September 2015

Are You Prepared?

Much is said about how we should prepare to receive Holy Communion (Theia Koinonia).  First we must understand that we are receiving the true Body and Blood of  our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ.  When we receive Holy Communion, it works within us according to our spiritual condition.  For those struggling to live a spiritual life: for the purified it is pure, for the illumined it is illumination, and for the deified it is theosis.

Holy Communion for those prepared to receive it is life itself, and thus frequent reception of the Eucharist is a very good thing.  At the same time, however, for the unpurified and unrepentant, the Eucharist is judgment, condemnation, and death – even bodily.

This is why the Apostle Paul writes that “Whosever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.”   In doing so, those who partake unworthily “eat and drink damnation to themselves,” and for this reason “many are weak and sickly among you, and many have died.” (1 Corinthians 11:27, 29, 30).

So how do we receive worthily?  Again Saint Paul tells us, “let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.” (1 Corinthians 11:28).  To “examine oneself,” means that one must examine his spiritual state and have the grace of God in his heart.  Further, to be living a spiritual life, one must be making an honest attempt to abide by the rules and guidelines given to us by the Church.

As a minimum, one should keep the fasts (Wednesdays and Fridays as well as the various Lenten periods).  One should also be examining his conscience and partaking regularly of the Mystery of Holy Confession.  Another mark of seriousness in regard to the spiritual life is the frequent reading of Scripture and religious books and attendance at the services of the Church.

“When in fear and trembling and unworthiness we are permitted to receive the divine, undefiled Mysteries of Christ, we should display even greater watchfulness (Nipsis) and guard our hearts.  Thus the divine fire, the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, will consume our sins and stains; for when that fire enters into us, it at once drives the evil spirits from our hearts and remits the sins previously committed.  If we thereafter keep watch over our intellect, when we next receive these Mysteries, the Divine Body will illumine our intellect still more and make it shine like a star.”  (Saint Hesychios of Jerusalem, 5th Century).

+Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M. D., M. Div

30th—3day Greek Festival
September 11, 12, & 13

Can it be true?  It is true—this year is the 30th year.

A special flair for this 30th year observance is that we are featuring live bands throughout the weekend.

Friday—5-10PM = The Asteria Orchestra
Saturday—Noon-4PM = Taximi Orchestra
Saturday– 4:30PM—10PM = The Asteria Orchestra
Sunday– Noon—4PM = Orfeas Orchestra
Sunday 4:30PM—9PM—The Asteria Orchestra

Thank you to the special donors who have made this possible. Names to be listed in the festival report.

Our Festival this year includes the date of Sept 11 and thus after the 7PM Odyssey Dance Performance we will offer Prayers in commemoration of that tragic date in our country’s history.

The 2014 year was of great ecumenical significance. Amongst the videos to be shown will be 3 that highlight 3 special events:

+ The May 25th meeting at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem Of the Pope and our Patriarch (5PM in the Library)

+ The Oct 18 Ground Blessing for the St Nicholas Church At Ground Zero—NYC (12:30PM in the library)

+ The Nov 29 visit of Pope Frances to the Ecumenical Patriarchate In Constantinople (7:30PM in the library)

Church Services During the Festival
Friday evening at 6PM—Paraklesis

Saturday evening at 6PM—Vespers
Sunday Morning—Orthros & Liturgy as usual
Sunday evening—Great Vespers of the Elevation of the Holy Cross—6PM

Thank you to our August Floral Icon Donors

M/M Paul Degaitas in memory of John & Stanley Degaitas,  M/M Constantine Grammas in memory of Efstathios Marses from his grandchildren, Evgenia Panteleakis in memory of her mother Vasiliki, M/M Aris Tsonis in memory of  Presvytera. Maria George,  M/M Aris Tsonis in honor of M/M Gregory Tsonis & Family, Elaine Andrade in memory of her mother, Theresa; Manuel & Beatrice Andrade & good health of her father Ray.

With Much Appreciation

We thank Bobby Dafoulas for the numerous wallet size icons of the newly canonized saint, St Paisios of Mt Athos which were distributed to the faithful at Liturgy on July 12; to Dean Andrikos for his donation of pastries used thru most of the summer at the coffee hours and to the anonymous donor of the blue/white altar and chalice-paten cloths currently being used this season of the Virgin’s 2 feast days.


