July 2016

On Our Cover 

Most of the Gospel readings post Pentecost and throughout the summer are from St Matthew’s Gospel. Let’s us see who this famous man was. 

St. Matthew, one of the twelve Apostles, is the author of the first book of the New Tes-tament. He was a native of Cana in Galilee, the son of Alpheus and was called to be a disciple while sitting in the tax-collector’s place at Capernaum as an employee of the Roman government. He is referred to as “Levi” in Mark’s and Luke’s Gospels. Mat-thew had actually welcomed the Lord into his home in which Jesus had direct conver-sation with him. His apostolic activity was at first restricted to the communities of Pal-estine, then he preached to the Parthians, Medes and the Ethiopians.

Matthew wrote his Gospel to fill a sorely felt need for his fellow countrymen, both be-lievers and unbelievers. Writing for the people of Palestine, he composed his narrative in his native Aramaic, the “Hebrew tongue” but soon thereafter it was translated into Greek in conformity with the original. The Greek text has come down to us, but the Aramaic text has been lost.

It is believed that his Gospel was written between A. D. 42 and 50, or even later. How-ever, since he depicts the Holy City with its altar and temple as still existing, and with-out any reference to the fulfillment of our Lord’s prophecy, it is evident that it was written before the destruction of the city by the Romans in A. D. 70.

His close association with Jesus tends to obscure the man who shed the ignominious role of tax collector, to become the most intellectual of the 12 Apostles chosen by the Lord. The awesome task of carrying the words of Christ to a people oppressed for cen-turies was assumed by St Matthew with a determination that could not be denied.

The closing verse of his Gospel, in which Matthew quotes Jesus is so complete: “Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;
and lo, I am with you always till the end of the age. Amen.” (Matthew 28:20) 

Let us remember to do the 10 minutes per day of Bible reading in our homes.


Our recent Parish Assembly accepted the proposal of the Phase 2 Committee, which has been meeting for some 3 years now, concerning renovations and en-hancements mainly to the church interior. Our Phase 1 program (exterior improve-ments) were completed in 2006. The interior improvements will take place as we approach the 50th anniversary year of the church edifice in 2018. The committee will soon announce the fund drive for this purpose. Elsewhere in this issue, we have noted that donations have started to arrive even before requested. Giving the first donation was Phase 2 Chairman Nicholas Tanionos and family. It is anticipated that the various components of the actual work will fall into place mid to late 2017. Regular updates will be provided.


It has been a practice that our parishioners select a resting place for their loved ones as they each so determine. The overwhelming majority have over the years made use of the North Burial Grounds in Providence, which is a city owned ceme-tery and although there are sections “referred to” as so called Greek sections, these sections are not exclusive to just people of Greek (or Orthodox background). The entire North Burial Grounds is open to anyone. (As noted in the past…those desiring to be within either of the “Greek Sections” at North Burial, should pur-chase their plot for spaces are depleting quickly.) 

Of late it has come to our attention that there is an Orthodox Cemetery in Cumber-land known as the St John Ukrainian Orthodox Church Cemetery, in existence since the 1940s. The St John Parish (located previously in Providence) dissolved in 1982, but the cemetery continues to function under a Board of Trustees comprised of members from the St Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of Woonsocket and the former St John Parish (which merged).


Contact John Komar, Trustee President at 401-497-1570
Or, Leo Andryc, Trustee Treasurer at 401-480-2529

The trustees are currently older individuals and they also desire to have younger members that the cemetery will be in good hands for the future. Their hope is that the trustees and the departed to be buried there, will be Pan-Orthodox in the future and no longer exclusively Ukrainian. There are an estimated 635 plots available on 2.5 acres of land. The cemetery is located on Hews Street at the dead end.


Since our last issue’s tribute to graduates, we have received the following additional information………… 

Student School Graduating From Future Plan
Alex Richard Hendricken High School University of Notre Dame Summa Cum Laude Pre-Med

College & Universities
Georgios Halkidis URI Searching for employment -BA in Biomedical Engineering in Biomedical Engineering
Alexis Harritos RI College Restaurant Manager -BA in Communication & Advertising
Matthew Janigian Brown University Employed at Goldman Sachs, NY -Economics & Applied Mathematics
Nicholas Janigian Villanova University Employed at Americore 1 yr. -BA of Science & Bio Chemistry Pursing Medical School -Minor in History (Magna Cum Laude)


Measure, mix, crack, roll, sift, chop, dipping, package.
Tues & Wed Aug 23 & 24—Koulourakia
Tue Aug 30—Melomakarona / Kourambiedes
Wed Aug 31– Diples
Tues Sept 6– Honey Dip Diples
Wed Sept 7– Packing Pastries


Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News
Financial Report for the period ending 5/31/2016
Endowment Fund Portfolio: $ 769,389.21
Endowment Fund Checking Account: $2263.28 

In Memory of Solon Chris a donation made to the Endowment Fund:
By Jean Mihelakos, M/M James Pappas, Philoptochos Society, Mary Samaras, Carole Xanthakis

An Historic Landmark
A landmark that defines a thoughtful and progressive parish! +++++++++++++++++
The Church of the Annunciation Endowment Fund was officially established with the approval of the Endowment Fund By-Laws at the General Assembly held on December 1, 1998.

Thank You to All that Donated for our Altar Boy Vestments 

Altar boys learn the meaning and order of each Liturgy Service through participation in those services. Through their offering of service during the Liturgy of the Church, they fulfill a sacred and indispensable role in the Li-turgical life of the Church. Because of their sacred duties, they are distin-guished from the rest of the faithful by wearing a robe, the traditional vestments associated with service. Altar Boy Vestments give a dignified appearance, so we Thank You for your generous gift. 

We acknowledge the following for responding- Evan Andrikos, Dr. & Mrs. James Andri-otis, M/M Alexander Carr, M/M Nicholas Carr, Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Carr, M/M Stephan Erinakes, Nicholas Fircanis, Demetra Lambros, M/M Dimitrios, Markos, Virginia Strekouras and Lynda Takoudes.


