August/September 2017

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Saint Kosmas Aitolos

The holy, glorious, and right-victorious New Hieromartyr and Equal-to-the-Apostles Kosmas Aitolos was born in 1714 in Mega Dendron, Aitolia, Greece, to a father who was a weaver and very devout mother. He attended public schools, but was also tutored by an Archdeacon. He later attended the Monastic Academy on Mount Athos in 1749. Eventually, he was tonsured a Monk and later was ordained a Priest at the Philotheou Monastery where he remained for several years. After a time, Kosmas felt a calling to attend to the spiritual needs of the world doing mis-sionary work in Greece, especially in the remote areas where there was a lack of churches and priests for the many unbaptized adults. As an aftermath of four centuries of Turkish oppression in Greece, Kosmas received the patriarchal blessing from Patriarch Sophronios II in 1759 to travel wherever needed, for however long, with complete independence, to breathe life back into Christianity in Greece. He felt called by God to undertake the mission of regenerating his fellow Christians and was willing to sacrifice himself for the salvation of his brethren.

Kosmas traveled in Greece, its islands, and Albania for 25 years, founding over 200 schools, as well as charities and rural churches. He traveled by foot, by donkey, and by ship. When he arrived at a village he would ask the villagers to plant a large wooden cross in the village square. Then he would mount a bench next to the cross and preach to the villagers about the love of God and the Orthodox faith. Kosmas’ preaching was exceedingly effective; it brought about an im-mediate and profound transformation to the hearts of his listeners. His humility and his identifi-cation with the people among whom he moved and worked, the austerity of his character, and the evangelical simplicity of his words brought about an inspiration and feeling of hope to many families. For this reason the Greek nation was to experience a spiritual revival and awakening by the itinerant preaching of Kosmas. His many prophecies also became a wake-up call to the Greek nation and to it enemies.

On 24 August 1779, Kosmas was to meet his death through the hand of the Turkish Governor named Knut Pasha who had him imprisoned for his confession of faith for the One, Holy, and Apostolic Church for which he was hanged. One account, however, reports that Kosmas prayed and gave up his spirit before this occur. His body was disposed of by being thrown naked into a river; three days later his body was found by a certain priest named Fr. Markos, and ever since his holy relics have been the result of many miracles. Patriarch Athenagoras glorified him in 1961. His feast day is celebrated on the 24th of August.

+Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M.D., M. Div.

Annunciation Church Brings Our New Bulletin to Sunday Service 

Starting July 2, we have a weekly bulletin at the entrance of the church you make pick up as you enter. This has been an addition we have been working on for some time now to allow our attending parishioners to follow along with the service and to take home.

Thank You 

Philoptochos donated a full scholarship to the Metropolis of Boston Camp, allowing a child to go to the summer camp this year for one week. The joy expressed by the par-ents and the child for such consideration in recognizing a child’s want to be involved is greatly appreciated.


Peter E. Baziotis M.D. has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Cerebral Palsy RI.. Dr. Baziotis has served on the board since 2010. Dr. Baziotis also serves on the boards of the YMCA of Pawtucket, Navigant Credit Union, Pawtucket Foundation and the Memorial Hospital Foundation. Our best to you on such great accomplishments.

Phase 2/Fall Construction Starting 

Starting the 20th of November—December the church will be under construction on the interior. This is our Phase 2 renovations taking place. During these months we will be having Sunday Church Service in the hall. At this point in time we are unsure of the exact first Sunday we will be having Sunday Church Service in the hall, that exact Sunday date will be later announced. We will also still be doing sacraments for who is requesting a Baptism or Wedding, for which we will be using another Orthodox Parish. You may still request memorials that will also be done here, at Sunday service.

To the Liturgical Donors & Time Donors 

Thank You, last month we announced in the Annunciator requesting donors for a few items needed in the church. Through the generosity of three parishioners all the amounts for each item listed, have been donated. We are a very fortunate parish to have such giving parishioners, that give to us in such good faith. Also a parishioners time given to the church in various areas is also appreciated, important and needed.

We appreciate your sense of giving in all different ways.

~ May God Bless all of You, with Good Health, Peace and Happiness.~

Marriage Prep Classes 

Please call the office (401) 942-4188, classes will be Sept. 28th and Oct. 5th at 7:pm


If anyone would like an ad entered in our 32nd Annual Festival Sponsor Book for a loved one or a business, please submit your check and advertisement to us by August 16th. You may call the office (401) 942-4188 or email your ad to:

It is time:

Our 2017 Festival

Do you think maybe this year we could have too many volunteers????

Let’s try and see how many we can get!!!! 

Volunteering is rewarding not just to the cause but to yourself. 

You make a difference!!! 

Baking, Kitchen helpers, Food preparations, Outdoor stands, the list goes on and on and on, that we can use another set of hands for. Amazing the work that needs to be done to present this Festival to our community. We should all be very proud of our-selves that we have been able to put together such an event every year and make it a SUCCESS. Will 2017 be our best ever, let’s try and see just how far we can take an event like this for our 32nd one. But it all relies on your help, your dedication. When you volunteer to helping out at an event like this, the memory remains with you a lifetime. The reward you feel, that feeling never goes away. 

We look forward to seeing your name on one of the volunteer lists.

Get Involved, Its Fun & Thank You

Remaining Baking Dates 

Wed. Aug. 16, Diples (Please note date & time is now the 16th @ 6:pm) 

Tues, Aug 22, Koulourakia 6:pm 

Wed. Aug. 23, Koulourakia 6:pm 

Tues. Aug. 29, Kourambiedes 6:pm 

Wed. Aug. 30, Melomakarona/Pack Kourambiedes 6:pm 

Tues. Sept. 5, Honey Diples/Melomakarona 9:am 

Wed. Sept. 6, Pack Pastry 6:pm 

(Many hands are also needed at 4:pm for pre-work)


Will be open to the public in the Mihailides Center Library 


Asteria Orchestra, Orfeas, Kokoras Brothers & Angelki, & Kostas Haloulakos


We have to date 343 parishioners with a pledge of $178,677.00 

The Actual Amount Received is $141,865.30 

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2017 

Dimitri Benekos, M/M Richard Cragin, M/M James Degaitas, Joanne Spires-Fay,

M/M Marcos Fountoulakis, M/M Cody Harris, M/M James Harritos, Dr. & Mrs. James Karon, Niki Kyrou, M/M David Loffler, M/M Constantine Marses, Marianthi Mastri-ano, M/M Athanasios Meltsakos, Stephanie Papadopoulos, M/M Steven Rothemich, M/M Dionisios Sampalis, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Sardella, M/M George Stergis, Peter Strekouras, M/M Socrates Zafiriades, Jr., Drs. John & Eleni Pappas-Zervos.

God provides all that we need and we give in response to God’s provision. God desires intentional gifts that can be freely given with a smile. As we give we not only meet the needs of others but we also give thanks to God.


Our fund-raising effort continues and we have received to date a total of $176,592.00 in pledges. This is an increase of $4,000.00 since our last month’s edition of the Annunciator. As of today, a total of $116,304.50 has been paid and deposited. Since last month the following parishioners have submitted a pledge: 

James & Nancy Harritos, Dr. James P. & Nikki L. Karen and Drs. John & Eleni Zervos. 

Thank you all for your generous pledges. 

If you have not yet submitted your donation, please do so. We have a lot of work to complete in the coming months. 

Submitted by James Silva 


“Prayer is the road to Heaven, but Faith opens the door”

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News 

Financial Report for the period ending 6/30/17

Endowment Fund Portfolio: $836,170.84

Endowment Fund Checking Account: $8,723.28

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by:

M/M Michael Haveles, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, Elizabeth Marses,

in memory of Mary Kanelos

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by:

M/M James Demetriou in memory of Nicholas Apostolou

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: 

M/M Frank Vasiliadis in memory of Eleftheria Perdikakis 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: 

Flora Popovici in memory of Richard Popovici 


In memory of Presvytera Maria George

Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 @ 1pm, Metacomet CC, East Prov., RI
Registration deadline: Friday, Aug. 25, 2017
Register online:
11:30am Registration /Lunch will be available
1:pm Shotgun start/Scramble format
6:00pm Cocktails/Hors D’oeuvres
6:30pm Awards Dinner 

This is a Charity Event to benefit the Church of the Annunciation and the Interfaith Food Ministry 

St. George Greek Orthodox Church Comedy Night 

The Greek Goddess of Comedy, Ellen Karis will be at the St. Greek Orthodox Church of Cape Cod, 1130 Falmouth Rd., Centerville, Ma. 02632, on Saturday, August 19th. Tickets are $35.00 includes mezedakia, Tickets at the door are $40.00. A 50/50 raffle. Also featuring Preston Simpson, Flapjack. Door @ 7 pm & show @ 8pm. Call 508-775-3045. RSVP by Aug.15th.

God is Love 

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16). So great is the love of God the Father that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, by way of our Lord being incarnated by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary to become man, and allowed Him to be sacrificed on the Cross, so that humankind might be forgiven And reconciled with God the Father, thereby granting us the gift of salvation. This, my beloved, is the very essence of the Gospel, that God’s gift of His Son is the ultimate expression of His love for the world.