We would like to congratulate and wish Andrew Mitrelis a very happy 85th birthday! Thank you to all who attended his birthday dinner-party at which “in lieu of gift donations” were made to the Savvas Savvides Scholarship Fund in the amount of $2,515.00.


Any parishioner who is experienced in writing and applying for grants that can bring financial benefit to our various parish ministries and would be willing to volunteer their time for this purpose, is asked to contact parish council president Kevin Phelan (943-9201) or Fr Andrew (942-4188).


Young men from the age of 10 and older are invited to become new altar boys.  A 2-part training session will be scheduled in October based on good common date(s) for those interested.  Please contact Fr Andrew directly, 942-4188.


Georgia Manolakos, age 96, of West Warwick, RI passed away on 7/30/15.  Her funeral and burial was held on 8/4/15.  Louis G. Eraklis, age 81, of West Warwick, RI passed away on 8/2/15.  His funeral and burial was held on 8/8/15.  Alexandros “Alex” Kiamos, age 78, of Barrington, RI passed away on 8/6/15/  His funeral and burial was held on 8/11/15.  Harriet Butler, age 71, of Cranston RI passed away on 8/15/15.  Her funeral and burial was held on 8/18/15.  Also a frequent visitor to our parish, the daughter of the late Joan and Bernie Suhayda (Leisa—Vassilike Crane age 55) passed on, just 4 months after Joan’s passing,

May their memory be eternal.

School Programs Resume Week of September 20th
Registration for our Sunday Church School will begin again on Sunday,

September 20th. New students are asked to register by mail ahead of time (registration forms will be mailed out soon).  Continuing students are also asked to up-date records with any changes in phones or emails. Church school classes are open to children from age 4 (older aged 3 yr olds, are also welcomed if they are potty trained, out of diapers and comfortable in a classroom without Mom or Dad).

It must be clearly understood that parents who register their children (no matter the age) are to remain for services and commit to be regular on Sundays.  To “drop off” children is a bad practice.  In cases when one parent may have to work on a Sunday morning, hopefully the other parent, godparent or grandparent will stay.  There is no registration fee for Church School, but it is expected that families be active in our Stewardship Pledge Program.  For any questions, please call our Church School Coordinator, Elaine Otto at 401-333-3039.

Church School classes for Pre-K thru 6th will begin on Sept 20. All other grades and Children’s Study Prayer will be on Sunday, September 27th.

Classes for our Greek School as announced previously will run from Tuesday—Thursday. There no longer is a Monday class. Our opening week will begin September 22nd through the 24th with registration Sunday, September 20, 2015 following liturgy.  Greek School is open to children who are at least age 6.  There is no cut off age and even teens are welcome to start attending. Remember as well our special class for a “parent with a child.”  Our classes have been using new technology into the program and expanded new colorful texts.

Youth registration fee is $125.00 for stewardship supporting members of our parish ($100.00 for a parent). For families with more than 3 children, any additional child will be $50.00. Book fee is $30.00 per child.  For more information please contact our Language School Director Koula Rougas at 401-944-7572.

College Bound

We would like to have the mailing address and email address of all our parishioners who are currently attending or will be freshmen this year at colleges and other schools of higher learning.  Please forward this information to the parish office at 942-4188 or email  Parents please be sure to submit this information so we don’t have to call you.  Submit your child’s address also to and click on “students ”. A student contact form is there for you to fill out. Their information will be forwarded to the nearest Greek Orthodox Parish and the local OCF (Orthodox  Christian Fellowship). As stated in the past the college years are problematic years (and some fall away). These are the years our youth need the church the most.  This is one way to keep them “connected.”


We have to date 349 parishioners with a total pledge of $183,267.00
The Actual Amount Received is $162,122.40 

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2015: Dr. & Mrs. Chris Chihlas, Dr. & Mrs. Cosmo Haralambidis, M/M Constantine Marses, M/M Anthony Massimino, M/M Dionisios Sampalis and William Vanech.



On September 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, we will be having instruc-tions on how to use an AED device and also CPR training on adults, chil-dren and infants here at Demetrakas Hall in the Mihailides Center. The cost will be $35.00 per person and includes the instructions, course book and certification card from the American Heart Association.

American Red Cross 

Advance registration with payment REQUIRED and due by Sept 13. 

Make checks payable to “Annunciation Church” with memo line noting “CPR Training” Books will be provided ahead of time to participants for review prior to instructions. To reserve a space, please contact the office at 401-942-4188.