We have to date 328 parishioners with the pledge of $167,287.00
The Actual amount received to date is $132,696.70 

M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Nektarios Arsenis, M/M Steve Daras, Eleni Fotopoulos, M/M Michael Kirios, James Kripotos, Catherine Louth, Peter Manis, Mary Marshallis, M/M George Melanis, Mr. Meltsakos & Mrs. Zafiriades, M/M Andrew Mihailides, Peter Mihailides, Sotiris Mioni, M/M George Moragemos, M/M Spyridon Papaioannou, M/M Paul Pliakas, Angela Provost, John Psikakos, M/M Brian Rawlinson, M/M Steven Richard, M/M George Stergis, M/M Nicholas Tanionos,


Total Amount Received $6,575.00
M/M Nicholas Tanionos, Robert Tessier, the Tasca Family and Fr Andrew.


Thomai Petropoulos (in memory of her husband Arthur Petropoulos), M/M Stephan Erinakes, Dionisios & Vasso Sampalis (in memory of Maria Sampalis), Diana J. Psilopoulos, (in memory of her husband Dennis Harry Psilopoulos), M/M Gregory Demetrakas, M/M Steve Daras, James Vose, Zoe Mitrelis, M/M Michael Papigiotis, (in memory of Theofanis G., Martha & Theodore Papigiotis), M/M James Silva, (in memory of M/M Manuel Silva & M/M Andrew Tsomi), Vikki Poulos, (in memory of M/M George Stamatakos, M/M James Poulos, & M/M William Poulos), Theodore Vaphiades, (in memory of Basil Vaphiades), M/M Lakis Andriotis, (in memory of William & Stella Pappas from their children & grandchildren), M/M Gus Rougas, (in memory of M/M Andrew Rougas & M/M Savvas Michaelides), M/M Robert Devlin, Dr. & Mrs. James Pascalides The Philoptochos Society, Anonymous Donor.

Thank you to all who donated. God Bless you and yours!

“St. Spyridon Film Festival—Sat. July 9—Newport” 

Would you like to make and share a short video about your Church and Faith even though you have nev-er used a camcorder before, or you have only done a little bit of video work? Then the Saint Spyridon Orthodox Christian Film Festival is for you. Join us on Saturday, July 9th at the Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Newport for the next Saint Spyridon Christian Film Festival. Fellowship begins at 9:30 am. Viewing begins at 10 am followed by a free luncheon and awards ceremony, and then … for all festival registrants: A free two hour sail on a captained and crewed yacht in Narragansett Bay. For more information on how to participate go to: http://www.stspyridonchurch.org/filmfestival/

Hope & Joy 

The Mystic Aquarium Trip back on June 18 for our little ones and parents was enjoyed by some 18 people….tremendous weather that day as well.


Starting Wed July 6– A four session Summer Music Program for all ages, grade 6 and above, adults included. Beth Nichols will lead these sessions, running from 6-8PM on July 6, 13 and 27 as well as Wed Aug 3 (but at 3:00PM). Come and learn fun songs and liturgical music with good fellowship with each other as well. Contact Beth with any questions or to register, directly at nichols22@verizon.net

Sat July 9– Goya sponsored trip to NYC / visiting the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, plus the construction site of the St Nicholas Shrine as well as the statue of Liberty, Ellis Is-land, Times Square and more. Open to youth grades 6-12 and adults at large. Reserve thru Christopher Mitrelis 632-8752.

Mon July 11– Beachside brunch & fellowship for 6th-12th graders along with a plan-ning session for next years Goya activities at the beach home of Bob & Cherine Spagnolo (267 Bonnet Point Rd—Narragansett). RSVP to Cherine at 965-2245.

(for children age 5—thru 5th graders) 

Mon – Fri / August 1 – 5, 2016 = 9:30am – 2:30PM
Sat August 6—Transfiguration Liturgy @ 9:30am
at which the children will sing, ending at 11am

Feast Days of Christ 

Beth Nicholas will once again serve as coordinator. Contact her at nichols22@verizon.net or by phone at 401-383-6708


Pre-Kindergarten: Perfect Attendance: none
Best Attendance: Stella Andriotis, Alexandro Arsenis, Alayna Piscopio, John Rawlinson, Stella Trikoulis, Simon Tsimikas

Kindergarten: Perfect Attendance: none
Best Attendance: none

First Grade: Perfect Attendance: Sophia Nichols
Best Attendance: Ilianna Arsenis, James Rawlinson, Gabriella Santos, Elias Tsimikas

Second Grade: Perfect Attendance: none
Best Attendance: Zoe Hatjopoulos, Lucas Leroux, Laila Sarkis

Third Grade: Perfect Attendance: Calista Leroux, Nicholas Mihailides
Best Attendance: Ana Hatjopoulos, Christian Santos

Fourth Grade: Perfect Attendance: Damian Sarkis, Nathan Sarkis, Alex Vanikiotis, Chris Vanikiotis
Best Attendance: Savvina Arsenis, Yiannis Fotopoulos, Vasiliki Protopsaltis

Fifth Grade: Perfect Attendance: none
Best Attendance: George Grammas, Elisabeth Halkidis

Sixth Grade: Perfect Attendance: Julianna Mihailides Best Attendance: Rebecca Haralambides, Christopher Lambros

Seventh Grade: Perfect Attendance: Julianna Panagopoulos, Melina Panagopoulos Best Attendance: none

Eighth Grade: Perfect Attendance: Katerina Mihailides, Katherine Mitrelis, Nathaniel Nichols, Dimitri Petrou
Best Attendance: none

Ninth Grade: Perfect Attendance: none
Best Attendance: none

Tenth Grade: Perfect Attendance: none Best Attendance: none

Eleventh Grade: Perfect Attendance: none
Best Attendance: none

Twelfth Grade: Perfect Attendance: Alexis Arsenis
Best Attendance: Maria Daiaa


GRADUATES (PLAQUES): Zoey Despines, Alexia Sterpis, Alexander Titelis, Helaina Barakos (7th grade) Nicholas Lambros (8th grade) Dimitri Petrou (8th grade).

