August/September 2015

On Our Cover

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST enjoys a distinction among the saints of the Church that he and the Virgin Mary are highly honored.  The greatest tribute to John is that offered by Christ Himself, Who said that he is greatest “among those that are born of women…”

No wonder churches and monasteries throughout the world and throughout the centuries have been named after him and dedicated to his patronage.

St. John is the Forerunner of Christ, that is, the one who prepared the way for the coming of the Lord to earth.  He is the Baptizer of Christ, performing this rite in the waters of the Jordan River.  He is also a Prophet, an Apostle and a Martyr with his words echoing through the centuries: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand…The axe is laid to the root of the trees: therefore every tree which brings not forth good fruit is to be cut down, and cast into the fire…”

This finely executed icon of John the Baptist on our cover graphically tells the story of his life, his ministry, and his death.

Þ    He is portrayed with the wings of an Angel, not only because he was the unique messenger of God preparing the way for Christ, but also because of the sanctity and austerity of his life.  He was, so to speak, an Angel in the flesh.

Þ    Clothed in an inner garment of camel’s hair, John is poised in the stance of a preacher proclaiming repentance in the country about the Jordan.

Þ    The rocky formations that astride the Baptist represent the wilderness of Judea where he dwelt.

Þ    The bush and the axe are references to his teaching.

Þ    The plate with his decapitated head is a reminder of his martyrdom at the hands of King Herod.

Þ    John stands facing the half-Figure of Christ (in the upper corner of the icon) for Whom he pointed out to the people: telling them “Behold the Lamb of God…”

August 29 marks the date of his beheading by Herod and is kept as a day of sorrow, mourning and fasting.


In life we all go about our way, some people think they have lost their way! A feeling of not being whole, something is missing.  We all know of someone, friend, family member, co-worker, or just people we meet and have conversation with going about our daily routine. Being a faithful parishioner, you may want to invite someone you know along your path with you.  Some people are embarrassed to tell another person that they have no belief growing up and would now like to open a new door to their life.  A life having Christ, Prayer and Worship in a church community can be so meaningful. You can open that door for someone by inviting them along with you to an event here, let them see how we are as a family, donating our time, talent and good will to help others.  People do care.  This could become the home that they are looking for and thanks to you, they may become whole again.  You may have just helped a family by just reading this paragraph.


The first 15 days of August (known as Thekapentavgoustos) presents itself to Orthodox faithful with the opportunity to prepare for the revelation of the mystical Dormition of the Mother of God, the Ever Virgin Mary Theotokos, she who has shown us how mankind can fulfill the way of the Lord. It is this time of the year that we Orthodox welcome the opportunity to slow down from summer activities and reflect upon our personal nearness to Christ. The Virgin Mary assists us in that relationship through her constant intercession.  This is the main reason why we offer the special Paraklesis Services in August.  See the calendar page for dates and times.

Three Year Memorial for Presvytera Maria

On Sunday August 16, a Memorial will be served for Presvytera Maria.  Visiting with us this day will be Rev Fr. Michael Kontogiorgis, Registrar of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and brother-in-law to Fr Andrew, who will also preach at the Liturgy.  Following a light luncheon will be served.


Presvytera Kate Baker and her children are now residents at St Basil Academy – Center  for Family Care in Garrison, NY.  After the devastating events of Fr Matthew’s tragic death, they have found great solace and support thru the loving embrace of our Archdiocese in this well respected ministry of love which has nurtured so many special family crises over the years.  They settled in well and are cared for with all their various needs of housing, food, education  and medical and emotional care in this peaceful and restful setting on the Hudson River.  The 6 children have been embraced by the other children there and new friendships are being formed. The current Orthodox Observer even shows them amongst the various photo coverage of St Basil’s graduation. With the Goya sponsored trip to St Basil’s in September, we will have the opportunity  to re-connect.  See back page for information.

In memory of Presvytera Maria George

Who touched the lives of all the children she taught in her Sunday School classes.

Sunday, August  23, 2015, 1pm.  Metacomet CC, East Providence
Registration deadline:  Friday, August 14, 2015

Registration online:

For tournament or sponsorship information, please contact Dennis Sampalis (401-529-7054, Peter Manis (617-930-0099,, or  Jimmy Grammas (401-965-6017,

Individual golfer-$175, includes 18 holes of golf with cart, lunch, dinner, long drive & closest-to-pin contests, and registration gifts.
Foursome-$700, same features as individual golfer, but for 4 players.
Guest dinner-$50.00, includes dinner only.
Mulligan Super Ticket-$35.00, includes 2 mulligan’s, and 10 raffle tickets. Limit 1 super ticket per golfer.

Sponsorships for various aspects of the tournament are sought—please discuss with the committee.


A day of relaxing enjoyment, special time with family and friends and what more makes for a great day, but in knowing  you are helping a worthy benefit.  We thank you.

Additional Graduates

Since our last issue’s tribute to graduates, we have received  the following additional information…


Student                                School Graduating From                             Future Plan

Alexia Lekos                  East Greenwich                                       State University of New York

(Music award )                                         at Fredonia

College & Universities:

Alexandra Drager                   CCRI in Dental Hygiene                                  Hygienist in RI

Rhea Maintanis                  URI-BA in Communications

Minor in Public Relations

CJ Tsoumakas                    RI College-Sports Management               URI/Masters-employed at

RI College/Athletics Dept.


Tuesday  August 25th—Koulourakia
Wednesday   August 26th –Koulourakia
Tuesday September 1st-Kourabiedes/Melomakarona
Wednesday  September 2nd – Diples
Thursday     September 3rd – Pack Kourabiedes
Tuesday  September 8th – Honey Dipping -10:30 a.m.
Wednesday  September 9th – Macaroons—10:00 a.m.
Wednesday  September 9th – Packing-6 p.m.
Galaktoboureko – TBA    /     Karidopita – TBA

Recent Deaths

William Floskis, age 89, of Warwick, RI passed away on 6/26/15.  His funeral and burial was held on 7/1/15.  Arthur P. Fidas, age 74, of Cranston, RI  passed away on 7/2/15.  Private prayers were on 7/6/15. Dr. Nicholas Pliakas, age 83, of Cumberland, RI passed away on 7/3/15.  His funeral and burial was held on 7/9/15. Additionally, the brother of our parishioner Evelyn Rattie passed on June 3 in NY;  Charles Erinakes, age 65 of North Kingstown (raised in our parish) passed on  June 15. Services were held elsewhere. Also, well known in our parish, Claudine Arsenis, age 54 wife of the late Nikolaos Arsenis of our parish, passed on suddenly. Her funeral and burial was held on 7/7/15 out of state at her parish.