Theater Group will meet Sunday Sept. 20th at 11:30AM in the 9/10 grade classroom. All ages are welcome, but support people are needed as well.. such as prop design, stage management, promotion, etc.. We will explore other venues as well. I am look-ing for a motivated committee to brainstorm ideas with. If you can not attend on the 20th, but are interested please contact me at: or home (401-943-0859) cell (401-527-3950). A fun way to get involved and embrace a stewardship role in the church community. -Russell Wheatley/Theater Group Coordinator

The Financial Corner 

Below we have a comparison of the past 4 months of our church financials. The total revenues for the month of July were slightly higher than June. Our expenses for the month of July also lower than June. This will be the last edition of the Financial Corner until after the summer festival.

INCOME APR 2015 MAY 2015 JUNE2015 JUL 2015 
Stewardship $16,458.03 $ 9,910.97 $11,375.28 $16,994.47
Total Envelopes $ 6,112.40 $ 506.80 $ 360.00 000.00
Sunday Collections $14,487.00 $ 3,704.00 $4,075.00 $ 2,866.00
Special Fund Raisers $33,973.54 $ 966.00 $2,591.00 $ 1,000.00
Special Contributions $ 1,852.88 $ 1,356.00 $ 582.00 $ 1,323.36
Sundry Receipts $ 635.75 $ 172.00 $ 116.00 $270.02
Hall Rentals $ 4,865.00 $ 1,000.00 $ 000.00 $ 750.00
Total Revenues $78,384.60 $17,615.77 $19,099.28 $23,203.85 

EXPENSES APR 2015 MAY 2015 JUNE 2015 JUL 2015 
Pastoral Expenses $ 13,310.77 $ 11,964.30 $ 12,895.01 $ 12,782.71
Administrative Exp. $ 9,134.16 $ 7,308.82 $ 9,154.63 $ 9,015.13
Building & Grounds $ 6,185.67 $ 6,229.23 $ 5,524.07 $ 5,719.42
Mortgage Loan $ 4,725.90 $ 4,725.90 $ 4,725.90 $ 4,725.90
Social Function Exp. $ 2,872.07 $ 10,174.87 $ 2,197.75 $ 1,856.26
World Mission Minis. $ 4,586.67 $ 4,647.92 $ 4,366.67 $ 4,366.67
Music & Worship Minis. $ 3,364.38 $ 9,553.39 $ 1,674.69 $ 2,451.25
Education Ministry $ 3,397.84 $ 2,612.10 $ 3,626.77 $ 1,184.38
Utilities $ 4,308.78 $ 3,941.71 $ 2,385.22 $ 3,318.85
Parish Center $ 2,490.00 $ 741.08 $ 596.19 $ 000.00
Youth Ministry $ 1,982.99 $ 985.51 $ 240.00 $ 62.66
Hall Rental $ 166.35 $ 95.76 $ 182.22 $ 000.00
Total Expenses $ 56,525.58 $ 62,980.59 $ 47,569.22 $ 45,483.23 

If anyone has any specific questions they can submit those questions to my attention at the church office.

Cordially Submitted by
Jim Silva

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News 

In Case you Forgot:
Each donation is a “Building Block” as we build a solid financial foundation that will protect and preserve our Parish, our Faith, our Heritage, for this generation and for generations to come!

Financial Report – period ending July 31, 2015
Endowment Fund Portfolio $757,155.56
Endowment Fund Checking Account $2,505.78

In memory of Nicholas Pliakas (died 7/3/15) age 83, (continued from previous month) 

M/M Manuel Bairos; Abbott Run Valley Club; Deborah Peloquin and Drs. John & Eleni Pappas Zervos. 

In memory of Georgia Manolakos (died 7/30/15)M/M Ilias Antonakos; M/M Gary Brown; Elia Centracchio; Fran Chiavaras; James Cimino; Sue Cimino; Ted Dallas; M/M Steve Daras; M/M Gregory Demetrakas; M/M James Demetriou; M/M James DiMaio; Jack & Linda Fischer; Artemis Frangos; Sylvia Friedmann; M/M Frank Giacoumis; John Haveles; M/M Michael Haveles; Julie Karahalios; Demetra Lambros; M/M Christos Mantsos; Voula Marsis; M/M Emmanuel Mihailides; Jean Mihelakos; Anne Morrell; M/M Mark Nakos; M/M Michael Papigiotis; M/M Polydoros Petrou; M/M Kevin Phelan; M/M Larry Reynolds; M/M William Roberts; M/M William Rougas; M/M Joseph Rosz-kowski; Kathleen Semeno; M/M James Silva; M/M Peter Simone; M/M Richard Sipka; M/M Michael Sotirakos; C. Kay Spires; Dr. & Mrs. Sanford Temes; M/M Kostas Trik-oulis; M/M Peter Vassilopoulos; Carole Xanthakis; David Zartarian & Janet and Drs. John & Eleni Pappas-Zervos. 