Many of us take the word “love” for granted in our post modern society and American cul-ture. In the English language in particular, we tend to use and misuse the word “love” in many ways, for instance, in correctly saying to someone, “I love you,” to applying the word “love” to material or other things, for example, ‘I love your dress,” or ‘Don’t you just love going apple picking?” as thee is only one and no other word for “love.” In the Greek language, however, there are four words for ‘love,” the first is eros, meaning physical love, the second is philia, meaning platonic love between friends, as well as that which is good, beautiful, and perfect, and that is selective, and the third is stratigos meaning affectionate, fond, or loving of a parent or sibling. The fourth Greek word for “love” is agape that especially became manifested when God became man, because this agape/love allowed Jesus Christ to sacrifice Himself on the Cross for the love of others, and in so doing, God lavished His agape/love upon all of humani-ty.

God redeems us in love. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for 

God is love. In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only be-gotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 4:7-11). True Christian love is agape. We must experience the infinite agape/love of God in order to love one another. God’s agape is different from human love. I does not take into consideration the worth of the person loved. God’s agape is for all persons, it is neither selective nor racist, rather, it is inclusive and all em-bracing. All races of people are equal before God because He created them in His image and likeness. God’s agape/love is everlasting. It is not here today and gone tomorrow. Since God is changeless, so is His agape; it is perfect love. It is not based on what people think about us or what they say about us. No matter what happens to us in our life, no matter what crisis we face, no matter what illness, disappointment, sorrow, or failure we experience, we must always trust in God’s agape/love to see us through all. We must respond to His agape/love by wor-shipping and praising Him and by loving others as He loves us all.

Thus we ultimately rely upon the scriptural words of St. John the Evangelist, “God is Love.” God the Father, though He had the power to prevent the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ for the atonement of the sins of all humanity throughout the ages, showed the depth of His agape/love for humankind by allowing His Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified, thereby granting us the gift of salvation. We must live and breathe and have our being by consciously witnessing our Orthodox Christian beliefs, commitments, and experience by loving God and one another un-conditionally. O THOES AGAPE ESTIN. 

+Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M.D., M. Div.

September 22nd is the first day of Fall 

Autumn Prayer

God of all seasons, we thank you for Autumn. We thank you for the touch of coolness in the air that gives us a new burst of energy, for the coloring of trees that shows the creativity of the Divine Artist, for the falling leaves that reveal the strength of the branches, for the hues of fields that bring peace to our souls, for the smiles on pumpkins that bring joy to children, for the fall harvest which that brings us gratitude for the bounty of our land, for this change of seasons that reveals the circle of life.

God of all seasons, as you transform the earth, transform us by your Spirit. Amen

Good Health for Singing Seniors 

A U.S. study of 166 older adults revealed that those who joined a choir were in bet-ter health, used less medication, were less lonely, and had fewer falls after a year that a similar group of non-singers. This could be due to the effect that singing has on breath-ing as well as the emotional benefits of creating harmony with a group. Another small study out of Sweden found that when choir members sang in unison, their heart rates slowed down and eventually synchronized which may have long-term benefits for both cardiovascular and mental health.

Our choir is taking a summer break, but we will start up again in September. Please contact Beth Nichols ( or call 401-383-6708) if you’d like to join us. It will be good for your body and mind as well as your heart and soul!

Thank You Dr. Eleni Pappas-Zervos 

September Brings Busy Days 

You’re busy– who isn’t these days? Whether at work or at play, you’re always on the go. From the moment you wake up, as you drive through rush-hour traffic, when you’re talking on your cell phone, until your head hits the pillow, you’re in a hurry. And the drive to get things done is taking its toll. Your mind gets overwhelmed, and your body gets tense.

It’s time to slow down and think clearly, you become more efficient. When you take time to be friendly and polite to those around you, the day is much more pleasant. When you’re rested, you make fewer mistakes. When you take de-stress breaks, your creativity skyrockets. When you focus on giving to others, your relationships improve. Taking care of each area, step by step, you are guaranteed to find more peace of mind.

Take Your Two-Minute Calm Break 

Turn the phone off, sit quietly, for two minutes you will do nothing but breathe and relax. Your mind will be chattering, but tell it to be quiet. Keep returning to your deep, relaxing breaths. When your two minutes are complete, go slowly and you will find you remember forgotten things, be-come more efficient. So when overwhelmed try this quick fix. You will feel good.

Additional Graduates 

Since our last issue’s tribute to graduates, we have received the following additional information.

Sandra Maliangos, graduated from URI /Doctorate in Physical Therapy &Accepted a Posi-tion at a Nursing Home in Woonsocket.

Job Opportunity 

Because He Lives Food Ministry located in Woonsocket, RI , has an opening for a part-time cook to prepare meals. The days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. The hours would be from 8Am to 2PM each day. This will be a paid position. If you are interest-ed please contact, Pat Dempster @ (401) 648-1328 or Lisa Wheatley @ (401) 965-9558 for additional information.

Importance of Sunday School 

The greatest gift, the most precious inheritance that we have to give to our children is our Greek Orthodox Faith. Jesus makes it clear that He wants children to come to know Him, and the He considers it a grave offence for an adult to hinder this process or lead child astray: “whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be bet-ter for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matt 18:6

The Central aim of Christian education in our Church is to evoke and nurture faith in Je-sus Christ according to the Orthodox phronema (vision) out of which issues a genuine Orthodox way of life. The Church nurtures a living awareness of the risen Christ in our midst, who is the true Celebrant of Sacraments and the true Teacher of His people, and makes Himself known to use by the grace of the Holy Spirit. The whole range of Ortho-dox educational material- books, filmstrips, visuals, Bible Studies, lives of saints contem-porary discussion of Christian values- becomes effective to the degree that communi-cates the love and sprit of Christ.

The focus of our efforts to educate our beloved children in the Orthodox Christian Faith must remain in our Sunday School program. When we bring our children regularly to Sunday School we provide them with a gift of knowledge that has lifelong value and sig-nificance.


Dimitrios Tsoukatos, age 86, of North Providence, RI passed away on 6/10/17. His funeral was held on 6/13/17. Nicholas Apostolou, age 92, of Warwick, RI passed away on 6/10/17. His funeral was held on 6/15/17. Mary Kanelos, age 97, of East Providence, RI passed away on 6/20/17. Her funeral was held on 6/24/17. Virginia DeNinno, age 75, of Warwick, RI passed away on 7/16/17. Her funeral was held in Brooklyn, NY. Peter Kapanakis, age 96, of Foster, RI passed away on 7/24/17. His funeral was held on 7/24/17. The father of Dio-nisios (Dennis) Sampalis, Panagiotis “Panos” Sampalis, age 85, of Cranston, RI passed away on 7/25/17, his burial was in Greece.

Back to School 

Back-to-school prep is upon us! The summer is drawing to a close, and it will soon be time to get ready to begin a new school year. We know it can be overwhelming when you start to think about the long list of things to do in order to prepare for school, so here are some steps to help you get orga-nized for back to school and start the year off with confidence and on a successful note!

Write down goals! Review last years notes! Get one step ahead! Form a study group with a chart! Purchase a daily planner! Organize your study time before school starts! Seek out a tutor now (if needed)! Being prepared is a good way to start the year! Good Luck!


Cranston & Providence Public Schools First day of school for ALL students is Sept. 5, 2017

TEENS Make a Difference at the Festival 

All the areas need help and our volunteers make it happen. We want to extend an invi-tation to all the children ages 14 and up to come volunteer for the weekend! 

Let us know the area in which you would like to assist and our team leaders will place you. Provide us with the hours you can help and we will see that your request is met.

(Please call the office (401) 942-4188 or email

Greek School Classes 

Greek School will be Tuesday thru Thursday this year. Children have to be at least 6 years old to attend. If you do have a child that is younger and you would like for them to attend, you need to speak with Koula Rougas. The hours are 4-6 pm. Tues. are for 1st & 2nd graders, Wed. are for 3rd & 4th graders, Thurs. are for 5th & 6th graders. We also offer parent and child classes.

* Registration date, start date and registration fees will be announced.



We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather and are now getting ready for the fall activities. First, of course, is our Annual Parish Greek Festival September 8, 9, 10. Please volunteer your time to help with the baking, and to help the weekend of our Greek Festival.

Recently, Philoptochos women met to begin planning our Annual Greek Food Fair and Christmas Bazaar. This year our major fund-raiser will be held on November 4-5. Chairlady, Diane Mitrelis, discussed the various booths and is urging Booth Chairla-dies to have their workshops in order to prepare their areas. Workshops may be held at the Church Center or in their homes if they so wish. The Booth Chairladies are: Ago-ra, Bessie Papigiotis; Day Raffle, Georgia Pappas; Handcraft, Maria Zaharakos; Jew-elry, Anna Demetrakas, Anna Massenzio, Marie Andreopoulos; Taverna, Koula Rou-gas and Roula Proyous; Pastry, Nancy Harritos and Angela Provost; Kaffenio, Mari-anne Phelan; White Elephant, Eleni Trikoulis. We must stress those items for the White Elephant must be clean, glassware not chipped or broken, and everything in good working order. Please, no clothing, shoes, baby items. We appreciate your donations, but ask that donations not be brought prior to the week before the Ba-zaar. We simply do not have storage space. Thank you so very much for your co-operation. 

As always we ask for ideas and suggestions for new, exciting booths. New this year will be Themed Gift Baskets which will be available for purchase as gifts for the up-coming holidays, or other special events. Ideas for themes are Easter, Wedding, Victo-rian, Christmas, Baby, Movie or Theater Night, Sports, Bridal Shower, Breakfast/Coffee, Beach, Travel, Beauty, Special Birthday, or any other idea you may have. We hope to have these baskets donated. We are asking that they be of a good dollar value, so we are able to sell them, and of course, profit from the sale. If items are provided, with a basket if possible, we will put the basket together for you. Please call

Diane Mitrelis 946-3339 if you can donate a basket. This is an easy area to work, and we are asking for a volunteer to chair the Gift Baskets.