~May Their Memory be Eternal~


We have to date 343 parishioners with a total pledge of  $178,547.00.

The Actual Amount Received is $152,467.41.

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2015:

Nicole Arsenis, Harry Bablenis, M/M Daniel Cardosa, Michael Choy, M/M Brian Leroux,  Evridiki Metakos, Georgia Pappas, Liza Pappas and M/M Grigorios Sifakis.


Kate Otto, has recently published a book thru Atria Paperback titled “Everyday Ambassador: Make a Difference by Connecting in a Disconnected World.”  Raised in our parish Kate has traveled in her college and post college years working on global health programs in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa and has stayed connected with people met there thru Face book and Twitter. Her book discuses how there is a disconnect in the human connection no matter how digitally connected she was. She is founder and director of Everyday Ambassador, a network of organizations and individuals who run and engage in international service opportunities and travel-aboard experiences as well as domestic community service projects.  She currently resides in NYC. Learn more at <>

Anthony Pappas, was elected Direct Support Professional for 2015, by co-workers and Administration alike, in an overwhelming majority, both at the Residential Home where he works with people who have special needs, as well as for Avatar, the company he works for.  He represented Avatar at an Award Ceremony held at the Crowne Plaza, where he and others from various similar organizations throughout the state were honored for excellence in the workplace.  He is also currently filling in as Interim Assistant Director in the Residential Home where he works.


We extend appreciation to Maria Zaharakos who donated 2 new large size coffee urns, John Massenzio for a wine press (used to squeeze spinach for our Spanakopita),  Harry and Gloria Nicolopoulos for all the flowers that grace the church entry and office areas and Lynda Takoudes and George Tsimikas who maintain the various shrubbery and fountain area.  We also thank Fadia Sarkis for her continued washing of our Communion Cloths, Zoe Mitrelis for making new coverings for our various auxiliary tables in church and Argiri Ghionis for making a supply of new Communion Cloths.

The Financial Corner

Below we have a comparison of the 2nd quarter of our financials.

INCOME                        APR 2015              MAY 2015      JUN 2015

Stewardship                   $ 16,458.03                        $ 9,910.97       $ 11,375.28

Total Envelopes              $   6,112.40                        $    506.80       $      360.00

Sunday Collections     $ 14,487.00               $ 3,704.00       $   4,075.00

Special Fund Raisers  $ 33,973.54               $    966.00       $   2,591.00

Special Contributions $   1,852.88               $ 1,356.00       $      582.00

Sundry Receipts              $     635.75                     $     172.00         $      116.00

Hall Rentals                    $   4,865.00                        $ 1,000.00       $      000.00

Total Revenues               $ 78,384.60                        $17,615.77      $ 19,099.28

Our revenues in April were very good because we had an additional $33,973 from the Greek Food Fair.  Sunday collections were $10,000 higher due to Easter and Holy Week. During the months of May and June revenues dropped dramatically. When revenues drop to that level we have to transfer money from the Festival Account to pay bills. In May we were forced to transfer $13,000 from the Festival Account in order to pay expenses for that month. In June we transferred a total of $17,500 from the Festival Account to pay bills.

Our expenses for the same months are listed below. Social Functions Expenses were high in May because of the Greek Food Fair.  In May you will notice Music & Worship Ministry Expenses were high due to purchases of candles and flowers during Holy Week and Easter.

EXPENSES                               APR 2015     MAY 2015                 JUN 2015

Pastoral Expenses        $ 13,310.77              $ 11,964.30                   $ 12,895.01

Administrative Exp.    $   9,134.16  $    7,308.82       $ 9,154.63

Building & Grounds    $   6,185.67  $    6,229.23                  $ 5,524.07

Mortgage Loan                         $   4,725.90  $    4,725.90                   $ 4,725.90

Social Function Exp.    $   2,872.07  $   10,174.87     $   2,197.75

World Mission Ministries        $   4,586.67  $    4,647.92              $   4,366.67

Music & Worship Ministry  $   3,364.38           $    9,553.39            $   1,674.69

Education Ministry                  $   3,397.84  $    2,612.10                  $   3,626.77

Utilities                                      $   4,308.78  $    3,941.71                 $   2,385.22

Parish Center               $   2,490.00  $       741.08                 $      596.19

Youth Ministry                        $   1,982.99  $       985.51    $      240.00

Hall Rental                               $       166.35  $         95.76    $      182.22

Total Expenses                      $   56,525.58               $ 62,980.59     $ 47,569.22

If anyone has any specific questions they can submit those questions to my attention at the church office.

Cordially Submitted by
James Silva

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News

Financial Report  – period ending June 30, 2015
Endowment Fund Portfolio $756,691.62
Endowment Fund Checking Account $2,060.78

Donor (s) for current period: Mary Samaras in honor of James & Elizabeth Degaitas’ 40th Wedding Anniversary

Others…….in memory of Nicholas Pliakas (died 7/3/15) age 83,
M/M Charles H. Casey Jr., M/M Christos Demetriou, Alice Fay,
Robert J. Melucci, M/M Eugene Merlini, William J. Riggs Jr., Camille Roberti,
Calliope Kay Spires, Eleanor Sullivan, M/M Henry Vandersip and Catherine Whipple.

Never to be forgotten…

Three years ago, on the 20th day of August, our beloved Presvytera Maria went to heaven to be with the angels.

We will never forget her gracious, gentle and loving contributions to our parish life.  We will always be grateful for her unselfish support and devotion to our Father Andrew, thus making it possible for him to fulfill the spiritual needs of our parishioners so magnificently.

Upon her passing, an unprecedented number of individual donations were received in her memory, totaling $17,289.00, of which $9,600.00 was designated by the donors for our Endowment Fund.  This was a fitting tribute to Presvytera Maria and was evidence of the love and respect in which she was held by us all.  She is greatly missed.

May her memory be eternal.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Samaras, Endowment Fund Secretary

Greek Festival Sponsor Book Advertising

Businesses, groups, families and individuals are invited to place a business ad, memorial, or best wishes ad in our 2015 Greek Festival Sponsor Book.

The Sponsor Book Advertising Rates:

Half Page, Black & White – $100

Full Page, Black & White – $150

Full Page, Color                 – $300

Deadline for payment and submission of advertising, is Friday, August 14, 2015.