In memory of William Floskis (died 6/26/15) donations to the Endowment Fund: M/M Gregory Demetrakas and Mrs. Mary Samaras. 

In memory of Richard Popovici (died 8/3/2014): George Popovici and Flora Popovici. 

In memory of Presv. Maria George (died 8/20/12): M/M Matthew Voulgarakis.


Summer is just about over, and Philoptochos is ready to begin the new Ecclesiastical Year planning our biggest Fund Raiser of the year…..our ANNUAL GREEK FOOD FAIR AND CHRISTMAS BAZAAR on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 14-15, 2015. A planning meeting was held a few weeks ago, and we are excited for this year’s Bazaar.

Two exciting and interesting pieces of our Bazaar will be COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS: Mersine Florio Chair, AND THE GREEK COFFEE: Marianne Phelan Chair both of which will be new additions this year. Details for both these areas are being formulated and will be announced soon. As usual, we need your help and input and generosity to help us. Co-Chairs of this year’s Bazaar are Diane Mitrelis and Stephanie Venditelli. GRAND RAFFLE: Josie Aliferakis and Karen Drager Chairs: We need a few very nice prizes for this Raffle: Gift Certificates to Restaurants, Spas, and Gift Baskets, anything that will appeal to all people. Please call Josie or Karen at 942-5389 with your donation. DAY RAFFLE: Georgia Pappas Chair: The ever-popular Day Raffle is always in need of a variety of prizes that will appeal to all age groups….young and old alike. Gift Certificates, ladies and men’s gifts, children’s items, gift baskets, etc. Georgia’s number is 529-6826. HANDCRAFT: Maria Zaharakos assisted by Rose Demetriou: Maria and Rose are busy knitting and crocheting items for this booth. BUT THEY CANNOT DO IT ALONE. Hats, scarves, baby blankets, afghans, head-bands, etc. are always needed at this popular area. Please consider making an item or two. JEWELRY: Anna Massenzio and Maria Andreopoulos Chairs: This area is one of our most popular counters and always busy. Many of our parishioners have contact in the jewelry industry in our State. Letters are available to request any donations for any area. Please call Georgia Pappas for a copy of the donation letter and send to your contacts. Thank you. SILENT AUCTION: Ann Heberg Chair: There is always a flurry of activity at the Silent Auction, but interesting items are needed. Most popular are tickets to sporting events, sports memorabilia, unusual items, paintings, etc. Please call Ann Heberg 884-2746 if you have an item you feel will be interesting for this area. AGORA: Bessie Papigiotis Chair: In addition to a variety of Greek Foods which are available here, anything GREEK!!! would be appreci-ated. We also remind you to do your Thanksgiving shopping here….Greek Cheeses, Filo, Lou-canico, various pastas, etc. Please call Bessie Papigiotis with any questions 949-3240. TAV-ERNA: Koula Rougas and Roula Proyous Chairs: Greek Food is always the most popular area of our Greek Food Fair and it has the most expenses. Please call Koula 944-7572 or Roula 781-8567. They are always ready to accept food or monetary donations. WHITE ELE-PHANT: Eleni Trikoulis Chair: One of the busiest rooms in our Bazaar is the White Ele-phant room. Please bring your clean, good working order items the week prior to the Ba-zaar. If you are moving, please consider putting aside some items for this Room. PASTRY: Nancy Harritos and Angela Provost Chairs: We have set the baking dates for the Greek Food Fair and Christmas Bazaar. In addition to the pastries we make, we look for your dona-tions of Greek and American pastries. Please mark your calendar and bake for this booth.

BAKING DATES: Tuesday, October 20th, 6:00 p.m. Spanakopita and Baklava; Tuesday, October 27th, 6:00 p.m. Koulourakia and Kourabiedes. Saturday, November 7th, 9:00 a.m. Diples. Lunch will be served. Please come and help us.

