October 2015

On Our Cover

“Go to church.  Say your prayers.  Observe the fasts.  Do good works.  Read your Bible. These few words, or some variation, were the advice your parents or grandparents probably gave you.  It was good advice then; it’s still good advice.

The spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, philanthropy and study are the hallmarks of the Orthodox Christian way of life.  They have been taught since the first days of Christianity.  These are not abstractions but concrete practices that each one of us can perform, from the youngest to the oldest, from the beginner to the master.

Scholar Dorothy Bass, editor of Practicing Our Faith; A Way of Life for a Searching People (Wiley, 2nd ed., 2010), has described and expanded thinking on the practices of faith.  Her primary purpose in the book is to introduce people to spiritual practice; for them (the non-Orthodox) it is the rediscovery of an old idea.  Her definition will sound very simple to many of us, but she writes that “Christian practices are things Christian people do together over time in response to and in the light of God’s active presence for the life of the world” (page 5).

We can see how this applies to the Orthodox practices.  But have we considered the connection between our practice and the life of the world?  Do we consider that our fasting practices might influence the whole world?  Most of us live very comfortable lives, yet we are called to live simply, to “become poor.”

In study we address the basic need to know and can use study to understand the causes and reasons of the issues of the world.  Study can take a lifetime and it’s good to  do it with dialogue partners.  When we meet a wise or well-informed person, we are encountering a person who has mastered the discipline.  Study can also help us make connections between faith and life.  When we understand the poverty of the world, perhaps our fasting becomes even more meaningful, as it prepares us for the feast of a major Church holiday.

In her book, Bass reminds us that there are other concrete practices of Christian faith: hospitality, forgiveness, keeping the Sabbath and more.  These too are worthy of reflection.  How might your life be influenced by observing the Sabbath, involving attending Liturgy and being a day for family, usually over the “big family dinner” (as it used to be for so many of us)?

I hope that this memo is raising questions for you about how we practice our faith and the discipline it requires, year long.

Anton C. Vrame,  PhD
Director of Religious Education / Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Catch Up

Previously un-announced till today is a transition that has occurred in our parish office back in late spring…..filling the full time position as parish office secretary & administrative assistant is Francesca (Fran) Lewis.  She is our new daily person in the office.  Be reminded as announced in the past that Elaine Andrade still remains with us but now in a part-time capacity, mainly as our bookkeeper (but she does it all while training Fran as well). Also this summer, Golfo Tzilos, member of the parish council took a new job in the state of Michigan and resigned her position. To fill her un-completed term on the parish council, the council appointed Paraskevi (Voula) Devlin.  We wish all 4 ladies well in their new responsibilities.

We also extend summer appreciation to Harry & Gloria Nicolopoulos for the donation of floral plants and to Lynda Takoudes for planting them; to George Tsimikas for his upkeep on the fountain area garden, to all who donated in the special summer offering tray for the benefit of the (Cranston) Inter-Faith Food Ministry ($700 was collected) and to Zoe Mitrelis for making various covers for auxiliary tables in church.

Camperships Awarded

At the recent Grandparent / Grandchild Observance “camperships” were awarded to the Feb 12th winter camp weekend of our Boston Metropolis Camp to Katherine Mitrelis, Alexis Arsenis and Christian Mitrelis. This year’s camperships were provided by Arthur & Thea Kazianis in honor of their first grandchild, little Thea.

Welcome to  our new Seminarian

With us this year is Christos Kolentsas from Brockton Massachusetts, but instead of being in the parish on Sundays, he will be with us on Wednesday in a shadowing program with Fr Andrew (as a new requirement for Holy Cross Seniors).  He is thirty years old, married and with two young daughters, a 3yr old and an infant. He did his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and a graduate degree in Human Strength and Conditioning from Bridgewater State University.  During and after receiving both degrees from BSU he worked as a strength coach, personal trainer and as a professional folk dancer at a local Renaissance Festival and competed for two years in the American Drug Free Power lifting Federation in the 198 lb weight class.  We warmly welcome him to our parish.