On-Going Philoptochos Projects: Our Homeless Veterans’ Project is ongoing and we ask you to please bring your household products and place them in the large barrel provided at the entrance to the Demetrakas Hall. We also continue to collect Health and Beauty Aid Products and Eyeglasses of all types which are donated to the proper agencies. Baskets for these items are also in the entrance to the Demetrakas Hall.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is continuing and recently Anna Demetrakas, Josie Alifer-akis, and Bessie Papigiotis traveled to St. Michael’s Home in Yonkers, NY to fulfill our commitment and delivered almost 50 prayer shawls to the residents there. Beneath the Olive Tree movie and book presentation is on our Fall agenda. Date and time will be announced soon.

National Philoptochos Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon will be hosted this year by the Metropolis of New Jersey at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey on Saturday, No-vember 11, 2017. More information will be announced at our September meeting when we have received details from National Philoptochos.

Chapter Elections: Our Philoptochos Board for the term 2017-2019 has been ratified by the National Philoptochos Board, and they are the following: Marianne Phelan, Geor-gia Pappas, Helen Argeris, Koula Rougas, Nancy Harritos, Karen Drager, Elizabeth De-gaitas, Nikki Deary, Bessie Papigiotis, Carol Rothemich, Eleni Trikoulis, Kate Silva, An-gela Provost, Ann Heberg, Elaine Crabtree, Josephine Aliferakis, and Roula Proyous.

Honorary Lifetime Board Members are: Helen Pappas, Mary Quinn, Mary Samaras, Anna Demetrakas and Diane Mitrelis.

We are following the Election Procedure for Philoptochos and our Chapter Officers’ Election has now been sent to the National Office. As soon as we receive our ratification, we will announce the Philoptochos Officers for the next two years.

Important: We have reached a point in our Philoptochos Chapter where we must ask all the women in our parish to become members of Philoptochos. To those who are already members, we thank you and ask that you please take a more active role. In order for us to continue in this philanthropic ministry, we need your help. Our first meeting will be held on Monday, September 18th, Board Meeting at 6:15 p.m. and General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. Please come and be part of this important ministry.

Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Georgia Pappas, President Karen Drager, Corresponding Secretary

September 14, Feast Of the Holy Cross 

September 14, Feast Of the Holy Cross “0 Lord, save thy people and bless thine inher-itance: To our Rulers grant victo-ries over the barbarians, And by thy Cross protect thine own Es-tate.”

Each year on September 14 the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of “The Elevation of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross.” This is one of the great feasts of the Church year, and one which has an important historical background. Although one or two of the hymns for the day refer obliquely to the vision of the cross in the heavens, the actual commemoration is not that of Con-stantine’s vision before his battle with Maxentius on Oc-tober 28, 312.

On that occasion, while he was in doubt about the out-come of the impending battle for Italy, he saw in the heav-ens the arms of the cross stretching far and wide, and the words. “In This Conquer.” The battle won, he did begin to aid Christians, and ended by being baptized himself….

Mid August – Mid September 2017 

Divine Services (year round) Orthros (morning prayer) 8:15 am / Liturgy 9:30 am 

Sun Aug 13 Sun of 10th Matthew– Transferal of the Relics of St. Maximos

MEMORIAL—Harriet Butler 2/yrs.


Vespers (Eve of Dormition) – Assumption Parish (Pawtucket)

Tues Aug 15 Dormition of the Theotokos-Services per usual morning hours 

Parish Council Meeting 7:30 pm

Wed Aug 16 Festival Baking/Diples 6: pm

Thu Aug 17 Festival Committee Meeting


Sun Aug 20—Sun 11 of Matthew / Prophet Samuel Loukios the Senator

MEMORIAL—Presv. Maria George 5/yrs.

Tues Aug 22—Festival Baking—Koulourakia—6:PM

Wed Aug 23—Festival Baking—Koulourakia—6:PM


Sun Aug 27—Sun 12 of Matthew / Righteous Poemen Great Martyr Phanourios

9th Annual Annunciation Golf Tournament/1:pm/Metacomet CC, E. Prov

Tues Aug 29—Beheading of St. John—Fast Day/ Service per usual morning hours 

Tues Aug 29—Festival Baking—Kourambiedes—6:PM

Wed Aug 30—Festival Baking—Melomakarona/Pack Kourambiedes—6:PM


Sun Sept 3—Sun 13 of Matthew / Hieromartyr Anthimos New Martyr Polydoros

MEMORIAL— Frank DiMaio 7/yrs.


Tues Sept 5—Festival Baking Honey Diples/Melomakarona—9:AM / Festival set up

Wed Sept 6—Pack Pastry—6:PM / Festival set up

Thu Sept 7—Festival set up

Fri Sept 8—ANNUAL FESTIVAL BEGINS 5 pm.—10 pm. 

Sat Sept 9– ANNUAL FESTIVAL 12 pm—10 pm. 


Sun Sept 10—Sun bef Holy Cross / Martyrs Menodora, Metrodora & Nymphodora

ANNUAL FESTIVAL 12 pm—9 pm. 

Thu Sept 14—Holy Cross Day—Service per usual morning hours 

Sunday School Teachers start up meeting 7: pm


Sun Sept 17—Sun aft Holy Cross / Sophia & 3 daughters Faith, Love & Hope

Sunday Church School Begins

Mon Sept 18—Philoptochos Meeting 7: pm

Faith Nursery Pre-School begins for 2017-2018


Sun Sept 24—Sun 1 of Luke / Protomartyr Thekia Righteous Koprios

MEMORIAL—Liselotte (Lilo) Topouzis 1/yr.

June 2017


Rev Andrew J Demotses

How ironic life can be! When we are young, we can’t wait to grow up and enjoy what we perceive to be the privileges of adulthood. When we grow older, we look back with longing nostalgia to the days of our youth. It is my impression, however, that God in-tends for us to joyfully embrace each of the seasons of our life. We can do this when we live with the assurance that God offers what we need so that we can realize our full-est potential, no mater what our age might be. If this is to happen in our lives, howev-er, it requires our commitment to faith, as well as our acceptance of what God allows of struggle and what He provides of strength.

Like all of us, I too have often wondered why God allows us to get old and weak. In struggling with this issue, I have concluded that the wise author of Ecclesiastes was right when he wrote, “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.” (3:1). It is a part of the divine plan that the strength and beauty of youth is primarily physical, while the strength and beauty of advancing years is mostly spiritual.

As life advances, God has ordained that we lose the strength and beauty that is physical and temporary, so that we can acquire the strength and beauty that is spiritual and eter-nal. As the years advance, we find that they confer their gifts of maturity, wisdom, and perspective. At the same time our physical nature declines, making us less eager to go on at all cost, and preparing us to enter our eternal home. That is exactly why older people are so much at peace, and find it so easy to let go, when their time arrives. If we were forever young, strong, and beautiful, we might never want to leave.

Are you in the spring time of your life? Trust that God will offer you every opportuni-ty to realize your dreams. Are you in life’s summer or autumn? Face your many chal-lenges in the assurance of God’s sustaining graces. And if you are in the winter of your life, cultivate your relationship with God, so that together with the psalmist you too will be able to say, “I have relied on you all my life; you have protected me since the day I was born. I will always praise you.” (71:6).

Well Done Good & Faithful Servant 

Elaine Andrade our current part-time bookkeeper who previously was also our fulltime office manager and secretary, will retire at the end of June after a total of over 10 years of employment with our parish. She has been a most conscientious and dedicated staff member to our parish and will be greatly missed. It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge her time with us. We extend prayers for a retirement filled with good health and relaxation.

A Tearful Goodbye 

It has been over 10 years since I first stepped into the doors of the Annunciation Parish. My career was challenging and rewarding. I did my best and I hope it reflected on your impressions when contacting the office. I am going to miss you all as I move on to retirement. Thank you for your kind patience and I wish you all the very best and good health. Elaine 

Apostles Lent 

Our Orthodox Church honors the 12 Apostles highly in June of each year and calls for a fasting period before their feast day on June 30. Each year the length of fast various based on the dates of Easter Cycle through All Saints Day. Thus this year the fast be-gins on Monday June 12 (always on the day after Al Saints Day) and ends on June 29. The fasting pattern is a light fast except for Wednesdays and Fridays which are strict. Let us rejoice in the ministry of these 12 great men who began the spread of Christianity to the far corners of the earth. Let us remember their sacrifice be our own sacrifice and focus on their commitment and devotion to the lord as they did.


Mr. & Mrs. Harry Nicolopoulos for your donation of flowers surrounding our church grounds. Also we thank Lynda Takoudes for the planting of these flowers. As we all enter the church gates and look around, we thank you for your generosity.

To Costa Marses of Royal Poultry for donating the chicken served at the recent IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities) Fund Raiser, benefiting humanitarian relief in the name of Orthodoxy.

We also thank Richard & Maryanne Cragin for their courtesy in not charging the parish for the security alarm monthly fee (Ocean State Electronic Systems Inc).

