December 2015

From Heaven to Earth, from Earth to Heaven: Our Lord’s Holy Nativity

From heaven to earth a great peace and love shall come our way.  What we experience in the very depths of our souls is the result of a two-way action on the part of our loving God.  Our fathers, the saints and the martyrs, have passed from this earthly existence to heaven because our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ came to earth from the heavenly realm to save us and lead us to His Kingdom.

The time before Nativity is a time for all to pray and fast, go to Confession, take Holy Communion, and to think about how we are to celebrate this great and holy feast day.  All of heaven rejoices at the marvel of the Lord’s Incarnation.  Just think what a blessing, what great kindness, and what an unsurpassable act of love it is that the Mighty Lord God came, and still comes, to earth from heaven to guide us on the path towards our salvation.  As the Lord comes to us while we are still on this earth, we must surely wonder how we should draw near to Him.  Do we come to Him with the same love that He is offering us?  Or will we be so busy trying to purchase gifts and spending so much time at holiday gatherings that we forget that a Holy, Mighty, and Immortal God is being born for our sakes?

We remember from the Holy Scriptures how our Lord Jesus Christ was born and lived among us.  As He began to teach the multitude of people who came to Him, they were amazed at what He said and felt blessed just to be in His presence.  They learned that all anyone had to do was to receive His great blessings.  Healing was done by simply touching the hem of His garment in faith. Those who truly hungered listened to every word of love He offered.  They received His words and believed in them as an act of faith in a new life and in the hope that the way to heaven was open to them.  It is just the same for us!  Our Lord Jesus comes from heaven to save us on earth and to show us the way back to heaven and eternal life with Him.  Let us think about the Three Wise Men who journeyed long and far before they arrived at the place of our Lord’s Holy Nativity.  What wonder, peace, and joy they must have felt as they knelt in prayer and offered their gifts. Think about the fact that in their presence was a great holiness and that salvation and love for all of mankind has come!

What shall we do as pious and Orthodox Christians in response to our Lord’s Holy Nativity?  Like the Wise Men, will we also kneel in prayer and offer our glory and honor to our Lord God?  Will we go to church for the beautiful vigil services and Holy Divine Liturgy and sing with the choir: “Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace and good will among men?”  This is what we should do!  Do not be late for the Holy Nativity services of our Lord, as by arriving too late we miss out on the great love offered to us. Yes, it is alright to prepare your festival dinner and have your family and relatives with you.  But at the same time do not forget the great feast that is being celebrated in our Holy Churches.

Prepare yourself and your beloved family so that you all may give that which is truly due to our God, all honor and worship, and let us receive our Lord Jesus Christ with true humility and love.  And there is one great gift He wants from us, that we should love Him and desire to seek Him spiritually, preparing ourselves to go from earth to heaven.

Because of what we have experienced throughout our lives, our souls desperately need the blessings of our Lord God. We can receive all of these spiritual rewards during the Nativity Fast, and on this great Feast Day in prayer. Thereafter, at this Holy Feast let us busy ourselves with the Lord, drawing near to Him, seeking Him, remembering we need to cleanse ourselves from any sins we have committed; we must keep ourselves pure in mind, heart, and soul!  Our spiritual peace with our Lord God should be to love our New-Born Savior, and be wrapped up like a gift in His love for us.  So finally our tears will be no more as we have a new hope and a new peace in the realization that as pious and Orthodox Christians we can indeed behold heaven on earth!

+ Rev. Dr. Emanuel S. Chris, M.D., M.Div.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News
Financial Report for the period ending (October 30, 2015)
Endowment Fund Portfolio:  $728,793.20
Endowment Fund Checking Account: $5453.28

Donor( s) for the current period:
Additional donation in Memory of James Limperis (died 10/20/15) to the Endowment Fund:
M/M Emmanuel Mihailides

 In Memory of Anastasia LeClair (died 10/30/15) donations to the Endowment Fund:
Billie Jo, Michele & Irving Lagasse

In Memory of Angelo Maintanis (died 11/18/15) donations to the Endowment Fund:
M/M Stanley P. Brown, Jr., Mary Ann Ciano, M/M Gregory G. Demetrakas, M/M Michael Haveles, John Haveles, Julie Karahalios, Peter Leasca,  Marshall Electric Co ( Mary Soares) Jean Mihelakos, M/M George Nonis, M/M Michael Papigiotis, M/M Steven Richard, M/M William Rougas, M/M Albert Scappaticci, M/M Richard Sipka, Starkweather & Shepley, Michael Tsapakos MD, M/M Peter Vassilopoulos, Weiss Sheet Metal & Carol Xanthakis