EXCELLENCE: Gianna Degaitas, Yiannis Fotopoulos, Xeni Gianniotis, Elisabeth Halkidis, Calista Leroux, Angela Marses, Evgenia Meltsakos, Christian Santos, Alexander Vanikiotis, Christina Vanikiotis.

HIGHEST HONORS: Savvina Arsenis, Arianna Fotopoulos, Ana Hatjopoulos Christopher Lambros, Lucas Leroux, Stella Loizos, Thea Marses, Helaina Barakos, Stephen Sterpis, Christo-pher Vanikiotis, Alexander Titelis.

HIGH HONORS: Chris Andriotis, Ilianna Arsenis, Harry Arsenis, Theofanis Arsenis, Lauren Bousquet, Mia Eliopoulos, Vasilios Eliopoulos, Zoe Hatjopoulos, Sophia Nichols, Vasiliki Protop-saltis, Gabriella Santos, Alexia Sarkis, Alexia Sterpis, Liza Triantafylloy.

HONORS: Harrison Barakos, Michael Baziotis, Zoey Despines, Maggie Despines, Jamie Plio-nis. Liam Kostas Plionis, Zoe Plaisted, James Rawlinson, Sophia Sarkis.

HONORABLE MENTION: Virginia Barakos, Gus Despines, George Protopsaltis, George Grammas, Peter Grammas.

Archdiocesan Award—The Three Hierarchs: Helaina Barakos
Ahepa: Gianna Degaitas & Stella Loizos
Paideia/Hellenic Cultural Society: Angela Marses & Evgenia Meltsakos
Good Samaritan Philoptochos Society: Christopher Lambros & Zoey Despines
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church: Alexia Sterpis & Alexander Titelis
Volunteers: Niki Malatos Bousquet, Maria Leroux, Lynda Takoudas, Sophia Triantafyllou


We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather we have had the month of June. Our End-of-the Year Celebration was well-attended, and although the weather was not in our favor that day, we had a very nice afternoon. Thank you to all who came and to Bessie Papigiotis for Chair-ing this Luncheon. A special note of thanks to Taso Barakos for the out-standing service we received at the Agave Restaurant in Bristol.

We are now looking forward to a couple of events we have scheduled over the summer months:

Monday – July 18th – 6:30 p.m. —A BAZAAR MEETING will be held at the Church Center to move forward with plans for the Annual Greek Food Fair and Christmas Ba-zaar. We ask you to please come with your ideas and suggestions. As we all know, this is the biggest and only fundraiser Philoptochos has to meet our budgeted obligations and donations. We are open to all ideas, so please feel free to come and share them. EVERYONE IS WELCOMED – PHILOPTOCHOS MEMBERS AND NON MEM-BERS. Bazaar date is Saturday-Sunday, November 12-13, 2016. 

Friday – July 29th – 6:30 p.m. – LADIES NIGHT OUT – Dinner will be at the Chop-House Grille (Chucky Samaras’ restaurant), 191 Old Tower Hill Road, in Wakefield, RI, with dessert following dinner at the home of Eleni Zervos, 124 Old Boston Neck Road, Narragansett, RI….just a few minutes from the Restaurant. These Ladies Night Out dinners have been lots of fun, and a way for us to get together and enjoy an evening out. Please mark your calendars and make your reservation by Tuesday, July 26th by calling Georgia Pappas 351-3927. All ladies are welcomed to come—Philoptochos Members and Non Members.

Prayer Shawl Ministry – While we are not meeting over the summer months, we con-tinue with this Ministry by crocheting/knitting at home. We thank all those ladies who have been participating in this Ministry chaired by Anna Demetrakas: Josie Aliferakis, Marie Zaharakos, Koula Rougas, Rosie Demetriou, Carole Xanthakis, Lynda Poulos Theroux, Diane DiCarlo, Bessie Papigiotis, Mersine Florio. If you cannot come when we meet, please crochet/knit at home. In addition to the Prayer Shawls, we need 40-day blessing baby blankets. Ann Heberg and Ginger Pappas chair the 40-day blessing baby gift bags. Yarn will be provided. Please call Anna Demetrakas 946-0550 or Bessie Papigiotis 949-3240 if you can help with this Ministry.

We hope to see you at our first meeting on Monday, September 19th. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay safe and be well.

Georgia Pappas, President
Karen Drager, Corresponding Secretary

Wednesday / Friday Fasting 

Our Orthodox Christian life and weekly practice call for fasting on Wednesday and Fridays through most of the year. There are exception weeks based on major feasts, as noted always on our parish wall calendars. This twice a week fast was lived by Jesus which was a Jewish practice. It was retained by the early Christians and is a way that as His followers we keep Christ in focus throughout the week. The twice weekly fast in the Christian era remembers our Lord’s betrayal by Judas that took place on a Wednesday and His crucifixion – death – burial that occurred on a Fri-day. This twice weekly fasting gives a cycle to life and dietary menus that are often cleansing and usually more healthy then many of the other foods we often eat. It also is one way we keep a liturgical and Eucharistic awareness. This is a good way for children as well to experience various foods but to also develop a respect for “cycles of time” that are so much a part of our Christian Orthodox experience and phronema in general.


In memory of Presvytera Maria George
Who touched the lives of all the children she taught in her Sunday School classes.

Sunday, August 21, 2016, 1pm. Metacomet CC, East Providence, RI.
Registration deadline: Friday, August 19, 2016
Registration online: www.annunciationgolf.org

For tournament or sponsorship information, please contact Dennis Sampalis (401-529-7054, dsampalis@aol.com) Peter Manis (617-930-0099, pxm712@ymail.com), or Jimmy Grammas (401-965-6017, jgrammas68@gmail.com).