Fr Andrew’s Schedule 

During the summer Fr Andrew will be taking stretches of time away from the Parish to rest and recuperate from his recent health issue. We all will be praying for him to get better soon and experience the joys of being healthy again.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News 

Financial Report for the period ending 5/31/17
Endowment Fund Portfolio $832,605.24
Endowment Fund Checking Account $8423.28

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M Aram Garabedian, Olga Haveles, Lillian Markarian, M/M Charles Michael, M/M Martin Papazian, M/M Arthur G. Pappas, M/M Christopher Pappas, M/M Ernest Pappas, Georgia Pappas, Andrew Rougas, Mary Samaras, Dr. Beverly Serabian, M/M Kostas Trikoulis, Drs. John & Eleni Zervos.
In memory of Gregory Demetrakas

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: Mary Samaras
In memory of Bessie Tsiaras (mother of Dr. William Tsiaras)

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M Michael Papigiotis, Drs. John & Eleni Zervos
In memory of Jane Promades Tigano

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M Arthur G. Pappas
In memory of Eleftheria Perdikakis

“Sincere thanks from your Endowment Fund Committee for your continued support of our Endowment Fund that will lead our Parish to financial security from generation to generation!” 

Mary Samaras, Secretary, Endowment Fund Committee


Our fund-raising effort continues and we have received to date a total of $172,592.00 in pledges. This is an increase of $11,700.00 since our last month’s edition of the Annunciator. A total of $114,192.00 has been paid and deposited. 

Since last month the following parishioners have submitted a pledge: Ilias & Katherine Antonakos, Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Chihlas, Mrs. Anna Gountra, Mrs. Dorothy Pliakas, Mr. Robert Tessier. Thank you all for your generous pledges. 

If you have not yet submitted your two-year pledge, please do so. We have a lot of work to complete in the coming months. -Submitted by James Silva 

In Honor Of Our Graduates 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our 2017 graduates. They have accom-plished a great deal in completing an important segment of their education. We pray that the Lord our God continues to bless their future, with much happiness and greater achievements. These graduates will be honored June 18th at our spe-cial “Graduates Coffee Hour” sponsored by Yal.

Student School Graduating From Future Plan 

Angelica Provost Bay View/Honor Society, RI Honor, Bryant Unv. Accounting Maria Rengigas Johnston High School CCRI, Event/Talent Mgt. / Dance Career Sofia Rengigas Johnston High School RI College, Criminal Justice/Psychology Anastasia Vourvachakis W. Warwick High School RI College/Nursing
Dimitri Vourvachakis W. Warwick High School URI/Mechanical Engineering William Janikies Jr. Rocky Hill Babson College

College & Universities: 

Alexandra Reall URI /Bachelor of Science in Nursing RI Hospital /Oncology Registered Nurse
Elizabeth Grammas URI / Bachelors of Science in BA, Ernest & Young Financial Major in Accounting Service Office
Sia Grammas RI College / Bachelor of Arts Early Childhood & Elementary Education, Special Education Cum Laude N. Smithfield / Sub-Teacher
Adriana Mitrelis URI/Bachelors’ Degree/Public Relations Global Leadership/Management Development/St. Thomas
Katherine Otto NY University of Medicine Bellevue Hospital/Internal Medicine Vasiliki Panteleakis URI/Bachelor of Arts/Communication Working In Boston & Writing, Magna Cum Laude
Andriana Vanikiotis RI College / Health & Physical Education Teaching

Graduate School: 

Arianna Zervos Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Masters Employment & of Science in Corporate & Organizational Comm. Staffing Spec. at the with Human Resources Management Executive Office of Health & Human Ser. Boston, MA


The words valuable, outstanding, loyal, sincere, untiring, unself-ish, trustworthy, all describe a volunteer like yourself. You put aside time on your schedule, step forward and made a difference. The gift of time is priceless. We Thank You for your hard work. Also we thank all that attended, for another successful 

FOOD FAIR 2017. 


This Year September 8, 9 & 10 

Hands once again will be needed, baking season will be starting and we look forward to seeing you once again. We welcome new faces anytime family & friends come learn a new recipe.

Baking Dates Are: Mon. June 19, Baklava
Wed. June 21, Baklava, Kataifi
Mon. June 26, Spanakopita, Tyropita
Tues. June 27, Spanakopita
Sat. Aug. 19, Diples 9:AM
Tues. Aug. 22, Koulourakia
Wed. Aug. 23, Koulourakia
Tues. Aug. 29, Kourambiedes
Wed. Aug 30, Melomakarona/Pack Kourambiedes

Tues. Sept. 5, Honey Diples/Melomakarona 9:AM
Wed. Sept 6, Pack Pastry 6:PM

Galaktoboureko-Days of the Festival-Times to be announced 




Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2017

Dr. & Mrs. James Andriotis, M/M Ilias Antonakos, M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Nektari-os Arsenis, M/M Zisis Arsoniadis, M/M Thomas Bovis, M/M Peter Bradshaw, Angelo Frank, M/M Gregory Demetrakas, George Hantzakos, M/M Nicholas Hantzakos, M/M Theodore Kacharo, M/M Richard Kidd, William Kitsilis, Peter Manis, M/M Kyriakos Marantidis, Maria Markos, Stavroula Marsis, Dina Mihos, Christopher Mitrelis, M/M John Mitrelis, M/M Christopher Pappas, M/M Paul Pliakas, Frederick Promades, John Psikakos, Angela Provost, Virginia Strekouras, M/M Sean Todd, Dean Trigg, M/M Kostas Trikoulis, M/M Dimitrios Tsimikas, M/M Dimitrios Tsoukatos, Mr. & Dr. Leonard Wood, M/M James Xiarhos, M/M Vasilios Zafiriades.

Remember the Wise Words of the Scriptures 

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness! – Lamentations 3:22-23

Stewardship Offering Plans 

In paying their stewardship, we have a number of parishioners who have their checks sent to us monthly from their accounts automatically. Others can do likewise. Just contact your bank and have them directly withdraw payments from your account and sent to us directly.

We also remind everyone of the “Monthly Payment Booklet” that contains a return slip to submit a payment each month for your pledge, similar to all your monthly commitments for your home. You can stop by the office to obtain one or we can mail it out to you.

10 year Review 

On Page 18 is a report on our Stewardship Program. We thank all of our consistent and yearly donors. For those who have not been consistent, we seek your renewed participation and of course welcome that of people who have never pledged.

Liturgical Donors Sought
Donors are needed for the following
~Complete set of Altar Table and Podium coverings—$1,666.10
~Two table candle stands (approximately $400.00)
Case of Communion Wine— $149.00
Please contact the parish office if you are willing to sponsor these expenditures.

July Festivals 

St. John the Baptist Romanian Orthodox Church
501 East School St., Woonsocket, RI
Saturday, July 22, 4—11 pm.
Sunday, July 23, 12:30—7 pm.
St. Spyridon—Hellenic Feast—Newport, RI
Friday, July 28, 4 pm.—midnight
Saturday, July 29, Noon—1 am.
Sunday, July 30, Noon—6 pm.

Save the Date!!! 

Annunciation Golf Tournament—Sunday, August 27
Philoptochos Food Fair & Christmas Bazar—November 4 & 5

Employment Sought 

Daniel Beaudoin who married into the Poulos/Theroux family, is in need of steady employment (raising 2 children). He is a pipe fitter / welder, but is open to anything that is stable. Call him directly at 401-203-587.

Recent Deaths 

Jane Tigano age 55, of Pawtucket, RI passed away on 5/3/17. Her funeral was on May 9. Despina Izzo age 44, of Cranston, RI passed away on 5/7/17, her funeral was held on 5/12/17. Nicholas Janikies age 84, of Jamestown, RI passed away on 5/15/17. His funeral was held on 5/19/17. Aspasia Vafiadis age 83, of Cranston, RI passed away on 5/21/17. Her funeral was held on 5/25/17. Also, the sister of our parishioner James Vose and two brothers of Maria Zaharakos recently passed on.

When in Need for Koliva 

Requests for making koliva by those unable to do so for themselves for Memorials can contact our parishioner Fadia Sarkis at 944-4063.


Earlier Hours on Sunday July 2nd
We will begin Liturgy at 9:15am Instead of 9:30am.


GRADUATES (PLAQUES): Gianna Degaitas, Christopher Lambros, Stella Loizos, Angela Marses, Evgenia Meltsakos

HIGHEST HONORS: Savvina Arsenis, Gianna Degaitas, Christopher Lam-bros, Calista Leroux, Stella Loezos, Angela Marses, Evgenia Meltsakos, Alex-ander Vanikiotis, Christopher Vanikiotis, Yiannis Tapinos, Mary Tapinos, Va-siliki Marantides.

HIGH HONORS: Christodoulos Andriotis, Ilianna Arsenis, Haralambos Ar-senis, Theofanis Arsenis, Lauren Bousquet, Aikaterine Chrysanthopoulou, So-phia DeRhodes, Vasilios, Eliopoulos, Yiannis Fotopoulos, Arianna Fotopou-los, Fotis Fotopoulos, Elisabeth Halkidis, Ana Hantjopoulos, Zoe Hantjopou-los, Nicholas Kotsiris, Lucas Leroux, Thea Marses, Sophia Nichols, Christian Santos, Gabriella Santos, Steven Sterpis, Owen Sterpis, Andrew Taxiarhos, Elias Tsimikas, Simon Tsimikas, Liza Triantafyllou.

HONORS: Harrison Barakos, Michael Baziotis, Jason Cabral, Maggie Despines, Efthimia Eliopoulos, Dionisios Limberatos, Zoe Plaisted, Sophia Sarkis, Laila Sarkis, Elliana Titelis.