 May the Spirit of the Christmas Season Peace and Joy Be With You Always
Your Endowment Fund Committee

 Special Appreciation
We wish to thank and acknowledge the recent donation of services and some 75 fixtures for the up-grading of our security and fire alarm system at the Mihailides Center by our parishioner Richard Cragin and his Ocean State Alarm Company.  We thank as well Christopher Love (husband of our parishioner Andrea Bobotas) for filming and producing our 30th Anniversary Cranston Greek Festival DVD in which he used a drone that captured breathtaking views of our property.  (If you missed seeing the video—it is posted on U-Tube).  Thank you as well to the Arthur Rosaki family for their donation of a large supply of Christmas themed cookies for general use here at up-coming functions and events.

Two week Bible Study Series on the theme “”Preparatory Readings for   the Nativity” offered by Holy Cross Graduate Emile Sarkis (M.Div)—Thursday Dec 10 & 17 from 7:30-9PM.

Orthodoxy 101 Series  (with Fr Andrew) for those desiring to enter the Orthodox Church (as well as those born in the Orthodox Church) which reviews the basic history, teaching & life of Orthodoxy will be held on—Mon, Dec. 14th, Tues, Dec. 15th, Mon, Dec 21 & Tues, Dec 22, from 7:30-9:00 pm.

Please register thru the parish office (401)-942-4188.

Michael DiMucci Christmas Concert—Fri Dec 18
A benefit concert for the Faith Nursery School will be held in our Mihailides Center’s Demetrakas Hall by well know RI musician Michael DiMucci at 7PM. Tickets are $20 per person. Michael has performed in both large and small venues including Linden Place, Blithewold Mansion, Mount Hope Farm, the Odeum Theatre, The Dunes Club. He has been a regular guest artist at URI’s Opera Workshop and has performed many lead tenor roles. This event is open to the public.

St Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church at 74 Harris Ave / Woonsocket is hosting their annual Cookie Walk (of specialty cookies, cakes, pies and more) on Sat Dec 19 from 9am-Noon / $9 per pound.  For per-orders of 5 pounds or more call 508-883-7176.

The Greek Institute presents this concert—directed by Dr. Spyridon Antonopoulos Tuesday, December 22, 8pm being held at  the First Church Cambridge, 11 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA.,

To purchase tickets, contact the Greek Institute, P: 617-547-4770 E:, $20 adults, $7 students/seniors.

We have to date 411 parishioners with a total pledge of $214,047.00
The Actual Amount Received is $197,539.07
Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2015:
Karen Bablenis, M/M Anastasios Barakos, Dimitri Benekos, M/M John Bunch, M/M Dean Christelis, M/M Dean Costakos, Christina DiDino, M/M Christos Dimos, Stephan & Gail Erinakes, M/M George Fidas, Joann Spires Fay, Georgia Fortunato, M/M Theodoros Fotopoulos, William Frangos, Vasilios Harritos, Olga Haveles, M/M George Kollitides, Niki Kyrou, Demetra Lambros, M/M Vasilios Malatos, Dolly Mnyarji, Dr. & Mrs. Craig Nichols, M/M John Politis, M/M Michael Rawlinson, Constantine Scapinakis, M/M Stephen Sterpis, Linda Takoudes, M/M Ed Tarbox,  M/M Christopher Tribelli, Stephanie Turini, Jason & Jennifer Wheatley, M/M James Xiarhos, Kathy Xiarhos, and Gregory Zervos.

Young Adult League (YAL) Elects
President: Alexis Harritos
V-President:  Anthony Pappas
Co-Treasurers: Anthony George & Christopher Mitrelis
Secretary: James Harritos II

All young adults are invited to attend Sunday gatherings following Liturgy over coffee in the parish library as activities are planned out, then posted on the Yal Face book

Recent Deaths
Dennis Psilopoulos, age 70, of Johnston, RI on 11/6/15.  His funeral and burial was held on 11/12/15.  Angelos Maintanis, age 92, of Cranston, RI passed away on 11/18/15.  His funeral and burial was held on 11/23/15.  Aristide Stephanopoulos, age 89 of Pawtucket on 11/22/15. His Funeral and burial on 11/27/15.  Also– Fr Emanuel’s aunt (Vassiliki Nikolaidou) in Mytilene, Greece (his mother’s sister), the mother of our parishioner Arthur Kazianis (Georgia) age 93, passed away in Greece.  The father of our parishioner Eleni (Nacos) Xiarhos (James) passed away in MD.
~May Their Memory Be Eternal~

We have been in need of using festival profit for the general budget to the extreme which is very unfortunate ($158,500 this 2015 year).  Our Stewardship giving is down as concerns the number of people participating.  General expenses for the operation of the parish should come from the stewards of the parish and not the visitors to the festival.  We thus ask the non-pledging communicants of our parish to be faithful, regular and generous in the annual pledge drive  as well as their regular attendance on Sundays and Holy Days with candle offerings and the trays.