Please contact Paul Pliakas by phone (401) 572-3644, or email at

Memorial Bench Program

The Church of the Annunciation’s Memorial Bench Program allows parishioners to dedicate a bench on the church grounds in memory of their family members and loved ones. All donations to the Memorial Bench Program will be placed into the church’s Memorial Fund.  The Memorial Fund is used exclusively to benefit the church edifice itself.

No monies from the Memorial Fund are used for the Parish Hall, the church grounds, or for payroll or operating expenses.  Benches may also be donated for purposes other than memorials.  Bench donations can be made by any church parishioner, past parishioner, or church group, in honor of living or deceased family members, loved ones, or for a church group, charity or association such as the AHEPA, GOYA or a church sports team.

There is still time to donate a bench for installation in 2015; the deadline for 2015 donations is August 31st .

The 16 bench locations are depicted in a schematic that can be obtained by contacting the church office, or by visiting the church’s Face book page. The 6’ black, metal benches will be identical to the bench installed in loving memory of Presvytera Maria George.

Each bench will include a 2” by 10” engraved metal plaque, with appropriate wording  of it’s dedication.

Each bench purchase requires a minimum donation of $7,500 to the Memorial Bench Program, and will be deposited in the church’s Memorial Fund.  If you are interested in making a donation to the memorial bench program, please contact Paul Pliakas at (401) 572-3644, or email him at

St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine
Eleventh Annual Essay Contest

An Invitation to all High School Students To Learn the Amazing Journey of the Greek, you are invited to submit a 1,000 word essay.

Most Americans appreciate an immigrant story – perhaps that is because the United States is known as ‘a melting pot’ of many cultures. The immigrant’s story is held as a precious thread of the family legacy. It is unique to each family’s history in America with recurring themes of why the immigrant left, what was met in the new land and how their life mani-fested itself through its course.

In your essay, compare and contrast the immigrant story of one of the Greek colonists who came to America in 1768 and a person you know – a family member or a friend of the family. How are the stories similar? What was unique to the individual? Did the story touch you? What have you learned from writing this essay?

Please note that all essays will be independently judged and ranked. Certificates of participation will be sent to all participants and the top three ranked essayists will receive:

First Prize $500
Second Prize $250
Third Prize $100

The 2015 Essay Contest Committee consists of Chair, Katherine Bacalis of St John the Divine (Jacksonville, FL), Renee Gahagan and Nancy Laskos of St Demetrios (Daytona Beach, FL), and Dr. Tony Tsitos of St. Augustine, FL. Dr Constantine Santas serves as professional consult.

Previously submitted essays will not be considered. Students who have participated in the contest in years past must choose a different person to interview for development of topic.

All essays become property of St Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine.

We ask that the essays are submitted by email to with a cover page which includes: author’s name, name of his or her home parish, address, phone number and email address.

Essays may also be sent via postal service to 41 St George Street. Recommended but not mandatory, please send a one paragraph autobiographical statement and photo that may be used for possible publication

Deadline is November 21, 2015

The Essay Contest is underwritten by Mrs. Kathie D‘Anna of Baltimore, MD, and Jacksonville, FL, and the AHEPA Speedway Chapter 410 of Daytona Beach, FL. Mrs. D’Anna does this in memory of her beloved husband of blessed memory, Carmen V. D ’Anna, Sr. May his memory be eternal. The AHEPA Brothers do this in their commitment to the memory of the Greek Colonists who arrived in 1768 and sacrificed their lives for a better life in the New World to settle the New Smyrna.


August Vacation Church School (VCS)

Starts Monday August 3—Friday August 7– hrs. from 9:30am—2:30pm.  A fun and spiritual based program for children ages 5 through grade 5.  Older  children are welcome (and needed) to serve as helpers and can actually earn community service credits.  No fee, but donations are welcomed.  Registration is required and applications are available.  Please contact Beth Nichols at 401-383-6708, email at or contact Marion Pappas at 215-866-6801, email at

August 15—2nd Annual “Family Fun Day”

Saturday, from 11:30am to 4:00pm, sponsored by the  Stewardship Committee. To be held after the  Dormition Feast Liturgy on the church grounds similar to last year’s first such gathering. Food, drinks, cookies, popcorn, and a bouncy house for all children to enjoy!! Come enjoy a  great afternoon relaxed event.

August 19—Trip to 6 Flags New England:

Depart from the Church at 8:30am-return around 7:45pm, tickets $35.00 ea.  Rides, Friends & Fun, Goya will provide $10.00 for lunch in the park.  Reply by August 12th  directly to <>.  Goya & Jr Goya come enjoy the End of the Year Trip….Thrill it up!!  (Chaperons and Drivers are needed)!!

August 25-Tues—Youth (Groups) Night  – Horseneck Beach—5pm
5 John Reed Road—Westport, Ma 02791

All youth group children (and  parents) Hope, Joy, Jr Goya and Goya would gather after the beach gate closes (no fee).  Bring your own picnic basket per family and we will have a relaxing evening of  faith, fun and fellowship thru mid evening!  Look for the Greek Flag which will be our gathering location.  In case of rain, we will gather at the Mihailides Center.

Summer Services

As we enter the Dormition Lent on August 1st, there are so many extra church services, some in the morning and some in the evening; most evening services are the Paraklesis, which so many of you have learned to chant at camp.  Each Sunday of the summer there is a Liturgy of course – don’t disappear – please come. We know that many will travel a bit or hit the beach.  But do include Sunday attendance in your summer as much as possible as well, even if you come for a portion if your travel plans necessitate otherwise.  Remember as well we actually have 2 services every Sunday / 8:15am-Orthros and 9:30am– Liturgy.


Sat Aug 15 Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary

(11:30am—4pm) – rain or shine

Family Fun Day (on our parish grounds)
open to everyone, of all ages, free of charge

Sponsored by the Stewardship Committee

Bring your beach chairs and blankets
BBQ, cookies, popcorn, bouncy house


The Assumption Parish of Pawtucket is having their annual Greek Festival a little later than usual this year on Fri – Sun August 21- 23 (not the Aug 14th weekend).  The parish festal observance of the Assumption will of course be held at the designated liturgical time – Great Vespers on Fri Aug 14 at 7PM.


The Gentiva Hospice of Warwick is looking for dedicated and compassionate volunteers to provide companionship and 1:1 interaction to terminally ill patients. Your smile, friendship and a few hours each month can improve the quality of someone’s life, including yours!  Call 738-1492 and ask for the manager of volunteer services.