HONORABLE MENTION: Virginia Barakos, Gus Despines, James Rawlinson.


Ahepa: Angela Marses, Evgenia Meltsakos
Paideia/Hellenic Cultural Society: Christopher Lambros
Good Samaritan Philoptochos Society: Gianna Degaitas
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church: Stella Loezos
Volunteers: Niki Malatos Bousquet, Dimitri Petrou


Although the summer months are upon us, the work of Philoptochos contin-ues each and every day. We are looking ahead to our Annual Greek Food Fair and Christmas Bazaar which has been set for November 4-5 this year. Soon, our Bazaar Committee will be meeting, and we will announce some very new and interesting ideas. Mark your calendars, and please come and support Philoptochos.

NEW ENGLAND CLAM BAKE: Thank you to Marianne Phelan and her committee for a most enjoyable evening ending our Philoptochos year. The New England Clam Bake was a very popular end-of-year idea. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere festive….and a great evening was enjoyed by all!! Ke tou chronou!

NATIONAL PHILOPTOCHOS CHILDREN’S MEDICAL FUND LUNCHEON: We look ahead to events being planned, and the next National Philoptochos Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon will be hosted by the Metropolis of New Jersey at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey on Saturday, November 11th, 2017. More information will be announced as we receive it from National Philoptochos.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: On Tuesday, June 20, we will travel to Yonkers, New York, to deliver Prayer Shawls to the residents of St. Michael’s Home. We have made enough Shawls to now fulfill our commitment to St. Michael’s. Thank you to those dedicated women who have crocheted Shawls and/or Baby Blankets these past few months: Anna Demetrakas, Lynda Poulos Theroux, Bessie Papigiotis, Koula Rougas, Carole Xanthakis, Maria Zaharakos, Josie Aliferakis, Rosie Demetriou, and Diane Di-Carlo. We invite anyone with a desire to help us in this ministry to contact

Anna Demetrakas, 946-0550.

Recently, our Philoptochos Chapter held elections for a new Philoptochos Board for the years 2017-2019. Upon ratification of our Elections from National Philoptochos, the new Board and Officers will take over the leadership of our Chapter.

For the past 4 years, Georgia Pappas has lead our Chapter as President, with a deep commitment, compassion, zeal, and love for the principles and ideals of Philoptochos. As Georgia ends her term of office, we express our gratitude and thank you to her for her service to Philoptochos.

We thank you all for your support of Philoptochos throughout the year. We wish for all a happy, safe, enjoyable summer.

Happy Summer!! — Kalo Kalokeri!!


Sunday Church School

Perfect & Best Attendance Awards

Perfect Attendance: Alexandros Arsenis, Vasiliki Marantidis, So-phia Nichols, Lucas Leroux, Leila Sarkis, Sophia DeRhodes, Cal-ista Leroux, Eleni Mihailides, Alexandra Nichols.

Best Attendance: Konstantinos Marantidis, Kosta Rougas, Geor-gia Kotsiris, John Rawlinson, Theofanis Arsenis, Ilianna Arsenis, Arianna Fotopoulos, Zoe Hatjopoulos, Ana Hatjopoulos, Nicholas Mihailides, Savvina Arsenis, Michael Baziotis, Damian Sarkis, Na-than Sarkis, Alexander Vanikiotis, Christopher Vanikiotis, Elisa-beth Halkidis, Sophia Sarkis.


For children entering Kindergarten—thru 6th graders
Monday July 31—Friday August 4 == 9:30am—2:30pm
Learn about Orthodox Faith with Orthodox friends
Crafts, Music, Lessons, Worship, Activities, Snacks, Games, Daily Assemblies
Beth Nichols will serve as coordinator, if you would like to assist please contact her 401-383-6708

Register Your Child or Children Now!! 

Children Learn What They Live 

*If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
*If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
*If children live with ridicule, they learn to be withdrawn.
*If children live with shame, they learn to feel inferior.
*If children live with tolerance, they learn to be patient.
*If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
*If children live with approval, they learn self-esteem.
*If children live with praise, they learn to appreciate.
*If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
*If children live with security, they learn to have trust.
*If children live with acceptance and friendship, they learn to seek and find love in the world.
*If children live in a Christian environment, they will learn to love God.


2007 $246,408.50 526 Units
2008 $252,519.50 564 Units
2009 $252,312.92 541 Units
2010 $255,490.50 526 Units
2011 $241,891.50 496 Units
2012 $236,572.68 495 Units
2013 $236,512.32 481 Units
2014 $253,225.00 499 Units
2015 $239,347.00 461 Units
2016 $234,336.00 467 Units

Mid June—Mid August 2017 

Divine Services (year round) Orthros (morning prayer) 8:15 am / Liturgy 9:30 am 

Tue June 13- Church School Teachers Staff – 7PM
Thu June 15- Sr Citizens – 12Noon / Revitalization Discussion- 7:30PM
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun June 18— Sun of 2nd Matthew / Hypatios & Theodoulos / Leontios of Argos FATHER’S DAY / Graduates Sunday & Scholarship Awards
Mon June 19- Festival Baking Begins- Baklava – 6PM
Tues June 20- Parish Council – 7:30PM
Wed June 21- Baklava—6PM / Yal Vino & Paint Night- 7PM +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun June 25— Sun of 3rd Matthew / Righteous Fevronia / Orentios & 6 Brothers MEMORIAL: Aspacia Vafiades– 40 days / Drs Peter & Dorothy Erinakes
George Kollitides—1 yr
Mon June 26- Spanakopita/Tyropita- 6PM
Tue June 27- Spanakopita- 6PM / Ahepa- 7PM
Thu June 29- Sts Peter & Paul – Services per usual morning hours +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun July 2— Sun of 4th Matthew / Placing of Robe of Theotokos at Vlachernae
Sat July 8- St Spyridon Film Festival – Newport – 9:30am +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun July 9— Sun of 5th Matthew / Hieromartyr Pankratios / Dionysios the Orator +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun July 16- Sun of 6th Matt / Hieromartyr Athenogenes / Martyr Phaustos MEMORIAL- Artemis Frangos – 1 yr.
Thu July 20- Prophet Elias – Services per usual morning hours +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun July 23- Sun of 7th Matt / Hieromartyr Phokas
Fri July 28- St Irene Chrysovalantou— Services per usual morning hours +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun July 30- Sun of 8th Matt / Apostles Silas & Silvanus
Tues Aug 1- Dormition Lent Begins – Paraklesis Service – 6PM
Wed Aug 2- Paraklesis Service– 6PM
Fri Aug 4- Paraklesis Service– 6PM
Sat Aug 5– Vespers (Eve of Transfiguration) – 6PM with Blessing of Grapes +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sun Aug 6– TRANSFIGURATION OF CHRIST—Blessing of Grapes
Mon Aug 7– Paraklesis– 6PM / Wed Aug 9- Paraklesis– 6PM / Fri Aug 11- Paraklesis– 6PM
Sun Aug 13– Sun of 10th Matthew—Transferal of the Relics of St Maximos
Mon Aug 14- Vespers (Eve of Dormition) – Assumption Parish (Pawtucket)
Tue Aug 15–Dormition of the Theotokos– Services per usual morning hours 

Prayer of the Optina Elders 

O Lord, grant unto me that with Thy peace I may greet all that this day is to bring. Grant unto me grace to surrender myself completely to Thy holy will. In eve-ry hour of this day instruct and guide me in all things. Whatever tidings I may receive during this day, do Thou teach me to accept tranquilly in the firm belief that Thy holy will governs all. Govern Thou my thoughts and feelings in all I do and say. When un-foreseen things occur, let me not forget that all is sent by Thee. Teach me to behave sincerely and reasonably toward everyone, that I may bring confusion and sorrow to no one. Bestow on me, O Lord, strength to endure the fatigue of the day and to bear my part in its events. Guide Thou my will and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to suffer, to forgive and to love. Amen.

May 2017

The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ 

On the 39th day after Pascha we celebrate the Leavetaking of the Feast of Feasts, commemorating the last day of the risen Christ’s earthly soujourn. The following day is celebrated as His Leavetaking, His Glorious Ascension into Heaven, on the 40th day after Pascha. As Holy Scripture tells us, ‘after Jesus had spoken with His disciples on the Mount of Olives concerning the coming of the Holy Spirit, as they were looking on. He was lifted up, and a cloud took Him out of their sight. And while they were gazing into heaven as He went, behold, two men stood by them in white robes, and said, ‘Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, Who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw Him go into heaven.’ Then they returned to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is near Jerusalem, a sabbath’s day journey away” (Acts 1: 9-12).

The Lord Ascended to Heaven not to sadden us with His departure, but in order to do what was best for us. “It is to your advantage that I go away, He had told His disci-ples. For if I do not go away, the Comforter, will not come to you” (John 16:7). “I will pray to the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, to be with you for ever, even the Spirit of truth…The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My Name. He will teach you all things” (John 14:16,26). The Savior saw that His mis-sion on earth was accomplished. The goal of His Incarnation was to proclaim the Di-vine Truth to the world, to direct men onto the path of repentance and salvation, and deliver us from Eternal Death. The Lord accomplished our salvation and man acquires it through the action of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord knew the trials and tribulations that would be endured by His disciples, mocking, scourging, imprisonment, and even death. And thus the Lord ascended to His Heavenly Father that the Spirit might descend from the Father as the Comforter, and fortify His Friends. The Lord ascended to Heaven in order to prepare for us too, the path to the Heavenly Mansions, to open the Gates of Paradise, and Himself to be our Guide. Heaven that had been closed to men before the Resurrection now at the Ascension was opened by Christ the Savior. None of the righteous men of the Old Tes-tament, the Patriarchs, the Prophets, and the men pleasing to God, could enter Heaven. “No one has ascended into heaven but He Who descended from Heaven, the Son of man” (John 3:13), the Lord had said.