Fr Andrew to be Away Nov 2-12

Fr Andrew will travel to California in November to attend the bi-annual meeting of the Archdiocese Presbyter’s Council (APC) in which he represents the clergy of the Boston Metropolis as their elected representative.  These meetings will precede the national 4 day clergy retreat of the Archdiocese then after the retreat he will remain there for just some personal time.  He will be away from the parish from Nov 2-12.


Well summer is over and fall has arrived, but we don’t have to be grim about the weather for colorful leaves will appear! Holidays ahead with family and friends are always happy times.  We need to stay busy and active in all phases of life, because as this time goes by and we just worry about the weather, we miss out on all the indoor projects and activities we could be enjoying.   Make a to do list for the upcoming months, add things on to it that you say you will do, but never get the opportunity to get done.

You will feel, so great accomplishing these projects, appointments, visits, etc.  Volunteering is the greatest reward you can give to yourself, sometimes you feel “ah who notices what I do” but you forget to realize someone is always watching, God knows the work you do, the extra time you put in, to getting the job done.   What matters is you have done what God would have wanted of you and you are happy with yourself.  You make a difference no matter how much you give of yourself to any volunteering job. Thank you to all for your, time, effort and consistency throughout the year!

And so it is in life- our seasons do come and go

Each with a particular purpose: God’s plan to know.

You’re Always There for Me

When the world comes crashing in

And chaos rules my mind,

I turn my heart to you, Lord,

And pure, sweet peace I find.

You lift me out of trouble

You comfort me in pain;

You nourish, heal and cleanse me,

Like cool, refreshing rain.

In times of joy and bliss,

When things are going right,

You lift me even higher,

And fill me with delight.

You listen to my prayers;

You hear my every plea;

I’m safe because I know

You’re always there for me.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News

Financial Report for the period ending August 31, 2015

Endowment Fund Portfolio:  $720,092.95

Endowment Fund Checking Account: $4,830.78

Donor ( s) for the current period

In memory of Georgia Manolakos (died 7/30/15) (continued from previous month) M/M

Dionysius Argeris; John & Jean D’Espinosa; Artemis Diana Di Carlo; Denise Duchesne; Margo Hyde; M/M Ernest Pappas; Annunciation Church Philoptochos Society; Carol Pressman; Mary Samaras; M/M John Stergiou and Jacqueline Wood..

In memory of Michael Lekos (died 9/12/15)donations to the Endowment Fund: Kosta & Koula Rougas; Artemis Frangos.

 Our Legacy Defined

Did you know…….

…….that if we remain faithful to our commitment to the existing

Endowment Fund, the day will come:

  • That the income earned on the principal will provide funds to cover our entire yearly budget-WOW!
  • That the parish council will no longer panic should it rain during the entire three-day Festival knowing that money necessary to cover our budget will be provided by the income earned and that whatever money that the Festival brings in will be used for special projects, such as repairs to the church building – Wow!
  • That our charitable support to the many less fortunate will be increased.
  • That our legacy will endure from generation to generation.

Yes, that day will come through your generous donations!

Respectfully Submitted with Heartfelt Thanks
Mary Samaras, Endowment Fund Secretary


Summer Review

Numerous of our youth (about 14) attended the various sessions at our Metropolis of Boston Summer Camp in NH.  The experience there is phenomenal as they experience fun, faith and fellowship in the wonderful surroundings of the facility with their Orthodox peers from throughout the north east (and at times other places as well who also attend).  The month of August began with our Vacation Church School Program which featured the theme of  “The Ark of Salvation- Feasts of the Theotokos.”  A fun and inspiring daily schedule was held for a full week in which some 22 Pre-K to 5th graders participated along with 7 adult helpers and 9 teenage youth helpers. Thank you to all who directed the program and to the families that sent their children.  For our older youth a trip to Six-Flags New England was held in which 13 of our teens participated. It was a time of good bonding both on the rides and the water slides!  We saw an increase in youth coming to help with pastry preparation for the Greek Festival as well which was so pleasing and of course the 80 or so youth who comprise our dance troupe pleased the crowds once again.

Currently in Place

Our Sunday Church School Program and our weekday Afternoon Greek Language School Program, as well as our Youth Choir are currently functioning, but it’s not late to start coming.