A special Luncheon will follow after Liturgy to highlight the special relationship between grandchild and grandparents.  Youth from ages 8 and older may submit an essay describing their thoughts about their grandparents and grandparents also are urged to submit as well, describing their thoughts on their grandchildren.  Selected essays will be read and campership awards will be announced for the winter camp sessions.

Watch for details.


We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather we have been having, and getting ready for our Annual Greek Festival just a few weeks away.  With everyone’s help, we will have a successful Festival once again.  Please see the baking dates posted, and plan to come.  Everyone is welcomed…..experienced and learners.

Philoptochos has had two fun events recently.  Our Drink and Dabble Night at Mile and a Quarter was a very enjoyable evening.  Our paintings were amazing!  Recently, we went on our Fun Trip to Astoria.  We had an overwhelming response to this trip.  It was a very enjoyable day, and a good time was had by our group of 55 travelers.

We now look ahead to our Fall events.  As previously announced, our Philoptochos is participating in a Metropolis-wide Project, OPERATION HOUSEWARMING.  This Project assists homeless veterans to  begin  their life again and transition into independent living once they leave the military.  Housewarming Baskets are filled with necessary items to begin this process.  A sample basket has been placed in the Demetrakas Hall, and a list of needed items is on a poster board.  Please bring an item or two and place it in the empty basket provided.  You may donate a basket in honor of or in memory of a military veteran or one currently serving in the military.  Cost of one basket is approximately $100.  Our goal is to have 12 completed baskets by Veterans’ Day in November. This Project will benefit our Rhode Island Veterans who are transitioning from the VA Hospital to an apartment or home.


ANNUAL GREEK FOOD FAIR AND CHRISTMAS BAZAAR:  We are beginning our planning for our Annual Christmas Bazaar and will be announcing our plans soon.  Our final figure for last year’s Bazaar is $29,488 for Saturday and half day on Sunday.  We ask for your help and support once again this year.  Please mark your calendar Nov. 14th and 15th. Chairing the Bazaar this year is Diane Mitrelis assisted by her niece, Stephanie Venditelli.  An organizational meeting will be held  Thursday, August 6th in the Church Center at 7:00 p.m.  Please come with your ideas.

NATIONAL PHILOPTOCHOS CHILDREN’S MEDICAL FUND LUNCHEON OCTOBER 31ST IN BOSTON:  Our Metropolis Philoptochos is hosting the Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon.  Last held in Boston in 1997, we have been selected to host this event once again.  Please mark your calendars and support this event in any way you can: by attending, by purchasing raffle tickets, and more importantly, by being a sponsor.  Grants will be awarded to programs (501c3) benefitting children’s health issues throughout our Metropolis.  Among the applicants for a Grant  is Hasbro Children’s Hospital for a Welcoming Room for Parents of Critically Ill Children can gather.  We need your support to make these Grants possible.  Please contact Bessie Papigiotis 949-3240 or Marianne Phelan 943-9201  Thank you.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY:  We are continuing our Ministry and crocheting prayer shawls, baby blankets for 40-Day Blessing of Moms and Babies, blankets and hats for preemie babies, and hats for babies at Women’s and Infants’ Hospital.  Welcome to our group Lynda Poulos Theroux.  We welcome anyone who can crochet or knit.  Please contact Anna Demetrakas 946-0550 for information.  Yarn will be provided.  Thank you to all who have donated money or yarn to this project.

Our first Philoptochos meeting of this new year will be held on Monday, September 21st.  Please join us on our mission of philanthropy.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Hope to see you soon at church.


Saint Basil Academy Annual Walkathon

The GOYA of the Annunciation Church would like to invite the entire parish to participate in St. Basil’s Academy annual walkathon.  A general format of the day will be as follows:

Departure, Cranston:  7:00am sharp
Walkathon:  11:00am
Lunch/festivities:  Noon to 3:00pm
Tour/free time:  3:00pm – 6:00pm
Dinner at Saint Basil’s:  6:00p.m.
Departure:  7:30p.m.
Arrival back in Cranston:  10:15p.m.

Entry fees for walkathon:
Adults: $25 sponsorship donation per person
Children: $15 sponsorship donation per person
Seniors: $20 sponsorship donation per person
Little ones 5 and under : Free
Fee for bus and dinner meal at St. Basil’s to be determined.

Space is limited:  Reserve by contacting or 944-7894

June/July 2015

On Our Cover

Newly Canonized Saint
Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (Ὃσιος Παΐσιος ὁ Ἁγιορείτης), born Arsenios Eznepidis (1924–1994), was a well-known Eastern Orthodox ascetic from Mount Athos, who originated from Pharasa, Cappadocia. He was respected for his spiritual guidance and ascetic life and many people worldwide highly venerate Elder Paisios, especially in Greece and in Russia.  Elder Paisios (as we was commonly known) was canonized on 13 January 2015 by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and the church commemorates his feast day on July 12 the date of his death.  This year is his first formal festal observance.

Born on 25 July, 1924, shortly before the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Eznepidis family settled in Konitsa, Epirus. Arsenios grew up there, and after intermediate public school, he learned carpentry.  During the civil war in Greece, Arsenios served as a radio operator. In 1950, having completed his service, he went to Mount Athos: first to Father Kyril, the future abbot of Koutloumousiou monastery, and then to Esphigmenou Monastery.  Arsenios, having been a novice for four years, was tonsured a Rassophore monk and was given the name Averkios. Soon after, Father Averkios went to the (then) idiorrhythmic brotherhood of Philotheou Monastery, where his uncle was a monk and received the Small Schema tonsure and received the name Paisios, in honor of the indefatigable Metropolitan of Caesarea, Paisios II, whose native village was also Pharasa.

In 1958 Elder Paisios was asked to spend some time in and around his home village so as to support the faithful against the proselytism of Protestant groups. He greatly encouraged the faithful there, helping many people. Afterwards, in 1962, he left to visit Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Sinai where he stayed for two years. During this time he became beloved of the Bedouins who benefited from his presence both spiritually as well as materially as the Elder used the money he received from the sale of his carved wooden handicraft to buy the Bedouins food.

On his return to Mt. Athos in 1964 Elder Paisios took up residence at the Skete of Iviron before moving to Katounakia and stay in the wilderness there. The Elder’s failing health resulted in an operation removing part of his lungs. It was during this time of hospitalization that his long friendship with the then young sisterhood of St. John the Theologian in Souroti, just outside of Thessaloniki, began. In 1968 he spent time at the Monastery of Stavronikita, but spent his last years in Souroti, where his relics currently are enshrined.