Our first parent, Adam, closed the Gates of Paradise, and an angel with a flaming sword was placed at the gates (as commemorated on Forgiveness Sunday, the day prior to the first day of Great and Holy Lent). But the New Adam, Our Lord Jesus Christ, through His Ascension, opened the way to Life and Heaven itself. He was followed by the souls of the holy Fathers, Prophets, and hosts of righteous people of the Old Testament. All worthy Christians who follow in the footsteps of their Savior enter Heaven in this way today and so they will in the future.

The Lord ascended to intercede for us with His Heavenly Father. Towards the end of His earthly mission He said: “I go to prepare a place for you. And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also” (John 14:2-3). This same thought was also expressed by the great Preacher of Christ’s teaching, St. Paul, in the Epistle to the Hebrews: “Christ has entered, not into a sanctuary made with hands, a copy of the true one, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God on our be-half” (Heb 9:24). Theses words fill us with hope, for we now have in Heaven a great Mediator and Advocate for the world with God, Christ Our Lord.

Our Lord ascended in a cloud on high, symbolizing the rising smoke of an acceptable sacri-fice. Thus the sacrifice was accepted by God and Christ the Lamb that was slain is ushered into the preserve of God where He will be eternally offered in the Holy Eucharist. Therefore, we must be worthy of the great mercies of God, capable and ready to receive them. “All the power, all the fruit of His divine Ascension, therefore, belong to us, for when He ascended on High, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts to men” (Eph 4:8). This is why the Church re-peatedly proclaims, “Clap your hands, all you nations, for Christ ascended up to the place where He was from before” (from the Vespers of the Feast).

Troparion of the Feast (Tone 4) 

O Christ God, Thou hast ascended in Glory, granting joy to Thy disciples by the promise of the Holy Spirit. Through the blessing they were assured that Thou art the son of God, the Redeem-er of the world!

Kontakion of the Feast (Tone 6) 

When Thou didst fulfill the dispensation for our sake, and unite earth to heaven: Thou didst ascend in glory, O Christ our God, not being parted from those who love Thee, but remaining with them and crying: I am with you and no one will be against you!

+Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M.D., D. Div.

We have to date 289 parishioners with a pledge of $155,027.00 as of April 30.
The Actual Amount Received as of April 30, is $119,111.98 

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2017: Chrisoula Arsoniadis, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Barth, Christine Chifotides, M/M George Cicma, Priscilla Delis, Nicholas DiMaio & Julie Ly, M/M Spiros Fotopoulos, Argiri Ghionis, M/M Gerasimos Liberatos, M/M George Grammas, M/M Brian Leroux, M/M Christo Pakuris, Theodore Panagiotis, Evridiki Papaioannou, M/M Anthony Piscopio, M/M David Rawlinson, Dr. & Mrs. Savvas Rougas, M/M Nikolaos Sifakis, M/M Ray-mond Sinapi, Christopher Topouzis, Christos Vasiliadis, M/M Frank Vasiliadis, Carole Xanthakis, M/M Christos Xenophontos

Remember the wise words of the Scriptures 

As it is written, “He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures for ever.” He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your resources and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way for great generosity, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God; for the rendering of this service not only supplies the wants of the saints but also overflows in many thanksgivings to God. (2 Corinthians 9: 8-12)

Corporate Pledge 

The Annunciation Church would like to say Thank you to George Coclin, of Coclin Associates for their yearly pledge. 

Liturgical Donation 

Estelle & Wilfred Demars recently donated 2 Liturgical Book Covers in memory of her sister Harriet Butler


Our fund-raising effort continues and we have received to date a total of $160,892.00 in pledges. This is an increase of $21,150.00 since our last month’s edition of the Annunciator. A total of $107,017.00 has been paid and deposited. 

Since last month the following parishioners have submitted a pledge: Arthur & Dorothea Kazianis, Christo & Sophie Pakuris, Dr. & Mrs. Savvas Rougas, Golfo Tzilos and Frank, Angela & Christos Vasiliadis. Thank you all for your generous pledges. 

If you have not yet submitted your 2 year pledge, please do so. We have a lot of work to complete in the coming months. 

Submitted by James Silva

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News

Financial Report for the period ending 4/30/17
Endowment Fund Portfolio: $825,493.16
Endowment Fund Checking Account: $6,213.20

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: Mary Samaras In memory of Bessie Tsiaras 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M Michael Haralambides In memory of Angela Promades 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M Michael Haralambides In memory of Maryanna Floskis 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M Emmanuel Mihailides In memory of Eleftheria Perdikakis 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: M/M John Vanikiotis, Sue Cimino, James Cimino & Antonia Vanikiotis In memory of Charles Gionis 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by: Armenian Relief Society, Aurora Civic Association, Antranig Avakian, M/M Peter Babigian, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Baziotis, Sue Cimino, M/M Thomas Coyne, Dr. & Mrs. Cosmo Haralambidis & Family, M/M Michael Haralambides, Demetrios Haseotes, M/M Michael Haveles, Ann Heberg, M/M Harry Joannidi, Julie Karahalios, M/M Anthony Mardo, M/M Frank Masiello, Stephen & Dorothy Masoian, M/M John Massenzio, M/M Robert Messerlian, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, M/M George Mihai-lides, M/M George Moorachian, Beverly Mourachian, M/M Leon Nahigian, M/M Har-ry Nicolopoulos, M/M Michael Papigiotis, M/M Kevin Phelan, Philoptochos Society, Ralph & Barbara Petrarca, M/M Polydoros Petrou, Dorothy Pliakas, M/M Constan-tine Rougas, M/M Peter Vassilopoulos, Carole Xanthakis, S . & J. Zaroogian, In memory of Gregory Demetrakas


Recent Deaths 

Gregory G. Demetrakas age 84, of Cranston, RI passed away on 4/9/17, his funeral was held on 4/19/17. Former parishioners: Dr. Dorothy Erinakes, age 97 of San Luis Obispo, CA passed on 3/20/17 with funeral in CA and burial here in RI set for May 20, Marcia Margolis of New London, CT on 2/21/17. Also: the brother of our parishioner Lefki Stephanopoulos in Greece, Fotis Vavoulis, the brother of our office bookkeeper Elaine Andrade passed away Raymond Brien age 66, of Norwalk, CT, on 4/11/17, his funeral was held on 4/22/17, the sister of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, Fotini Tournas of Chestnut Hill, MA on 4/12/17 with funeral on 4/18/17 and the father of our parishioner Barbara Goldis, William Grimshaw at age 103 passed on 4/12/17 with wake and funeral on 4/22/17.

The Financial Corner 

We can now compare the actual revenues and expenses for the 1st Quarter of 2017 (January thru April), with the 1st quarter last year. This comparison will allow us to see how we are doing in relation to last year. As you can see on the revenue side we are $8,222.23 ahead of last year.

INCOME 2017 2016
Stewardship $118,491.98 $107,222.74
Total Envelopes $ 4,330.00 $ 3,475.00
Total Collections $ 13,669.00 $ 13,263.00
Special Function Income $ 6,360.00 $ 5,927.00
Special Contributions $ 8,328.84 $ 10,487.31
Sundry Receipts $ 3,528.47 $ 2,601.90
Parish Center Income $ 9,560.89 $ 12,710.00
Total Revenues $164,269.18 $156,046.95

On the expense side you can see below that expenses were very similar for both 2017 and 2016 during the 1st quarter.

EXPENSES 2017 2016
Pastoral Expenses (two priest). $ 38,788.68 $ 38,269.95
Administrative Expenses $ 24,075.99 $ 23,925.86
Building & Grounds $ 14,309.56 $ 13,337.77
Miscellaneous Expenses $ 15,087.37 $ 16,393.91
Social Function Expenses $ 4,105.76 $ 3,203.62
World Mission Ministries $ 14,450.00 $ 13,324.89
Music & Worship Ministry $ 5,651.02 $ 8,150.10
Education Ministry $ 10,019.10 $ 9,644.25
Utilities $ 11,322.97 $ 10,811.61
Parish Center $ 592.00 $ 2,017.98
Youth Ministry $ 3,575.05 $ 1,489.59
Hall Rental $ 290.75 $ 231.30
Total Expenses $ 142,268.25 $ 140,800.83

If anyone has any specific questions they can submit those questions to my attention at the church office.

Cordially Submitted by—James Silva

Spring Bible Study Series “Tongues of Fire—The Gift of the Counselor” 

A 3 week study will focus on Bible passages concerning Pentecost—Thursday, May 25, June 1 and June 8, from 7:30-9PM.The series will be conducted by our parishioner, Holy Cross Graduate, Emile Sarkis.

Metropolis Award 

The parish council has selected Eleni Trikoulis to be this years recipient from our parish of the Metropolis of Boston Award for service to the local parish in recognition of her dedicated service as an assisting teacher in our Greek language school and her long time volunteering in so many areas of parish life, over the years. The Awards Banquet will be held on Sunday June 11th at Lombardo’s in Randolph, MA and is open to the public. Reception at 5:30PM and dinner at 6:30PM. Donation is $75.00 payable to the “Annunciation Church”, memo line “Metropolis Awards Dinner.” Submit your check to the parish office before June 1st to reserve your seat.