OPERATION HOUSEWARMING-HOMELESS VETERANS PROJECT: Our goal is 12 complete housewarming baskets by Veterans’ Day, November 11, 2015 for our Operation Housewarming Homeless Veterans Project. We are half way there!!! Cost of each basket is $100.00. Individual items may be purchased, and a list of items is on a sample basket in the foyer of the Demetrakas Hall. Just bring an item and place it in the basket. If you have any questions or would like to donate a basket in honor of a veteran or in memory of a veteran of our armed forces, please contact Marianne Phelan at 943-9201 or Thank you.


The Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos and the Philoptochos Chapters of our Metropolis are hosting this Luncheon once again. It was last held in Boston in 1997. Please circle your calen-dars and save the date. Tickets for the luncheon are $125.00. Please contact Georgia Pappas, Bessie Papigiotis, or Marianne Phelan to reserve your seat. On Sunday, November 1, the Feast Day of the Patron Saints of Philoptochos, Cosmas and Damianos, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios along with His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and His Grace Bishop Sevas-tianos will celebrate the Divine Liturgy at the Annunciation Cathedral in Boston. Philoptochos women from throughout our Metropolis are asked to attend Liturgy at the Cathedral that morn-ing and celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron Saints. A Reception/Luncheon will be hosted by the Philoptochos of the Cathedral following Liturgy. Circle that date also, and details for trans-portation will be announced.

MEMBERSHIP AND SISTERHOOD: Stewardship is being accepted by Mary Samaras, and we welcome 2 new members to Philoptochos: Sophia Michalopoulos and Nikki Kyrou. Welcome to the Sisterhood of St. Basil’s Carole Xanthakis, Angela Promades, and Jean Mihe-lakos. Carol Rothemich Chairs the Sisterhood project and you may send $5 attention to her to the Church Office. Thank you.

We are ready to begin the new Philoptochos Year and appreciate your support as always for all our endeavors to help those less fortunate than us. Our first meeting of this year will be

Monday, September 21. Please join us and help us as we continue on our philanthropic journey.


National Philoptochos Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon 2015 


DONATION: $125.00




September 19 trip to St Basils Academy Cancelled 

The high demand for bus rental in the foliage season has necessitated the cancellation of our previously announced trip to St Basil Academy for their foliage 2K Walk-a-Thon. We have been unable to secure a bus even though we have contacted 20 different bus lines. A St Basil’s trip however will be plan again, more than likely in 2016. Watch for details.


We rejoice with our sister parish in Newport as they commemorate the 100th year of their establishment. His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios will preside at Liturgy on Sunday Sept 27 to mark the occasion which is scheduled for 10am. An Anniversary Luncheon will follow at the Atlantic Beach Club at 1pm. To purchase tickets to the Luncheon, please contact Sara Brown at 401-644-4264, or email

“Love Your Enemies Study” Begins OCT 1ST 

A new 5 week Bible Study series on the topic of “Love Your Enemies” will meet the 5 Thursdays of the month of October from 7:30-9PM. All are welcome, parishioner and non-parishioner, young and not so young…a topic matter of great importance and of-ten difficult to live.


Representatives of all parish organizations as well as interested parishioners in general are invited to attend the one day Metropolis of Boston Clergy Laity Assembly to be held at the St. Demetrios Parish in Weston, MA. The conference will afford the lead-ers of the communities to share in fellowship and plan for the future of the parishes throughout New England. In addition to reporting on the National Ministries of the Archdiocese, various successful ministries of communities in the Metropolis will be pre-sented as models.

1st Youth (Groups) Night—Sun Oct 18 

Continuing with last year’s Sunday night gatherings as a combined gathering for our various separate Youth Groups, our first get-together will be Sunday Oct 18 from 5-7PM. Watch for details soon.


Annunciation Laity Awards Luncheon – Sun Nov 1st
Watch for details soon.

Grandparents & Grandchildren Observance
Sunday Sept 27

Liturgy in the morning
Breakfast Buffet Following

Scrambled eggs / French Toast home fries / ham / sausage English Muffins / traditional muffins juices / milk / coffee

advance Tickets Recommended
Children under 8 – free
Other children and adults – $10
Tickets available at Sunday Coffee Hour or by calling Elaine Crabtree @ 821-1058
Essay drawings and awards following