Elder Paisios’ life was distinguished for his excessive asceticism, vigils, fasting, the gift of clairvoyance and discernment, the gift of healing, the zealous defense of Orthodoxy against heresies and blasphemy, and ceaseless prayer. These did not subside with the multitudes who resorted to him for help, nor with the illnesses which, especially during the last part of his life unintentionally perfected and completed his earlier intentional asceticism.  In the general consciousness of the Church, even while he was still alive, he was considered a saint according to the example of the ancient ascetics.

Throughout his monastic life he has written various “Spiritual Counsels” a number of which we have had here in our parish bookstore,. They are readily available at Amazon.  Amongst the numerous titles are:  With Pain & Love for Contemporary Man, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Struggle and Family Life.

A rental agreement has been made with the Faith Nursery School, which has been  in existence some 20 years, to rent space in our downstairs wing of classrooms.  Initially this year it will be 3 classrooms, (the double room and one other.)  This is an “arms length” relationship, in which our parish is not the sponsor of the school, but simply renting space to the school.

After several years of investigation and study on this topic and several months now in dialogue with the Faith School, our parish council finds this to be an excellent way to make good use of our empty space at hours when we are not using the space to generate income for the parish, while also offering a convenient location for child care to the greater community as well as to our own parishioners.  Our parish will expend a nominal amount of funds to prepare the space (mainly an emergency exit window and upgrade of our alarm system which is beneficial overall). These expenses will easily be recouped in the rental income to be received.

Enrollment is currently in progress and is open to the general public, which includes of course children from our parish.  They will have sessions for children ages 3 – 5 years old. The school will function from Monday Sept 21st, 2015 – mid-June 2016. For questions on the program or to register, contact: Claire Motta at <> or Stacy Calivino at <>  They will be having an open house and fund raising concert on Sat July 18 beginning at 4PM here at the Mihailides Center.

Attention Potential 1st Graders
Starting in September for the new school year, we will have both the 1st grade and the 2nd grade meet on Tuesday.  (There will be NO Monday classes).  Teaching on Tuesdays will be our two main teachers Mrs. Koula and Mrs. Eleni.

The other grades will continue to meet on the days as is currently in place….Wednesday is the 3rd and 4th grades and Thursday is the 5th and 6th grades.  Teaching those grades will be all three of our teachers including our newest teacher from this current year, Mrs. Ioanna.

This will enable special attention for the different levels in each of the above grades and also, we believe will help even more with the busy life so many of our families live today. Any special adjustments to the new schedule can be arranged by speaking with Mrs. Rougas at 401-944-7572.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our 2015 graduates.  They have accomplished a great deal in completing an important segment of their education.  We pray that the Lord our God continues to bless their future, with much happiness and greater achievements.  These graduates were honored on June 14 at our special “Sunday Coffee Hour”.

Student                        School Graduating From                                    Future Plan
Eleni Grammas                    Cranston West                                               RI College
(RI & Nat’l Honor Society)
Nicole Grammas                  Cranston West                                                RI College
(RI & Nat’l Honor Society)
Lucas Halkidis                     North Kingstown High School                          URI
Mary Koutros                   LaSalle Academy (with high honors)         Pace University, NY                                                    
Christos Meltsakos              Barrington High School                                    URI
David G. Mihailides II        Ponaganset High School                                CCRI
Outstanding Senior Athlete for Football and Track
Sophia Petrou                      Home school                                                             Hellenic College
Matthew Pontikes                LaSalle Academy
(RI & Nat’l Honor Society)                                   Loyola University, MD
Mia Sardella                     LaSalle Academy                                               Loyola University, MD
(RI & Nat’l Honor Society/ President’s award for educational excellence
Nicholas A. Soucy               Exeter-W. Greenwich                                       URI

College & Universities:
Christina Arsenis              RI College-B.S. Early  Childhood             Dreamland Learning Center
Alexandra Birmingham      RI College—Arts and Science                   Wheelock College
James D. Harritos II         RI College—BA Communications            Career in Advertising
Andrew  M. Haveles          Worcester Polytechnic Inst.                                  Spectra Energy
(Degree in mechanical engineering)
Jason Lavoie                       Thomas More College                                      Tutoring
Christopher Mitrelis           Univ. of  New Haven                                         Unity Investigation
Nikolaos Petropoulos         URI-Master in Business Administration
Michael J. Politis                Touro University-Doctor of                               State University of NY
Osteopathic Medicine                                   Health Science Center
Alexandra Raptakis             URI –Bachelor of Arts in English            Pursuing MBA
Christina M. Sinapi             RI College/RI Hospital                                     Radiologic Technology
Summa cum laude (highest honors)   School of Diagnostic Imaging
Gregory C. Zervos              URI-BS Communications                                  Law School

Graduate School;
Christopher Andrikos         Auburn University-Masters in Science          Shellfish-Aquaculture
Nicholas Chris                New School For Drama                           Professional Actor
Received The Joshua Love Scholarship Award for all around Excellence in Acting
Emile Sarkis                   Holy Cross Seminary-Masters of Divinity    Lay Asst./ Youth Worker

We  know everyone is busy at this time, making summer plans, vacations, cook-outs, outdoor activities.  All well deserved after this hard winter. Please take note of the Parish Update Form we included in the Annunciator to be filled out and returned.  We thank you for your time!!

 Annunciation Scholarship Awards for 2015
George C. Pakuris Award:  Sophia Petrou
Christelis Family Goya Award:  Matthew Pontikes
Stella Pappas Scholarship Award: Olivia Frangos
Stella Pappas Scholarship Award:  Lucas Halkidis
Andrew & Helen Vican Award:  Mary Koutros

Eleni Grammas, Sophia Petrou,  Matthew Pontikes and Mia Sardella

Fordham University Awards Fr Matthew Baker
The late Fr Matthew Baker, a doctorial candidate at Fordham at the time of his tragic death, was awarded an actual doctorate at commencement this past May, not an honorary, which was presented to Presvytera Kate and the children.