Recent IOCC Fund Raiser 

Thank you to one and all who supported the April 22 special fund raising dinner buffet for the benefit of International Orthodox Christian Charities. The 2 guest speakers were most inspiring concerning the philanthropic accomplishments of this important ministry in the name of Christ through Orthodoxy and the food was delicious. To date the funds collected have totaled at $2,880.00

This Year’s Graduates—in Next Annunciator 

Please submit the names of parishioner graduates from high school, college, university, vocational schools and graduate degree programs to the parish office by May 20 so that we may list them in the June issue of the Annunciator, sharing in the joy and success of each household with a graduate. Be sure to state name of school, degree received and future plans. These can be e-mailed to the parish office at <office> or sent in by regular mail “Attention Newsletter”. Mark your calendar as well for our annual Graduates Sunday Coffee Hour set for Sunday June 18, 2017.


SAVE THE DATE—Golf Tournament
Our golf tournament this year will be held on Sunday August 27 at the Metacomet Country Club in East Providence.

Donations for Holy Week in Memory of: 

Josie Aliferakis in Memory of husband, William Aliferakis. M/M Wilfred Demars in Memory of parents, Ernest & Catherine Panagiotopoulos, Harriet Butler & Mark Davis. Anna Demetrakas in Memory of husband, Gregory Demetrakas. Sylvia Ghionis in Memory of husband, Peter Ghionis. James & Susanna Manis in Memory of George & Helen Manis, Elias Bassakyros & Trigona Liakos Zoe Mitrelis in Memory of husband, Solon Mitrelis. In Memory of Stella & Bill Pappas, from their grandchildren. Thomai Petropoulos in Memory of husband, Arthur Petropoulos. Vikki Poulos in Memory of parents William & Bessie Poulos, godparent’s M/M Spiro Margolis. George Stamatakos & M/M James Poulos. Diana Psilopoulos in Memory of husband, Dennis Harry. Jim & Kate Silva in Memory of M/M Manuel Silva & M/M Andrew Tsomi. Theodore Vaphiades in Memory of Basil Vaphiades. 

Holy Week Liturgical Donations also made by, Haralambos Dafoulas, Jean Daras, Fr. Andrew G. George, M/M Arthur Kazianis, Dr. & Mrs. James Pascalides, M/M Dennis Sampalis, M/M Dean Vose, James Vose.

Ahepa Scholarship 

The Sophocles Chapter 106 Scholarship is for a child or grandchild of an Ahepa mem-ber in good standing, with at least 1 semester of college. To fill out an application please call: Lakis Andriotis @401-451-1046 or Arthur Pappas @ 401-595-5881

Hellenic Woman’s Club, Inc. 

The Hellenic Woman’s Club is pleased to announce a scholarship program for deserving young women who have demonstrated community service, leadership and academic achievement. Each Award will be $5000.00 

For more information, including application materials please visit the website

Deadline for 2017-2018 academic year is June 15, 2017.

2017-2018 John C. Kulis Charitable Foundation Scholarship Programs 

The (“Kulis Foundation”),is excited to announce the availability of scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year. Last year the Kulis Foundation provided over $400,000 in scholarship funds to students. The Kulis Foundation is a 501© (3) non-profit foundation organized, in part, to support educational scholarships for members of the Eastern Orthodox faith and the Hellenic community. Please visit our website., to view the eligibility require-ments of our scholarship programs and to download the application.

Epitafios Donations 

Josephine Aliferakis, Elaine Allendorf, M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, Chrisou-la Arsoniades, M/M Savvas Arsoniadis, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Barth, Theodora Bovis-Koch & Thom-as Bovis (in memory Hercules & Mary Bovis), M/M Michael Campopiano (in memory of Pres. Maria George), Rebecca Cardillo, Sue Cimino, Demetra Coclin, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M Con-stantinos Dafoulas, Haralambos Dafoulas, M/M Gaby Daiaa, M/M James Demetriou, M/M Douglas DeRhodes, Nicholas DiMaio & Julie Ly, M/M Robert Ferland, M/M George Filip-pou, M/M Hercules Fircanis, M/M Thomas Frank, M/M Antonis Gavrielides (in memory of Charalambos Gavrielides), Constance Georgeadys, Argiri Ghionis, M/M Constantine Grammas, M/M George C. Grammas, Helen Hamilton, M/M David Hansen, M/M Nicholas Hantzakos, M/M Elias Haralambides, M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M Vasilios Harritos, M/M John Hat-jopoulos, Christopher Heberg, M/M Nicholas Janikies, Julie Karahalios, M/M Arthur Kazianis, M/M Vasilios Kotsiris, James Kripotos, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, Catherine Louth, Jason Maintanis, M/M Vasilios Malatos, Cecilia Maliangos, Dr. & Mrs. James Manis, Peter Manis, Elizabeth Marses, Marianthi Mastriano, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, M/M George Mihailides, M/M George Mihailides, Jr. (in memory of Angela Promades), Jean Mihelakos, M/M Andrew Mitrelis, M/M Theodore Moran, Anne Morrell, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrissey, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Ernest Pappas, M/M James Pappas, M/M John Paraskevakos, M/M Constantine Perdikakis, Mary Pereira, M/M Pol-ydoros Petrou, M/M Kevin Phelan, Sheila Pliakas, M/M George Promades, Angela Provost, Sr. Helen Provost, M/M Gus Proyous, John Quinn, Dena Reall, M/M Nickiforos Revis, James Rosa-ki, M/M Steven Rothemich, M/M Nicholas Sarkis, Christopher Sheehan, M/M James Silva, M/M Peter Simone (in memory of Anthony, Helen & George Psilopoulos) M/M Michael Sotirakos, M/M Leon Stamatakos (in memory of George & Ifegenia Stamatakos), M/M Panag-iotis Stasinopoulo (in memory of Georgia Woods), Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, Virginia Strekouras, M/M Edward Tarbox, M/M Georgios Theodosiou, M/M Stylianos Triantafyllou, M/M Angelos Trombettas, Dr. & Mrs. William Tsiaras, M/M Hrisostomos Tsioplakis, M/M Aris-totelis Tsonis, Sophia Tzanetos, Dr. Golfo Tzilos, Antonia Vanikiotis (in memory of George Vanikiotis), M/M Frank Vasiliadis, Carole Xanthakis, Katherine Xiarhos, Zambeta Xiarhos, M/M Charles Xynellis, Leon Zachos, Maria Zaharakos, M/M Nondas Zarokostas. Total of $4467.00 

“We sincerely Thank You for your Continued Support—God Bless” 

“When You, descended to death, O Immortal Life, then did you slay Hades through the dazzling brightness of Your Godhead; and when You did raise up the dead from the Abyss, all the powers of Heaven cried aloud: Christ our God, Giver of Life, glory to Thee.”  

“The Angel stood by the tomb and cried to the Myrrh-bearing women: Myrrh is fitting for the dead, but Christ has shown Himself free from corruption.“ 

Easter Offerings 

Josephine Aliferakis, M/M Christodoulos Andriotis, Dr. & Mrs. James Andriotis, M/M Dio-nysius Argeris, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, Chrisoula Arsoniadis, M/M Peter Baziotis, Nicholas Bouris, Rebecca Cardillo, Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Carr, Sue Cimino, Andrew Coclin, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M Constantinos Dafoulas, M/M Gaby Daiaa, M/M James Demetri-ou, M/M James Degaitas, Viola Degaitas, M/M Wilfred Demars, M/M Douglas DeRhodes, M/M Robert Devlin, Drs. Nicholas & Sadie Elisseou, Susan Erinakes, M/M Thomas Frank, Constance Georgeadys, Argiri Ghionis, Panayota Gionis, M/M Constantine Grammas, M/M George C. Grammas, M/M Nicholas Hantzakos, M/M Elias Haralambides & Family, M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M Hatjopoulos, M/M Nicholas Janikies, Julie Karahalios, Zoe Kazianis, M/M Vasilios Kotsiris, James Kripotos, M/M Spiro Kyriakakis, Niki Kyrou, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, Peter Manis, M/M Kyriakos Marantidis, M/M Theofanis Markos, Elizabeth Marses, Marianthi Mastriano, M/M Emmanuel Mihai-lides, M/M Andrew Mitrelis, Cynthia Muccino, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Christo Pakuris, M/M Ernest Pappas, M/M James Pappas, Mary Pereira, M/M Demetrios Petrou, M/M Polydoros Petrou, M/M Kevin Phelan, Angela Provost, John Quinn, Mary Quinn, M/M Stamatios Revis, M/M Steven Rothemich, Panayiota Saviou, M/M Richard Scott, Christopher Sheehan, Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, Virginia Strekouras, Evanthia Theodoridis, M/M Stylianos Triantafyllou, M/M George Trikoulis, M/M Angelos Trombettas (in memory of Presv. Maria George, Anthony & Eleni Voul-garakis) M/M George Tsimikas, M/M Hrisostomos Tsioplakis, M/M Aristotelis, Tsonis, So-phia Tzanetos, Antonia Vanikiotis, M/M John Vanikiotis, M/M Theodore Vaphiades, M/M Frank Vasiliadis, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vezeridis, Katherine Xiarhos, Maria Zaharakos, M/M Frank Zavota, Drs. John & Eleni Pappas-Zervos. “We Thank You for Your Generosity” Total of $3,535.00 

“Let us in the deep dawn arise, and instead of myrrh, offer a hymn to the Master, and we shall see Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, who causes life to dawn for all.” 