Just  Ahead – Youth (Groups) Night – Sun Oct 18

Continuing with last year’s Sunday night gatherings as a combined gathering for our various separate Youth Groups, our first get-together will be Sunday Oct 18 from 5-7PM. The main course of a meal will be provided by the parish council. Families are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Youth Coordinator Transition

We are thankful to Andrew Otto who served as our youth coordinator these past 2 years. His senior year at Holy Cross Seminary necessitates for him to fulfill other duties at this time – God Bless you Andrew for your successful ministry here. We are happy to have Christopher Mitrelis fill the position as our new youth coordinator; born and raised in our parish, former Metropolis of Boston Camp staff member and now college graduate from the University of New Haven.  We look forward to his involvement and leadership.


We have to date 362 parishioners with a total pledge of  $188,617.00

The Actual Amount Received is $168,799.06

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2015:

Nicholas DiMaio; Marianthi Mastriano, M/M/ George Moragemos; M/M/ Christo Pakuris; M/M Nikolaos Petropoulos; M/M Athanasios Pitliangas; Mrs. Mary Quinn.


The ancient Greek Philosopher Nicomicus once wrote, “all charity is based on being selfish; for our giving makes us feel good.”

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

“With Christ, it is not how much we give, but what we do not give that is the real test.” – Oswald Chambers

Sacrifice…There can be no real and abiding happiness without sacrifice.  Our greatest joys do not result from our efforts toward self-gratification, but from a loving and spontaneous service to other lives.  Joy comes not to him who seeks it himself, but to him who seeks it for other people. – H. W. Sylvester


Anna Radiches, age 93, of East Providence, RI passed away on 8/27/15.  Her funeral and burial was held on 8/31/15.    Nikki (Everett) Limperopoulos at age 50 from Houston, TX with services and burial here at the Veteran’s cemetery on Sept 4 (joining her husband who preceded her in death by 15 months). Steven Lysikatos, age 75, of Cranston, RI passed away on 9/14/15.   His funeral and burial was held on 9/16/15.  Alexander A. Radiches, age 95, of East Providence, RI passed away on 9/19/15 (just 23 days after his wife’s death).  His funeral and burial was held on 9/23/15.  Also elsewhere  –  Michael Lekos, age 88, of  St. Augustine, Florida, a long time parishioner, passed away on 9/12/15.  His funeral and burial was held in St. Augustine, Florida.  The Mother of our parishioner Demetria Carr (Mimi Katherine James) passed on in New London, CT.  Her funeral and burial was held on 9/15/15.     Dr. Joanne Hologgitas, age 88, of Newport, RI (Sister of Bessie Mihailides) well known in our parish, passed away.  Her funeral and burial was held on 9/18/15, at St. Spyridon Church.

~May Their Memory Be Eternal~

2015 Greek Festival News
There is not a font size lettering large enough to print saying:
“Thank You”, to all the volunteers, who participated in us achieving another successful Festival.

The hours all of you put into such an event, timeless hours, day and night was amazing.  All of it being done with grace, being proud of your parish, honoring your heritage.  A Festival enjoyed by all nationalities.  People from all the New England states come to enjoy this festive time and come year after year, many can even tell you how many years they have been coming.  They say that they don’t mind the long lines for the food and pleasant nature of all, is worth it. Add to it the dance troupe, the music (all of it being live this year) and it is a wonderful packaged experience!

None of this is possible without our parishioner volunteers and we THANK YOU ALL—YOU make this all happen! May this joyous event always be blessed and all of you as well!


Tuesday Oct 13 @ 6PM

Please e-mail or call the parish office to reserve your attendance.

Heidi Gannon—$100.00 / Gift Card
Dean Christelis—$100.00 / Gift Card
Theodore Kacharo—$100.00 / Gift Card
Presvytera Katherine Baker—$100.00 / Check
Avelrey DiSimone—$100.00 / Check

BOB DAWKINS (a neighbor that lives nearby the church).

Items Remaining for Purchase
Greek wine and beer as well as imported Greek cookies and etc from the Kaffenio are available for purchase.  See the display at coffee hours or contact the office.