Recent Deaths
John Papaliosas, age 77, of Cranston, RI passed away on 5/19/15. His funeral and burial was held on 5/23/15.  Fr. Spyridon Papademetriou, who years back served in Newport RI recently passed on.
~May Their Memory be Eternal~

Tuesday  August 25th—Koulourakia
 Wednesday   August 26th –Koulourakia
 Tuesday September 1st-Kourabiedes/Melomakarona
Wednesday  September 2nd – Diples

Thursday     September 3rd – Pack Kourabiedes
Tuesday  September 8th – Honey Dipping -10:30 a.m.
 Wednesday  September 9th – Macaroons
  Wednesday  September 9th – Packing-6 p.m.
  Galatoboureko – TBA    /     Karidopita – TBA                                                                                                                                                                

We have to date 332 parishioners with a pledge of  $173,027.00.
The Actual Amount Received is $136,735.74.

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2015:
M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Hercules Fircanis, M/M Ronald Gagnon, Helen Georgeon, M/M James Grammas, Heather Gregoire, M/M Nicholas Hantzakos, George Hantzakos, Alexis Harritos, M/M James Harritos, James Harritos II, M/M Richard Kidd, James Kripitos, Jean Mihelakos, M/M Christopher  Michailides, Theodore Panagiotis, Mathew Panichas, M/M Michael Papigiotis, M/M Chris Pappas, Linda Pappola, M/M Anthony Piscopio, John Psikakos, Nanci Sarganis, M/M Eleftherios Simijis, M/M Dennis Spiridakos, M/M George Stergis, M/M John Taxiarchos, M/M Kostas Trikoulis, Christos Vasiliades, M/M Frank Vasiliadis, M/M Dean Vose, M/M Leonard Wood, Socrates Zafiriades, Eugenia Zaharakos, Nicholas Zaharakos, M/M Nondas Zarokostas.
An additional 2014 Pledge was also received—M/M Matthew Anthony Jr.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News
Financial Report for period ending May 31, 2015:
Endowment Fund Portfolio                         $767,786.02
Endowment Fund Checking Account            $2,060.78
Thank you to all donors who contributed to the Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund!

A new chapter in the life of our Endowment Fund has just begun!
As we approach our million dollar goal, have you ever wondered how it all began and how we arrived at where we are today?  Here is a snapshot:

Where it all began:
While we were still at our Pine Street location, we had in our midst a man of vision, a young lawyer named Eustace “Ted” Pliakas, who became the architect of our existing parish “savings account”:  the Endowment Fund.  Supported by fellow parishioners at a General Assembly in December, 1998, Endowment Fund Bylaws (rules) were drafted by Ted, with the assistance of another young lawyer, Deena Christelis Ethridge, daughter of Effie and Dean Christelis.  The draft was voted upon, approved and became official, thus beginning our legacy to secure the blessing of financial stability for our parish for future generations.

Where we are now:
In appreciation of donors to the Endowment Fund, past and present, who helped lay the groundwork to reach our current Fund value of $767,786.02, the time has come for us to recognize their generosity.  A list is being prepared that will appear in upcoming issues of the Annunciator.  Only the names of donors who wished to be recognized will appear, along with the category of the donation (In Memory Of, In Honor Of, Special Events, etc).

Stay tuned and do not miss the next report of Endowment Fund News!

Respectfully submitted by
Mary Samaras, Endowment Fund Secretary

The Financial Corner
This month’s edition will focus on the recent annual “Greek Food Fair” which was held on April 25 & April 26. This has been a very successful fund raising event every year. Below is the financial data for this event:
                                                SALES              SALES              SALES
                                                SATURDAY        SUNDAY            TOTAL

Roasted Lamb Plate                    149                   147                               296
Souvlaki Plate                           120                   93                     213
Chicken Plate                            71                     70                     141
Pastitsio Plate                           101                   93                     194
Gyro Sandwich                          584                   567                   1151
Spanakopita                               326                   252                   578
Dolmades                                  145                   88                     233
Tyropita                                    110                   84                     194
Greek Salad                              81                     69                     150
Potatoes                                    41                     27                     68
Rice Pilaf                                  26                     23                     49
Wine (Glass)                              38                     19                     57
French Fries                              85                     60                     145
Greek Salad / Gyro                    8                      7                      15
Water / Soda                              456                   380                   836
Coffee                                       38                     49                     87
Greek Coffee                             28                     34                     62
Frappe                                      30                     27                     57
Baklava Sundae                         37                     6                      43
Galaktoboureko                          263                   210                   473
Karidopita                                 1                      0                      1
Koulourakia                               33                     6                      39
Kourabiedes                              224                   257                   481
Rizogalo                                    213                   201                   414
Koulourakia (Dozen)                   169                   15                     184
Deluxe Frappe                            2                      1                      3
Water / Soda                              1                      3                      4

We have a look at previous Greek Food Fair events below.

2010     Total Revenues = $15,857.00                   2011     Revenues = $19,732.76
             Expenses =          $  5,132.32                             Expenses = $  7,492.50  
            Net Profit =          $ 10,724.68                              Net Profit =  $12,240.36

2012     Total Revenues = $ 27,571.50                  2013     Revenues = $ 29,692.50
             Expenses =          $   7,358.54                            Expenses = $ 12,540.52
            Net Profit =          $ 20,212,96                              Net Profit =  $ 17,151.98

2014     Total Revenues = $ 31,159.52                  2015     Revenues = $ 34,868.54
             Expenses =          $ 11,086.52                            Expenses = $ 12,185.53
             Net Profit =         $ 20,073.00                              Net Profit =  $ 22,683.01

Cordially Submitted by James Silva

Half of Americans Raised Orthodox Stay with Faith
Poll Reveals Religion On Decline in US / “No Affiliation” Rises

An in-depth and extensively-cited study of religious affiliation of Americans published on May 12 by the well-regarded Pew
Research Center found that the number of Americans who identify themselves as Christian is on the decline, while the
number of American adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing.

The findings from interviews with more that 35,000 Americans concludes that the percentage of adults who describe themselves as Christian has dropped by nearly eight points—from 78.4% to 70.6% since Pew’s last survey just 7 years ago.

The fastest growing religious affiliation are the “nones”  as Pew’s findings call them—those who do not affiliate or self-indentify with any organized church or religion.  Not surprisingly, more and more young adults—millennials—identify themselves in this “none” category.

The study’s results provided some interesting insight on the state of Orthodox Christianity in the U.S., as compared to other Christian and non-Christian faiths, including:

  • Orthodox Christians have the most wealth, on a per capital basis, compared to other Christian denominations.  Approximately 29% of Orthodox Christians have a household income of more than $100,000.00 per year, as compared to 19% of Catholic households and 14% of Evangelicals.

When including non-Christian groups, 44% of Jewish households have an income of more than $100,000.00 and 36% in Hindu families.