You did descend, O Christ, into the nethermost parts of the earth and did shat-ter the bars, which held fast those who were fettered; and on the third day, like Jonah from the whale, You did rise from the tomb.” 

Special Sponsorships in the Annunciator 

Over the years we have had requests from families to have a Memorial page in the Annunciator for a deceased loved one or in honor of a special occurrence of a family member. Please call the office (401-942-4188) for the month you would like to request. We will help you design the page.

Back in April 

On the April 1st weekend, our teen youth held their annual Lenten Lock-In which in-cluded an outing to “5Wits” up at Patriot’s Place for some fun fellowship. Their dis-cussion session focused on the theme of “God & You: An Individuals Relationship with God.” Then on April 22 a number of our teens attended a dance hosted by St Catherine’s Parish Braintree, MA which had some 150 teens in attendance from vari-ous parishes.

Coming Up Ahead 

Preparing for Mother’s Day Fri May 12 from 5-9PM 

We will have dinner together at the church center and also prepare our gift to be given to our Mothers in Church for Mother’s Day—Sun May 14.

Goya Youth Sunday—May 14 

Our teens will serve on “narthex duty” this day and handle the various duties of the of-fering tray and etc.

Colt State Park Outing 

This summer on Saturday June 10th, we will be gathering together at Colt State Park in Bristol RI for a day of food, fun, and family. The rain date for the Colt State Park outing will be Sunday June 11th. More details to follow.

Summer Swimming Party 

A pool party at the Mihailides home in Seekonk is being planned for July. More details to follow.

Baby Sitters Available 

If any family is in need of babysitters we have several Goyans who are able to help during the week and weekend. (Other teens who may not have already expressed interest to be part of this baby sitting pool should sign up with CJ.) Families desiring to use parishioners as baby sitters should contact CJ Mitrelis at (401) 632-8752 to receive this listing of contacts.

District Oratorical Held 

Congratulations to our Goyans who participated in the District Oratorical at Saint. Spyridon’s in New-port. All 4 of our parishioner orators (Jr Division) Katherine Mitrelis, Nathaniel Nichols and (Sr Divi-sion) Alexandra Nichols and Eleni Mihailides, will all be moving on to the next round of the Oratorical at the Metropolis Center in Brookline on Sat, May 13.


End of the Year School Programs 

Sunday Church School—Sunday May 28 / Greek Language School—Sunday June 11

Vacation Church School Program (VCS) 

Mon July 31st week—Watch for details soon!


CHRISTOS ANESTI!!! The Easter preparations are behind us now and we thank all the women who in any way contributed to the many activities and responsibili-ties associated with this time of year……Easter Visitations, Easter Gifts, Prepara-tions for the Red Eggs, decorating the Epitafios, and the Luncheon for our Senior Citizens. Many women helped with these events and we thank you for your time. It has been a very busy Paschal Season and we now turn our focus on our other activities.

PHILOPTOCHOS ELECTIONS: Our Election Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 15th at 7:00 p.m. Please be sure to be up-to-date with your membership and come to this important meeting. If you have any questions regarding your membership, please call Mary Samaras 781-5528. Only those members who have paid their stewardship for this year (and prior years) will be eligible to vote.

END OF THE YEAR EVENT: Our Philoptochos under the direction of Marianne Phelan, are planning a “SUMMER CLAMBAKE” for our members and guests sometime in June. The Clambake will be on a Saturday evening and cooked on site in the New England tradition. The menu although it is still being determined will include 1.25lb Lobsters, Steak Tips and or BBQ Chicken, Claim Chowder, Baked Beans and more. After dinner we will have music for your dancing pleasure. This will be an event that you won’t want to miss. A flyer will be going out soon with the date and more details.

BOOK SIGNING AND LECTURE: Author Anita Baglaneas Devlin, a former native of Pawtucket and daughter of the late Rev. Theodore Baglaneas who was pastor of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church for many years, has come back to Rhode Island to speak on her novel S.O.B.E.R. which tells about her struggles as a mother of a son addicted to opiate pills and her-oin, grappling with the stigma of her son’s addiction, fearing for his life and struggling to un-derstand the disease and her son’s suffering. Please come and listen to her compelling story on Wednesday evening, May 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Cranston. Coffee will be served and there will be a book signing. Admission is free. Bring your relatives, friends and children.

BAZAAR: Over the summer months we will all be working on our upcoming Greek Food Fair and Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 12th. If you have any hidden talents we would love to hear from you. Please call President, Georgia Pappas at 529-6826 with your ideas. We need new faces and new ideas!!!!!!

DONATIONS: National Philoptochos IOCC, $150; St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival, $100; Philoxenia House, $1000;; National Philoptochos Hellenic College Holy Cross, Lenten Obligation from sale of Easter Breads, $400; Hellenic Women’s Under the Tent Luncheon, $100; National Philoptochos 2017 Children’s Medical Luncheon Album, $500; McAuley Cor-poration, $100.

We wish for all a happy, safe, restful summer and look forward to beginning our new year in September. With Sisterly Love,



Dear Parishioners, Christos Anesti! 

We are pleased to inform you of the upcoming regular Parish Assembly. This Assembly will be held at the Mihailides Center on Sunday, June 4, 2017 after coffee hour. We urge all of our parishion-ers to attend for you will have the opportunity to hear the various matters listed below.

As always, only our parishioners, who are in ecclesiastical order, and are financially in good standing with the parish, may vote at this Assembly; your 2016 stewardship pledge must have been paid in full prior to the meeting and a stewardship pledge form for 2017 must have been submitted prior to the assembly.

The Agenda is as follows:

~Parish Assembly Agenda – Sunday June 4, 2017~

1. Opening Prayer
2. Election of Assembly Officers
3. Approval of the Minutes of the last Regular Assembly (November 20, 2016)
4. Presentation of the 2016 Financials—James Silva
Available from May 25th by email from the office or in the Narthex
5. Auditor’s Committee Report- Maria Markos / Maha Mitrelis / Costa Dafoulas
6. Appointment of Board of Elections (for the fall)
7. Report of the Phase II Planning – Nick Tanionos
8. Unfinished Business?
9. Any New Business?
10. Closing Prayer & Adjournment

We look forward to welcoming you at the Parish Assembly on June 4, 2017.

Faithfully yours,
Kevin Phelan Elaine Otto Fr. Andrew G. George
Parish Council President Parish Council Secretary Protopresbyter

May – Mid June 2017 

Divine Services (year round) Orthros (morning prayer) 8:15 am / Liturgy 9:30 am 

Mon May 8– Elementary / Junior dance Troupe—6PM / Yal Meeting– 7:30PM

Wed May 10– OBSERVANCE OF MID-PENTECOST—services per usual morning hours – GUEST SPEAKER– Author Anita Baglaneas Devlin—S.O.B..E.R.—7PM

Sat May 13 – Metropolis Oratorical Festival (Brookline) – 10am

Sun May 14—5th Sun of Pascha / Samaritan Woman / Martyr Isidoros of Chios / Hieromartyr Therapon


Mon May 15– Elementary / Junior Dance Troupe—6PM

– Philoptochos Election Meeting—7PM

Tue May 16- Parish Council Meeting—7:30PM

Thu May 18- Senior Citizens—12 Noon / Sr Dance Troupe—6:30PM

Sat May 20- Church School Outing at the Providence Zoo—10am—2PM

Sun May 21– 6th Sun of Pascha / Blind Man Sunday / Sts Constantine & Helen

MEMORIAL: Gregory G .Demetrakas—40days / Argyro Stratis—40 days

Sunday Church School “Faith Arts Celebration” in coffee hour

Mon May 22– Elementary / Junior Dance Troupe—6PM Dance Troupe

Tue May 23- Ahepa—7PM

Wed May 24- Choir Practice—6:30PM

Thu May 25- ASCENSION DAY—services per usual morning hours 

– Sr Dance Troupe—6:30PM / Bible Study– 7:30PM

Sun May 28– 7th Sun of Pascha/ Fathers of the 1st Council / Eutychios of Melitene / Martyr Helikonis

Church School Recognition Sunday / Children’s BQ following sponsored by Ahepa


Cemetery Prayers: 9:15am-Swan Point / 10am—North Burial (Old Greek Section)

11am—North Burial (New Greek Section)

Thu June 1- Marriage Preparation Seminar (Part 1) – 7PM / Bible Study—7:30PM

Sat June 3— SATURDAY OF SOULS—services per usual morning hours 

– Philoptochos Lobster Clambake Social

Sun June 4– PENTECOST—Sts Mary & Martha / Kneeling Prayers after Liturgy / 

– Parish Spring Assembly following coffee hour

Tue June 6- Appreciation Dinner—6:30PM (Twin Oaks)

Wed June 7– Stewardship Committee—7:30PM

Thu June 8- Marriage preparation Seminar (Part 2) – 7PM / Bible Study-7:30PM

Sat June 10- National Oratorical Festival – Woburn, MA and HCHC, Brookline. MA

– Goya Outing at Colt State Park

New Orthodoxy 101 Series in June 

This 4 week series discussing the basics of Orthodox Christianity will be held on:

Thur June 15, Fri June 16 / Thur June 22, Fri June 23

From 6—7:30PM