Philoptochos is very busy preparing for our Annual Greek Food Fair and Christmas Bazaar which will be November 14th and 15th.  Circle the date and plan to come.  Our figures for the 2014 Bazaar have been finalized with a profit of $29,488.00.  THANK YOU!!!! Our Baking for this event is scheduled as follows, and we ask that you please come and help us:


Raffle Prizes are needed for the following areas:  Grand Raffle (Josie Aliferakis and Karen Drager,) Chairs; Silent Auction (Ann Heberg and Ginger Pappas, Chairs,); and Day Raffle, (Georgia Pappas,) Chair. Please contact them if you would like letters to solicit a donation or if you would like to donate a prize.  Please contact Georgia Pappas for these letters 529-6826. Especially popular are restaurant gift certificates, sporting event tickets, prizes for children, entertainment packages, etc.  As we have said previously, Taverna is the area with the largest expenses.  Please contact Koula Rougas or Roula Proyous if you can assist with a donation for the Taverna. Chairladies of this year’s Bazaar are Diane Mitrelis and Stephanie Venditelli.

NATIONAL PHILOPTOCHOS CHILDREN’S MEDICAL FUND LUNCHEON – BOSTON, MA.-OCTOBER 31stTickets are available for this Luncheon for the benefit of Children’s Hospitals and Programs for Children in our Metropolis.  Tickets are $125.00 per person and you may contact Bessie Papigiotis or Marianne Phelan to make your reservation.  Transportation via carpooling or a mini bus (if there is interest) will be available.  If you are not able to attend, and would like to support this major undertaking by our Metropolis Philoptochos Board and Chapters with a donation, please contact Bessie or Marianne for this also.

OPERATION HOUSEWARMING – HOMELESS VETERANS PROJECT – We have almost reached our goal of 12 complete baskets!!!  THANK YOU!!!  Please contact Marianne Phelan to contribute in any way to this worthwhile effort which is a project of our Metropolis Philoptochos and is being supported by all the Chapters in our Metropolis.  The Providence Veteran’s Hospital Homeless Veterans Department will distribute our Baskets.  Cost of a complete basket is $100, but individual items and cash donations towards a basket are gratefully accepted.

HEALTH AND BEAUTY AID ITEMS AND EYEGLASSES FOR HOMELESS – We continue to collect donations of these items which are brought to homeless shelters in our area.  All types of eyeglasses are welcomed and are brought to the appropriate donation center.  Ann Heberg chairs this project and bins are in the Demetrakas Hall entranceway for you to place your items.

Enjoy the fall weather and all its beauty.  Thank you as always for your generous support.



Oct 28-30 / Speaking To Secular America

With the upcoming installation of the new President, Rev Dr Christopher Metropoulos, this very timely conference will be focusing on an important topic. Archbishop Demetrios will inaugurate the conference with the Keynote Address “Beyond Secularism” on Wed Oct 28 at 7PM—open to the public. Eight other presentations by distinguished  speakers are scheduled over the following 2 days. Contact Fr Andrew for details.

Nov 5-7 / Attention Parishioner Doctors

The annual conference of the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion (OCAMPR). Conference theme is “Caregivers as Confessors & Healers.” Numerous guest speakers are from overseas as well as from throughout the USA.  Our own Fr Emanuel will be one of the panelist.  Visit www.ocampr.org for complete details.

National Philoptochos Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon 2015



DONATION: $125.00


Laity Awards Luncheon
Sunday, November 1, 2015
Lunch at 11:30 am
Mihailides Center / Demetrakas Hall

Please join us in honoring our parishioners for their offering of time talent and treasure

Zaharoula Agakos
Josephine Aliferakis
Louis Dostou

Complimentary special meal following Liturgy
Reservations are requested

For reservations, please call
James & Kate Silva at 946-1935
or at coffee hour after Liturgy


Save the Date, Friday, December 4, 2015

Come to meet and hear Dr Philip Mamalakis
Author of “Journey to Marriage” used in our Marriage Preparation Seminars.

He will speak to already married couples on the topic of “Keeping your Marriage Strong thru Loving Communication”