  • Marriage rates were down 6% overall, but Orthodox Christian marriage rates are down more significantly than other religious groups.  In 2007, 58% of Orthodox Christians identified themselves as married, compared to 48% in 2014.  In comparison, marriage rates for Catholics were down 6%, for Protestants down 4% and Jews down 1%.  Marriage rates for those who identified themselves as Atheist were down 3%.
  • The Orthodox Church seems to be more impacted by interfaith marriage that other religions.  Hindus are more likely than any other religious group to have a spouse or partner with the same religion (91%), 82% of Mormons, 79% of and Muslims, and 75% of Catholics and Evangelical Protestants are married or living with a partner, have a mate who shares their religion.  For Orthodox Christians, that number is only about half at just 53%.
  • Orthodox Christians have the highest concentration of first-generation born Americans at 40%, significantly more than other Christian groups, compared to 27% of Catholics and 8% of Protestants.  Muslims have the highest concentration of first-generation Americans at 61% and 26% of Buddhists are first-generation immigrants.
  • Orthodox Christians have one of the lowest rates of retention across Christian and non-Christian denominations.  Only 53% of adults who were raised in the Orthodox Church still identify themselves as Orthodox Christians.  Compare that to Hindus (80%), Jewish (75%), Mormon (64%) and Catholic (59%).


Pre-Kindergarten:                       Perfect Attendance:   none
Best Attendance:         Alexandros Arsenis, Theofanis Arsenis, Simon Tsimikas
Kindergarten:                              Perfect Attendance:   Sophia Nichols
Best Attendance:        none

First Grade:                                 Perfect Attendance:    none
                                                                        Best Attendance:           Lauren Bousquet, Peter                                                                                                                            Grammas, Lucas Leroux

Second Grade:                           Perfect Attendance:   Calista Leroux, Nicholas Mihailides
Best Attendance:         Harry Arsenis, Christian Santos

Third Grade:                               Perfect Attendance:   Alexander Vanikiotis, Christopher Vanikiotis
Best Attendance:         Savvina Arsenis, Damian Sarkis, Nathan Sarkis

Fourth Grade:                             Perfect Attendance:    George Grammas
Best Attendance:         Gianna Degaitas, Elisabeth Halkidis

Fifth Grade:                                 Perfect Attendance:    Julianna Mihailides
                                                      Best Attendance:         Rebecca Haralambides

Sixth Grade:                                Perfect Attendance:     Anastasia Coclin
Best Attendance:          Billy Silva Jr.
                  Seventh Grade:                           Perfect Attendance:    Katerina Mihailides, Katherine Mitrelis,
                                                                                                               Nathaniel Nichols, Dimitri Petrou, II 
Best Attendance:          Nicholas Lambros

Eighth Grade:                             Perfect Attendance:    Leticia Lekos
Best Attendance:        Constantine Coclin, Marissa Haralambides,
Collin Soucy

Ninth Grade:                                Perfect Attendance:    Eleni Mihailides, Alexandra Nicholas
Best Attendance:          none      

Tenth Grade:                               Perfect Attendance:     none
Best Attendance:           none

Eleventh Grade:                          Perfect Attendance:    Christian Soucy, Alexis Arsenis
                                                                        Best Attendance:          none

                  Twelfth Grade:                              Perfect Attendance:     Nicholas Soucy, Sophia Petrou
Best Attendance:         Lucas Halkidis

                                   GRADUATION – 2015
GRADUATES (Plaques): Kristopher Degaitas, Elaina Barakos, Ana Falcone, Alexia Fotopoulos, Elizabeth Marses, Lauren Massimino.

EXCELLENCE: Nicholas Lambros, Dimitri Petrou, attending a special 7th year program.

HIGHEST HONORS: Savvina Arsenis, Gianna Degaitas, Alexia Fotopoulos, Yiannis Fotopoulos, Elisabeth Halkidis, Christopher Lambros, Stella Loezos, Angela Marses, Elizabeth Marses, Evgenia Meltsakos, Christian Santos, Stephen Sterpis, Alexander Vanikiotis, Christina Vanikiotis, Christopher Vanikiotis.

HIGH HONORS: Harry Arsenis, Harrison Barakos, Michael Baziotis, Lauren Bousquet, Kristopher Degaitas, Mia Eliopoulos, Ana Falcone, Arianna Fotopoulos, Xeni Gianniotis, Ana Hatjopoulos, Lucas Leroux, Thea Marses, Lauren Massimino, Liam Plionis, Sophia Sarkis, Eleftherios Sfinarolakis, Sophia Sfinarolakis, Thomas Sfinarolakis, Alexia Sterpis, Alexander Titelis.

HONORS:  Elaina Barakos, Virginia Barakos, Zoey Despines, Maggie Despines, George Grammas, Elizabeth O’Hair, Katherine O’Hair, Gabriella Santos.
Archdiocesan Award-The Three Hierarchs: Nicholas Lambros, Dimitri Petrou

Ahepa: Nicholas Lambros, Dimitri Petrou

Paideia/Hellenic Cultural Society: Alexia Fotopoulos, Elizabeth Marses

Good Samaritan Philoptochos Society: Ana Falcone, Lauren Massimino

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church: Elaina Barakos, Kristopher Degaitas

Metropolis of Boston Greek Teachers’s Association: Angela Marses, Evgenia

Volunteers: Niki Malatos Bousquet, Tina Massimino, Lena Zafiriades Meltsakos, Nicholas Simijis, Christine Vanikiotis

Thank You Remarks from Helen Trikoulis
Given at the Tribute Recognizing her 25 Years of Service to our Greek School

Aidesimwtatoi IereiV pater Andrea kai pater Emanouhl,  Axiotime kurie proedre tou Koinotikou Sumbouliou,  Mr. Kevin Phelan ,
AgaphteV mou  kuria Koula kai kuria Iwanna,  Agaphtoi GoneiV kai agaphta Paidia.

Shmera eimai polu sugkinhmenh apo authn thn ekdhlwsh kai thn timh pou mou kanate kai den briskw logia na saV eucaristhsw. Htan polu timhtiko gia mena.

SaV eucaristw pou mou dwsate thn eukairia na ergastw me ta paidia saV kai nomizw oti ekana to kalutero pou mporousa kai eucomai olh auth h ergasia na ta bohqhsh sthn peraiterw ekpaideush touV. Qa qumamai  oleV auteV tiV wraieV anamnhseiV ola auta ta cronia kai eucomai se ola ta paidia na ecoun kalh proodo sthn zwh touV kai stiV spoudeV touV, na ecoun kalh ugeia kai seiV oi goneiV na ta kamarwsete opwV epiqumeite.