Individual golfer-$175, includes 18 holes of golf with cart, lunch, dinner, long drive & closest-to-pin contests, and registration gifts.
Foursome-$700, same features as individual golfer, but for 4 players.
Guest dinner-$50.00, includes dinner only.
Sponsorships for various aspects of the tournament are always welcomed-please contact committee member if interested


A day of relaxing enjoyment, special time with family and friends and what more makes for a great day, but in knowing you are helping a worthy benefit. We thank you.

Play Golf & Support Hellenic College / Holy Cross—Mon July 18 

This annual golf classic will be held at Kernwood Country Club—Salem, MA / 18 holes, raffle prize is a trip to Greece (and others), steak & lobster closing dinner and more. Single golfer $295 / foursome $1,180. Dinner only-$75. Visit <www.hchc.edu/golf> to register.

Summer is here and everyone wants to get many things done but remember to pop in and be with us at church as well:
Change your address, phone or e-mail
Make Wedding or Baptismal Plans
Join Bible Study, Marriage Classes, Choir, Philoptochos, Senior Luncheons. Be involved in many events volunteering Festival, Greek Food Fair, Goya Events
Make donation arrangements for your Stewardship, Memorial Fund, Endowment Fund, Capital Fund Phase II Project

Sign up for Greek School & Sunday School come September 

Arrange for Nursery School for your child with Faith Nursery (downstairs) Also pick a few weeks to attend a Sunday or weekday Liturgy! Don’t disappear in the summer—we look forward to seeing you! 


The 145-151 Oaklawn LLC and the Parish Council wishes to thank Stephanie Sterpis for coordinating, pricing and being on site for the recent yard sale at the rental home on the Scott property next to the Mihalides Center. Proceeds benefited our youth activities through the Goya who worked the sale.

INTERFAITH FOOD MINISTRY of Cranston would like to say Thank You to the donors who donated Stop & Shop gift cards over the Holiday Season of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years allowing them to purchase 100 cans of tuna. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Parishioners are reminded that canned and boxed food items (or monetary donations) are also needed in the summer. Families living on limited income often do so all 4 seasons of the year. 


Cynthia Samaras, age 74, of Boston MA. & Cranston, RI., the daughter of (Mary Sama-ras, our Endowment Fund Secretary) passed away on 6/29/16. Her funeral and burial was on 7/2/16. George Kollitides, of Charleston, RI passed away on 6/24/16, while on a fami-ly vacation in Greece. Funeral and burial will be in RI but not structured as we go to press.

June 2016


Hierarchs from the various Orthodox Churches around the world are gathered in Liturgy in Chambesy-Geneva this past January, to finalize the agenda of the up coming “Holy and Great Council” of world Orthodoxy which will convene as we celebrate Pentecost this year, being held at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolympari of Chania, June 16-27.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate has tirelessly labored to convene a Pan-Orthodox Council since the early 1900s. Preparations for this council began in earnest in 1961 and continued through the 1960s, while pre-conciliar conferences, tasked with forming the council’s agenda and its rules of operation, met in 1976 through 1986. After a long hiatus created by immense political and ideological changes throughout the world, as well as the unprecedented social and religious challenges resulting from the collapse of the Iron Curtain, His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patri-arch Bartholomew revived the process in 2008.

So, after almost a century, the agenda was finalized, the documents were edited, and the pro-cess was completed in January 2016. Never before in the history of the Orthodox Church have so many Orthodox churches – fourteen from around the world – assembled in one and the same place. His All-Holiness asks for our prayers for the work of the Council just ahead……

“We fervently ask the plenitude of the Church – clergy and laity, men and women, old and young – to pray for this unique and historical event.

We especially ask that you implore God to strengthen and inspire the leaders of the Church to manifest their unity in a world afflicted by conflict and division.

May God bless the Holy and Great Council. And May His abundant grace be with all of you.”

– His All-Holiness, Bartholomew 

Five Hierarchs from our Archdiocese will be in attendance…His Eminence Archbishop Deme-trios, Geron of America and the Metropolitans of Denver, Atlanta, Detroit and San Francisco, who currently serve this year on the Holy & Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

To follow the Council’s news briefings:
Website: www.orthodoxcouncil.org
Facebook: @ecumenicalpatriarchate
Twitter: @EcPatrPress
Flicker: @patriarcahate
Youtube: @Patriarchate


It gets harder and harder these days to get the number of volunteers we need, but so many of you made time in your busy schedule to step up. That means even more as every year gets busier. Our Annunciation volunteers don’t neces-sarily have the time, but they have the heart. All of you are unselfish, giving and ready with a can-do spirit. Thank you to all that attended this joyful event making it possible for another successful FOOD FAIR 2016!

Metropolis Award to Roula & Gus Proyous 

The parish council has selected Roula and Gus Proyous to be this years recipients from our par-ish of the Metropolis of Boston Award for service to the local parish in recognition of their long time volunteering in so many areas of parish life, over the years. The Awards Banquet will be held on Sunday June 12th at Lombardo’s in Randolph, MA and is open to the public. Reception at 5:30PM and dinner at 6:30PM. Donation is $75.00 payable to the “Annunciation Church”, memo line “Metropolis Awards Dinner.” Submit your check to the parish office before June1st to reserve your seat.


Congratulations to Chief Warrant Officer 4, Steven Rothemich, who is retiring after 36 years in the Army National Guard. He has done 5 tours overseas and received many awards, including the prestigious Gold Medal Award of the St. Michael. The award recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the promotion of Army Aviation by his subordinates and peers. These individuals must demonstrate the highest standards in integrity and moral character.

God Bless you and “THANK YOU” for serving our Country

June 18th Luncheon Under the Tent 

Come and Support the Hellenic Nursing & Rehabilitation Center on Saturday, June 18th on the beautiful grounds of Hellenic Nursing Home. The event runs from 1:00 –4 PM and includes a wonderful meal and music by The Delinia Ensemble also a dance performance by the Sons & Daughters of Alexander the Great Dance Troupe. The address is 601 Sherman Street, Canton, MA, just about 30 minute drive from Providence. If you are unable to attend, consider purchas-ing a luncheon ticket at a donation of $25.00. Contact Diane Mitrelis at 946-3339.

