/M Arthur Pap-pas, Michael & Elaine Psikakos, Constantine & Koula & Andrew Rougas, Wil-liam & Angela Rougas, Ethel Strekouras, Elle Strekouras, Vasilios Strekouras, Kay Tomson, M/M Christopher Tribelli,

Thank you all for your support & generous donations. Submitted by James Silva 


OCF-The Real Break Program of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship Campus Ministry is a one-of-a-kind alternative spring break program for Orthodox high school graduates between 18-25 years old. OCF’s Real Break program provides young adults with the opportunity to understand the true meaning of seeing Christ in the other– person-traveling to all parts of the world deepening their faith, serving those in need, and cultivating relation-ships with like-minded peers. For more information or to register; www.ocf.net/real-break-2017

of Greek Festival Planning to Begin—Feb 8 

We will begin Festival Planning meetings earlier than usual this year—Wed Feb 8 at 7:30PM. YOU ARE INVITED. It would be great to have additional parishioners serv-ing and taking hands on involvement, serving with our long time festival committee members. Don’t be shy. Come and offer your talents and your time!

Orthodoxy 101 Class to Form 

A new cycle of our regular 4-part series on Orthodoxy will start up soon, which is in-tended for non-Orthodox desiring to learn the basics of Orthodox Christianity (with the potential intend to embrace the Church) as well as, those born and raised Orthodox Christians who would like to strengthen their knowledge of the basic tenants. If you have interest to register for this class, we would like to establish a common day and time to hold it for those expressing interest. We are charting for spring to run the se-ries. Please contact Fr Andrew 942-4188.

Community Viewings of Fr. Luke Veronis Video
“Bringing Orthodoxy to America” 

To kick-off the formulation of a Strategic Plan for our Parish to foster growth and re-newal of the community, three viewings of Fr. Luke Veronis’ thought-provoking talk, “Bringing Orthodoxy to America” will be held in Demetrakas Hall of the Mihai-lides Center on:

Sun Feb 19 (after coffee hour) / Fri Feb 24 @ 7PM / Fri March 3 (after the Salutation Service) 

Father Luke gave this talk at 2 recent national conferences. He is a noted Greek Ortho-dox Priest and missionary. Fr. Luke has served the Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Webster, MA since December 2004 which has grown from 90 families to presently 175 families. Fr. Luke has been involved in the Orthodox Church’s missionary movement since 1987 and served as a long-term cross-cultural missionary in Albania and as a short-term missionary in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana.

Father Veronis’ video is just over a hour long, and after we view the video as a group, we will discuss his ideas and how some of them could be applied to Parish initiatives and help us to formulate a vision for the future of our Annunciation Parish.

If you would be interested in participating, please plan to attend one of the viewings and community discussions. The evenings’ programs, video viewing and discussion, will each last 2 hours. Coffee and a few snacks will be provided both evenings, by the Parish Council. We look forward to seeing many of you there. – On behalf of the parish council, Paul Pliakas