Egw qa eimai panta edw kai qa prospaqw na ta bohqw, opwV kai prin. SaV eucaristw olouV apo ta baqh thV kardiaV mou kai saV eucomai kalo kalokairi  kai rantebou ton Septembrio edw sto scoleio tou <Euaggelismou>. Panta qumamai ta logia thV giagiaV mou kai ercontai sto mualo mou kaqe stigmh thV zwhV mou:
<Apoucei auto to riziko
sthn xenitia na zhsei
Glwssa, Patrida kai Qeo
pote mhn lhsmonhsei>

Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for this special day of recognition of my service to our Greek School.  I am very moved by all that has taken place today. I pray that I have been helpful to your children not simply in Greek School, and that this experience will benefit them lifelong in other aspects of their life.  I have enjoyed my 25 years of teaching and hope for many more.   Thank you  so very much!


Please be reminded that  our Youth (Groups) Night for June is – Sunday June 28 (5-7PM in the Mihailides Center’s Demetrakas Hall).
            Our theme will be on the topic of “health care” as that day the church commemorates 2 saints     who were doctors.  We will be playing the popular game “Operation” amongst other fun activities. If you have the operation game – let us know and bring it with you.

Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival
Congratulations to our 3 participants who the Metropolis Level Festival—JR DIVISION: Alexandra Nichols rank 1st, Demetri Petrou ranked 2nd. SR DIVISION: Sophia Petrou ranked Honorable Mention.  on being selected and receiving an Honorable Mention Award.  Alexandra then went on to the national festival (held in California) representing our Metropolis and was ranked Honorable Mention.

The June trip to 6 Flags is changed
Thank you for the feed back that the initial date of June 20 was not good for so many people.  NEW DATE is – Tues August 18.  Watch for details.

JULY YOUTH NIGHT: (in the afternoon)
Our Youth (Groups) Night is set for Goddard Park for Sunday July 26 – after Liturgy at church.  Important to have a count on who will attend….please reserve thru Elizabeth Tsimikas 243-7048, or by email <>

Don’t delay in registering….session fill up fast.  There is the “Family Camp”  for parents with children which will be Wed July 22 – Sun July 26.  Financial assistance is available in general, both thru the camp directly and thru our parish.  Let us know by June 15th please if you seek financial assistance for camp.  The official Cranston Week is the 3rd session (July 13 week) – but go on the week best for you.

Our August Vacation Church School (VCS)
Watch for details for this well received parish program over the past several years.

Save August 15
This will be the “Family Fun Day” sponsored by the  Stewardship Committee. To be held after the
Dormition Feast Liturgy on the church grounds similar to last year’s first such gathering.

Sunday Liturgies:
Each Sunday of the summer there is a Liturgy – don’t disappear – please come. We know that many will travel a bit or hit the beach.  But do include Sunday attendance in your summer as much as possible as well, even if you come for a portion if your travel plans necessitate otherwise.  Remember as well we actually have 2 services every Sunday / 8:15am-Orthros and 9:30am– Liturgy.

         In memory of Presvytera Maria George
         Who touched the lives of all the children she taught in her Sunday School classes.
Sunday, August  23, 2015, 1pm.  Metacomet CC, East Providence, RI.
Registration deadline:  Friday, August 14, 2015
Registration online:
For tournament or sponsorship information, please contact Dennis Sampalis (401-529-7054, Peter Manis (617-930-0099,, or
Jimmy Grammas (401-965-6017,

                                                   GOLF  PACKAGES
Individual golfer-$175, includes 18 holes of golf with cart, lunch, dinner,
long drive & closest-to-pin contests, and registration gifts.
Foursome-$700, same features as individual golfer, but for 4 players.
Guest dinner-$50.00, includes dinner only.
Mulligan Super Ticket-$35.00, includes 2 mulligans, and 10 raffle tickets.
Limit 1 super ticket per golfer.
Sponsorships for various aspects of the tournament are sought—
please discuss with the committee.

                                THIS IS A CHARITY EVENT TO BENEFIT
                                    INTERFAITH FOOD  MINISTRY.
A day of relaxing enjoyment, special time with family and friends and what more makes for a great day, but in knowing  you are helping a worthy benefit.  We thank you.

Dr. Chris Chihlas will be leaving his Cranston and Cumberland Orthopedic Surgery practice effective July 1, 2015.  He will be relocating to join the Southcoast Health System in Southeast Massachusetts however will be maintaining an office in Providence at 1076 North Main Street, as well as an office in Swansea at 479 Swansea Mall Drive.

Southcoast Physicians Group is the regions largest network of physicians, many of whom come from some of the nation’s leading medical institutions. Some of the most advanced procedures and innovative treatments are happening at Southcoast. Joining Southcoast Physicians Group will enable him to continue his commitment to supporting clinical excellence in quality, service, and patient satisfaction.

Should you have any questions about your care or if you need to schedule an appointment at the office of your choice, please call Southcoast Care Connect at 508-973-2227 and they can assist with all of your needs. of you also know how to contact him directly and feel free to continue to do so when the need arises.


Our Philoptochos chapter has adopted a yearlong project called “Operation Housewarming” and involves providing housewarming baskets to those veterans transitioning to independent living. initiative began Christmas 2012 when His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and several members of the Metropolis Philoptochos Board visited the Bedford facility and delivered care packages for each of the residents preparing for transition.Subsequently, President Georgia Pappas and Marianne Phelan met with representatives of the Veterans Administration in Providence to discuss the need Dear Sisters in Philoptochos and Parishioners of the Church of the Annunciations of this important population.

This project would benefit our Rhode Island veteran’s who are transitioning to an apartment or home.The items we would want to include are shown below and our goal is to have twelve barrels available for presentation to Bill Carr, Homeless Program Coordinator of the Rhode Island Veteran’s Administration by Veteran’s Day 2015.
Please consider purchasing these items or perhaps making a monetary donation which will be used to purchase the items listed for the veterans on behalf of a current member of the military, a family member who is a veteran or on behalf of a beloved family member who is a deceased veteran.Checks may be made payable to ‘Good Samaritans Philoptochos’ and note housewarming
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project please contact:
Marianne Phelan 401-743-7596E-mail:

In closing I would like to thank you for taking part in this vast undertaking on behalf of our homeless veterans who have served our country so well so we can enjoy the liberties that we have.