Play Golf & Support Hellenic College / Holy Cross—July 18 

The HC/HC 24th annual Golf Classic is just ahead—Mon July 18th at Kernwood Country Club – Salem, MA / 18 holes, raffle prize trip to Greece (and others), steak & lobster closing dinner and more. Single golfer $295.00 / Foursome $1,180.00. Dinner only—$75.00.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our 2016 graduates. They have accomplished a great deal in completing an important segment of their education. We pray that the Lord our God continues to bless their future, with much happiness and greater achievements. These graduates will be hon-ored June 12 at our special “Graduates Coffee Hour” sponsored by our Yal.

Student School Graduating From Future Plan
Alexis Danielle Arsenis LaSalle Academy Bryant University (Accounting) Eleftherios “Teddy” Baziotis Wheeler School Tulane Inv. New Orleans (Business & Psychology)
Dean Costakos LaSalle Academy Bryant University National Honor Society Nicholas Costakos LaSalle Academy Bryant University National Honor Society Allison Cross Bay View University of New Hampshire National Honor Society
Mary Daiaa Cranston West RIC (Early Childhood Education)
Andronikis W. Fidas Scituate High School New England Tech.
James Kappatos Seekonk High School Lasell University, Newton Mass (Communications)
Jonathan William Lehourites Middle Bridge School
Alexa Nicole Papigiotis North Providence High School Aveda Institute National Honor Society, Voted Most Outgoing & Voted (1) of the Top 20 Cheerleaders in RI
Christian Soucy West Greenwich High School URI (Business Finance)
Estelle Vamvaketis Coventry High School CCRI (Law)
Andrew Vose Cranston West URI (Engineering)

College & Universities:
Laura Vican Haney UCLA PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics Teaching Physics & Chemistry in Pasadena
Alexander E. Mihailides URI Landscaping Architect
Tessa Pliakas Boston University Biology & Generics
David Rodin URI MBA
C.J. Tsoumakas URI/Masters in Business Dunkin Donuts Center Operations Sports Management

Graduate School:
Ariana Mihailides Atlantic University Doctorate of Veterinarian Prince Edward Island, Canada
Andrew Otto Holy Cross Seminary Masters of Divinity (MDiv) With high distinction and also awarded a “Certificate in Byzantine Music”

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News 

Financial Report for the period ending 4/30/16
Endowment Fund Portfolio: $767,455.22
Endowment Fund Checking Account: $2143.28

In memory of Solon Chris a donation made to the Endowment Fund:
By M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides,
M/M Ernest Pappas, M/M Constantine Rougas, M/M Peter Simone

What is an Endowment Fund?
An Endowment Fund is similar to a church Savings Account. The money invested into the fund re-main secure, never to be touched. Only the interest earned by the fund can be used to help support the church. As our Endowment Fund’s value grows, the contributions made to our General Fund (budget) will grow as well. With your continual support, we can ensure that our parish will always be financially secure! 

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Samaras, Endowment Fund Secretary

Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church
In Newport, RI will be having their Hellenic Festival 2016 on July 29, 30, & 31. Save the date for the Assumption’s 89th Grecian Festival
Assumption Church, 97 Walcott St., Pawtucket, RI. Greek Food, pastry, live music, and greek dancing— August 19, 20, & 21.

Στίχ. “Οτι παρά τφ Κυρίφ τό έλεος, και′ πολλή παρ ‘αύτφ λύτρωσις• και’ αύτδς λυτρώσεται τόν Ίσραήλ έκ πασών τών άνομιών αύτοι3.

Τό Πνεύμα τό άγιον, ην μέν άεί, καί έστι, καϊ έσται, ούτε άρξάμενον, ούτε παυσόμενον, άλλ ‘ άει’ καϊ ΤίΦ συντεταγμένον, καϊ συναριθμούμενον • ζωή, καϊ ζωοποιοΰν • φώς, καϊ φωτός χορηγόν• αύτάγαθον, καϊ πηγή άγαθότητος• δι ‘ ού Πατήρ γνωρίζεται, καϊ Τίός δοξάζεται, καϊ παρδι πάντων γινώσκεται, μία δύναμις, μία σύνταξις, μία προσκύνησις, τής άγίας Τριάδος.

Στίχ. Αι’νείτε τόν Κύριον πάντα τά έθνη, έπαινέσατε αύτδν πάντες οι’ λαοί.

Τό Πνεύμα τό άγιον, φώς, καϊ ζωή, καϊ ζώσα πηγή νοερά. Πνεύμα σοφίας, Πνεύμα συνέσεως, άγαθόν, εύθές, νοερόν, ήγεμονεΰον, καθαΐρον τά πταίσματα. Θεός, καϊ θεοποιούν • πύρ, έκ πυρδς προϊόν, λαλούν, ένεργοΰν, διαιρούν τά χαρίσματα • δι ‘ ού προφήται άπαντες, καϊ Θεού άπόστολοι, μετά μαρτύρων έστέφθησαν. Ξένον άκουσμα, ξένον θέαμα, πύρ διαιρούμενον, είς νομάς χαρισμάτων.

Τό Δοξαστικδν
Ήχος πλ. β′

Δόξα Πατρι′ και′ Υι’φ και′ Άγίφ Πνεύματι, και′ νύν και′ άει′ και’ είς τούς αίώνας τών αίώνων. Άμήν.

Βασιλεύ ούράνιε, Παράκλητε, τό Πνεύμα τής άληθείας, ό πανταχού παρών, καϊ τά πάντα πληρών, ό θησαυρδς τών άγαθών, καϊ ζωής χορηγός • έλθέ, καϊ σκήνωσον έν ήμϊν, καϊ καθάρισον ήμάς άπό πάσης κηλΐδος, καϊ σώσον άγαθέ τάς ψυχάς ήμών.

We have to date 301 parishioners with the pledge of $155,212.00
The Actual amount received to date is $113,959.74 

M/M/ Zisis Arsoniadis, David Cragin, M/M Robert Devlin, M/M George Fidas, M/M Gregory Fraginis, Eleni Hatzinikolaou, M/M Benjamin Herman, Dr. & Mrs. James Hodg-es, M/M Theodore Kacharo, M/M Peter Kapanakis, M/M Richard Kidd, M/M Mark Lavoie, Maria Markos, Christopher Massenzio, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Vasel Papa, M/M Michael Papigiotis, M/M Nikolaos Petropoulos, M/M Anthony Pierson, Christopher Sheehan, Mr. & Dr. Leonard Wood.

A father once took his little daughter to see the Statue of Liberty. She was awed by the sight and size of it. She gazed in wonder at the great arm holding the torch. That night she was rest-less and couldn’t sleep. Her mother asked her, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” 

“I keep thinking of the lady with the torch,” she said. “Don’t you think someone should help her hold it up?” 

Today, the Lord Jesus holds the only light that can dispel the world’s dark-ness. The call of Stewardship is for us to help Him keep holding up the Light. 

Sts. Sahag & Mesrob Armenian Parish
70 Jefferson Street—Providence 

The Rev Dr Daniel Findikyan, Director of the Zohrab Center of the Armenian Church Easter Diocese will give a talk on the “History, Theology, Meaning and Purpose of the Canonization of Saints” in the Armenian Church— Wed, June 22 at 7PM.

Parishioners are reminded and urged to spend 10 mins a day at home on bible reading (or other religious literature) for enrichment to be connected to Christ in a more vivid manner. Answers to todays issues and life in general are all there.


Solon Chris, age 90, the father of Rev. Dr. Emanuel Chris, passed away unexpect-edly on 4/24/16 (Palm Sunday) in Florida. His funeral and burial was on 4/27/16 in Boca Raton, Fl. We extend fervent condolences to Fr Manny and his entire family during this time of loss and sorrow.
~May His Memory be Eternal~


Josephine Aliferakis, Elaine Allendorf, M/M Christodoulos Andriotis, Christodoulos Andriotis, M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, M/M Ilias Arsenis, Theo-fanis Arsenis, Haralambos Arsenis, Christina Arsoniadis, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Baziotis, Nicholas Bouris, Donna Broccoli, M/M Michael Campopiano, Rebecca Cardillo, Sue Cimino, M/M George Coclin, M/M Constantinos Dafoulas, M/M Gaby Daiaa, M/M Wilfred Demars (in memory of Harriet Butler) M/M James Demetriou, Louis Dostou, Cynthia Driscoll, Constantine Georgeadys, Argiri Ghionis (in memory of Eleftherios) M/M Constantine Grammas, M/M George C. Grammas, Helen Hamilton, M/M David Hansen, M/M Elias Haralambides, M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M James Harritos, M/M James Harritos II, M/M Nicholas Janikies, Julie Karahalios, M/M Arthur Kazi-anis, Zoe Kazianis, James Kripotos, M/M Spiro Kyriakakis, Niki Kyrou, M/M Mark Lavoie, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, Catherine Louth, Jason Maintanis, Dr. & Mrs. James Manis, Peter Manis, Artemis Mantsos, M/M Christos Mantsos, Smaro Mantsos, M/M Kyriakos Marantidis, Elizabeth Marses, M/M Emmanuel Mihai-lides, M/M George Moragemos, M/M Theodore Moran, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morris-sey, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Christo Pakuris, Vasel Papa, Evangelia Papaioannou, M/M Ernest Pappas, M/M John Paraskevakos, Mary Pereira, M/M Demetrios Petrou, M/M Kevin Phelan, M/M James Photopoulos, M/M Carroll Promades, Angela Provost, John B. Quinn, M/M Stamatios Revis, M/M Steven Rothemich, Nanci Sarganis, M/M Nicholas Sarkis, M/M Richard Scott, Shirley Sears, M/M Robert Senerchia, M/M Michael Sotirakos, Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, M/M Edward Tarbox, M/M George Theodosiou, M/M Angelos Trombettas (in memory of Presv. Maria George), M/M Aristotelis Tsonis, Dr. Golfo Tzilos, Antonia Vanikiotis, M/M Peter Vassilopoulos (in memory of M/M Vassilopoulos & M/M Kanelos), Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vezeridis, M/M Kenneth White, Katherine Xiarhos, Zambeta Xiarhos, M/M Charles Xynellis, M/M Peter Yidiaris, M/M Socrates Zafiriades, Jr., Eugenia Zaha-rakos, Drs. John & Eleni Pappas-Zervos (in memory of M/M Charles Pappas & M/M Charles Zervos).
TOTAL OF $3908.00 


M/M Ilias Arsenis, Georgia Fortunato, M/M George Grammas, M/M James Harritos, M/M John Hatjopoulos, James Kripotos, Jason Maintanis, M/M Harry Nicolopoulos, Vasel Papa, M/M Gus Proyous, Dena Reall, James Rosaki, M/M Basilios Tsimikas, M/M Charles Xynellis, Eugenia Zaharakos. TOTAL OF $3,950.00 



We are grateful for the summer months ahead, and grateful for the summer joys, the laughter of the children in our families, our schools and our parishes. Bless our children during these next months, may they grow in grace through play and picnics, camps and friendships, family visits and vacations.


The initial wave of baking sessions is ready to begin—your help is needed especially from the under 50 crowd. The past two years or so we truly had a nice age range of people, including people (including men) in their 40s, 30s, 20s and a number of teenag-ers as well. We pray this will continue and that we will see even more new faces to come and bake.

One of the biggest complaints we have at the festival is on Sunday when we run out of pastry. This can ONLY be solved when we have more people to come down to bake more product. Although we have increased in recent years the amount made (due to the new and younger hands coming) it just still is not enough.

So let’s make this coming baking season ahead to be even more successful in the num-ber of people coming to help and the end product to be made in larger quantities. See the dates below and mark your calendar….

Tues & Wed June 21 & 22 —Spanakopita / Tyropita
Tues & Wed June 28 & 29—Baklava
Tues & Wed Aug 23 & 24—Koulourakia
Tue Aug 30—Melomakarona / Kourambiedes
Wed Aug 31– Diples
Tues Sept 6– Honey Dip Diples
Wed Sept 7– Packing Pastries



You will find enclosed a special offering envelope for the “pastry ingredients.” Donations in any amount help the overall profit and are greatly appreciated. In 2015, the pastry ingredient donations totaled at $3,294.00. The actual expenses were $6,316.12. Thank you to all!


We share with our parishioners below 2 public information pieces: 

Grieving Family Insurance Scam 

We have had several families recently that have been contacted shortly af-ter the loss of a loved one by people claiming to be either from their loved one’s place of employment or from an insurance company. The caller will tell the family member that the funeral home called and notified the com-pany of their loved one’s passing bu unfortunately their loved one had missed their last few insurance premiums and therefore their life insurance policy would no t be paid out unless the grieving family member paid up the back premiums immediately (they usually ask people to go and pur-chase gift cards because these are untraceable) or they will forfeit any life insurance payment.

Funeral homes do not contact anyone’s place of employment notifying of a death unless you have asked them to take care of filing an insurance claim for you and if that is the case, no one would be asking you for money.

If someone has missed insurance premiums, the insurance policy has lapsed and they will not allow you to pay back premiums to reinstate the insurance after someone has passed.

The same applies if an insurance company calls telling a family member that they have an insurance policy in their loved one’s name that a long-ago employer or even the deceased themselves continued paying the pre-miums on until just recently and if the grieving family member just pays up the few missing premiums then they will receive thousands of dollars in additional insurance.

Insurance companies DO NOT contact families when someone passes. It is up to families to contact insurance companies

So, if you receive a call from someone claiming to be from a former em-ployer of your loved one, or from an insurance company DO NOT send an-yone any money in any form.

They will make you believe that this is an URGENT matter and if you do not take care of it immediately then you will miss out on this insurance.

They do this so that you will not waste time checking them with anyone else. Contact the funeral home or your attorney or a trusted business per-son and ask them to follow up on this information. Do not take any con-tact information from the person who is calling you because they will have a boiler room operation setup to receive your call back making it look and sound like it is legitimate…it is NOT.

Child or Grandchild Accident Scam 

The caller will act very upset, crying, claiming to be a child or grandchild of the person they are calling and stating that they’ve been in an accident (possibly DUI) and didn’t want to upset their parents right now so they’ve called asking for help in covering their “bail” or “court cost” and the cost of the “telephone pole” they hit. They will usually refer to the person by a common name like “Gram” or “Grammy” and because they are acting hys-terical people fall prey to wanting to take care of someone they love who they believe is in trouble.

They will ask the person they are calling to go to the bank and withdraw cash and then go purchase either gift cards or a money gram and wire the money (again untraceable) to a person that they claim is the attorney help-ing them. If they are successful in getting someone to send them the first amount of money, they may call back again, stating that they need more money to pay the attorney’s fee or for damage to another person’s car be-fore they can be released.

The common theme for all of these scams is that they always claim that the transaction must take place immediately or in the next few hours and that they always want gift cards or wired funds because once they are gone, it is impossible for the person who has been scammed to retrieve them.

Please protect yourself and your family— share this with everyone you know! 


Join us for our Hope and Joy Kick off to Summer Event on Saturday, June 18th. We will be meeting at the church at 11am then driving to Mystic Aquarium. We will be eating at Mystic Pizza. Further details and prices to follow. R.S.V.P with CJ Mitrelis at 401-632-8752.


Goya will be going on a day trip to New York City on Saturday June 25th. Further details and prices to follow R.S.V.P with CJ Mitrelis at 401-632-8752.

(for children age 5—thru 5th graders)
Mon – Fri / August 1 – 5, 2016 = 9:30am – 2:30PM

Feast Days of Christ 

Beth Nicholas will once again serve as coordinator. Those who would like to assist her should contact her directly nichols22@verizon.net 401-383-6708

Metropolis Of Boston Camp (in Contoocook, NH – north of Concord)- (for children ages 8 – 18) 

visit www.mbcamp.org or Telephone: 603-746-2132 “Cranston Week at Camp” is the July25th session but parishioner youth may pick any of the 6 sessions good for them. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Summer Camp in Greece -(IONIAN VILLAGE) For 7th-12th graders / e-mail: ionianvillage@goarach.org, Telephone: 646-519-6190


In last month’s Annunciator we indicated how successful the annual Greek Food Fair has been. Our Greek Food Fair for this year was just completed last weekend. Below you can see the financials now which in-clude this year’s results.

Gross Revenues Total Expenses Net Profit 
2010 $15,857.00 $5,132.32 $10,724.68
2011 $19,732.76 $7,492.40 $12,240.36
2012 $27,571.50 $7,358.54 $20,212.96
2013 $29,692.50 $12,540.52 $17,151.98
2014 $31,119.75 $11,086.52 $20,033.23
2015 $34,788.54 $12,815.53 $21,973.01
2016 $44,182.59 $12,873.00 (Estimated) $31,309.59

As you can see this event continues to get larger and more successful each year. I would like to thank everyone who has worked and participat-ed in this fundraiser. Rather than list every item sold at the event I can give you an idea what the best sellers were.

Gyro Sandwiches 1533 sold $12,264.00 in receipts
Lamb Dinners 340 sold $ 4,760.00 in receipts
Baklava sold 941 sold $ 2,823.00 in receipts
Rizogalo (Rice Pudding) 538 sold $ 1,614.00 in receipts

Again thank you all for your support and help. Now we can concentrate on the summer festival which is scheduled for September 09, 10 and 11, 2016.

Please consider working at the festival, it is a lot of fun.

The article below appeared in the June 12, 1998 edition of the Base paper in Naples Ita-ly. It was written from the heart then and it still applies to all of us who are sons. Read, think, be thankful for your earthly father, but more importantly, be thankful for your Heavenly Father who loves you. Fr. Andrew 


I sit here facing my computer screen wondering what to write about this month. I have mulled over several ideas, none of which catch my fancy. Then it hits me, Father’s Day is coming up. I usually don’t write about a “Hallmark Cards Holiday,” but I’ll make an ex-ception this time. Fathers are to be nurturing leaders in their homes; nurturing their spouse and offspring to be the best they can be and encouraging them at every turn. Fathers are to be understanding, firm, giving, and lov-ing. Fathers are to be men of faith and strong character, instilling godly values in their children. Or at least we ought to be.

I thought about my own father. I slipped back through the years to the Spring of 1975 when my father became a single parent. My mother died from cancer and Dad was without his soul mate to raise three budding teenagers alone. My two sisters, ages 16 and 11, with me in the middle at 13, were well prepared by our parents for this eventuality. No secrets were kept from us about Mom’s health.

At that time single parent families were alone in a world that did not always understand the stresses of doing the several jobs of parenting. (disciplinarian, tutor, confidant, friend, tour guide, housekeeper, chef and chauffeur). Yet, through those first few months my father showed us that with a quiet faith and good family values we could move forward and succeed as a family. He showed us something in those formative months that has stuck with me and remains a part of me today. He valued our thoughts and feelings about family business. He allowed us to make decisions and learn from our mistakes. He allowed us to become individu-als, and respected our differences.

I can honestly say that I had a unique relationship with my Dad in my teen years. The usual rebellion took place, but I viewed my Dad as more than just a parent; I viewed him as a friend. We were and are in some ways more deeply connected than other fathers and sons. Our rela-tionship, like all relationships, has grown and matured over the years. We talk on the phone every once in a while; share news of family, our thoughts on world events, and I know that Dad respects my opinion on issues of life and faith.

I think back over those years (24 to be exact) and come away with a sense that Dad gave me a great gift which I now give to my own children; the gift of unconditional love and compassion expressed in many ways. It is almost Fa-ther’s Day. What are you going to get for your dad? I think the greatest gift I could give my dad is the thanks of a grateful son for the greatest dad in the world. I’m going to call him right now.

Defeating Debt— Together 

While my husband, Brian, and I never had a screaming match over money, we certain-ly struggled with tension in our marriage prior to paying off our debt. If that’s where you find yourself today, may I suggest a few tools that I frequently return to?

Treat debt as an enemy. When Brian and I decided to fight our debt, we found that if we compared our experience to a battle and under-scored it with a fairy –tale theme, we were in-spired to attack our debt together. We dubbed our debt the “dragon,” employing any and every strategy to defeat this foe that intended to de-stroy our marriage, finances, future and our very souls. Our decision to personify the debt helped us to fight against our money monster-not each other.

Pray. The first prayers I whispered during our journey were along the lines of “Please God, take all of this away.” I’m so glad that His wisdom is higher than mine, because it was the process of paying off debt that truly loosened debt’s chains in our marriage. Had God answered my prayers for easy relief, we probably would have bor-rowed again and never dealt with our heart issues. Instead, He provided for us through extra jobs, sacrifice and perseverance. I cannot underscore enough the power that prayer had in our financial experience.

Dream Big Dreams. Brian would ask, “What could we do if we weren’t putting so much money toward payments every month? How would our family look different? How could we impact our community and the world with the gospel?” Brian’s ques-tions tugged on my heart. Rather than pointing out the many areas where I needed to legitimately make changes, Brian captured my heart with a dream. Together, we learned that dreams can motivate us toward change. They provide a spark of hope in the future when the present seems scary and uncertain.

To pay off all your debt, you and your spouse must dream big dreams. Cast the vision and make plans for your goals—together.

– Cherie Lowe / Focus on the Family Publication

THE 12 APOSTLES—June 30 

“Christos Anesti!” For forty days following the Resurrection of our Blessed Lord which we celebrate at Eastertime, Orthodox Christians throughout the world greet one another with this beautiful and traditional phrase “Christos Anesti”- Christ is Risen—and invariably the reply is “Alithos Anesti” – Truly He has Risen. This is a wonderful custom in our church, and these inspiring words are repeated during our daily conver-sation with others for forty days until Ascension Thursday. These words were first spoken centuries ago after the faithful had heard the wonderful news of the Resurrec-tion of Christ from the dead from His Apostles.

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to the Apostles after Jesus bid them farewell and ascended to His Father in Heaven? Let us look into history and see what became of the famous Twelve. They were amazing men who gave their lives for Christ and the Christian Faith.

James (the greater) the son of Zebedee was killed by mobs in Jerusalem
James (the less) the son of Alphaeus) was crucified in Egypt
Matthew was killed by the sword in Ethiopia.
Philip was hanged in Phrygia (Asia Minor).
Bartholomew was flayed alive in Armenia.
Andrew was crucified in Achaia (Greece).
Thomas was run through with a lance in East India.
Thaddeus was shot to death with arrows in Armenia while hanging on a cross.
Simon (the zealot) was crucified in Persia.
Peter likewise in Rome.
Matthias (he took the place of Judas Iscariot) was beheaded in Judea.
Only John escaped a martyr’s death and died naturally.

These gallant soldiers of the Christian Church gave their lives for Christ. This is the greatest of all sacrifices.

Today, however, we are not called upon to make such a great sacrifice for Christ. We are urged to pay heed to the words of the Resurrected Christ who beckons us to live a Christian life according to the divine command-ments of the New Testament. We should live our Ortho-dox Christian Faith intently. We should uphold the cus-toms and traditions of our wonderful Church which has so much to offer us during these trying times. Let Christ be a part of your life daily, thereby honoring the example of the 12 Apostles and their sacrifice.