Cordially submitted,
James Silva


                                    Stewardship                        $8,433.97
                                    Total Envelopes                  $       0.00
                                    Sunday collections            $3,910.00
                                    Special Fund Raisers        $   100.03
                                    Special Contributions       $1,691.16
                                    Sundry Receipts                $       5.00
                                    Hall Rentals                         $1,100.00
TOTAL REVENUE: $15,240.16


                        Pastoral Expenses                                    $11,446.77
                        Administrative Expenses                        $  9,439.45
                        Building & Grounds                       $  6,246.84
                        Mortgage Loan                                $  4,725.90
                        Social Function                               $  1,338.00
                        World Mission Ministries              $  4,366.67
                        Music & Worship Ministry            $  2,875.21
                        Education Ministry                         $  5,505.87
                        Utilities                                              $     770.32
                        Parish Center                                  $     269.00
                        Youth Ministry                                 $     802.50
                        Hall Rentals                                     $     320.50
TOTAL EXPENSES:  $48,107.03

“Good Habits Formed at Youth Make all the Difference”

 Goya Elects Officers
Co-Presidents: Christian Mitrelis & Athena Sampalis
Co-Vice Presidents: Aris Degaitas & Sophia Sarkis
Treasurer– Alexis Arsenis
Corresponding Secretary—Constantine Coclin
Recording Secretary—Katherine Mitrelis

Annunciation Athletics Program 2015/2016 Basketball League
We have officially started the season  any and all information pertaining to the basketball program can be found on the AAP website: if you have further questions feel free to contact Stephen Sterpis 401-226-3116.

Family Outing—LaSalette Shrine  Monday, Dec. 28th
Join us on December 28th at 3:30 for our trip to LaSalette Shrine sponsored jointly by Goya & the Parish Council and open to all.  $5 for children  age5 and under $10 for ages 6 and up. Portion of proceeds will be given to LaSalette Shrine. Hot chocolate will be provided. A bus is reserved so we can travel together as a group. We will also stop at Bliss Ice Cream afterwards. RVSP with CJ Mitrelis at 401-632-8752.

The following was sent out by Megin Detomasis, one of the Faith Nursery School Staff—the group that is renting space here at our Mihailides Center

I got side tracked watching the events from Paris unfold.  I just kept thinking to myself as a parent, what kind of world are my children growing up in?  Most importantly how do we prepare our children for these kinds of challenges?  What I can tell you is this.  At  the heart of what we do everyday at Faith Nursery school is to help children learn to care for one another.  We want them to know that God made everyone different, yet we are all sharing the same world.  For them their world is just a small classroom, but it is a start.  We want them to know that their actions good or bad, have consequences on other peoples feelings.  We teach them to use their strong voices because what they have to say matters.  We teach them to ask God to watch over us and help us to use kind words and kind play…very useful tools.

VASILOPETA LUNCHEON – Our Annual Vasilopeta Luncheon will be held on Sunday, year’s event once again is Kate Silva. Save the date and further details will be announced. January 17th, immediately following Divine Liturgy.  All proceeds from this Luncheon are for the benefit of St. Basil’s Academy which is a National Obligation of each Philoptochos Chapter in the country.  Chairing this year’s event once again is Kate Silva, Roula Proyous and Eleni Trikoulis.

MEMBERSHIP –STEWARDSHIP– Now is the time to think about your stewardship to Philoptochos for the 2016 year.  Please send your stewardship to the Church Office, attention Philoptochos – Mary Samaras. When doing so, please keep in mind that $15 per capita is sent to the National Philoptochos and $5 per capita to the Metropolis Philoptochos.  Thank you.

SISTERHOOD OF ST. BASIL’S – For just $5 per year, you may support the Sisterhood of St. Basil’s Academy which assists the children residing at the Academy.  Please send your check to the Church Office, attention Philoptochos – Carol Rothemich.  Thank you.

THANK YOU-to all who in any way supported our Annual Greek Food Fair Bazaar.  Once again it was an overwhelming success.  Final figures will be announced in January.”

“A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Merry Christmas to all!!!”


 Christmas Decorations Needed
Each year, various Christmas decorations are needed to decorate our Church. These are most often donated by individuals. If you would like to donate any of these items, listed below, please call our parish office at 942-4188.  All items are to be reserved through the office and not through any particular florist.  Needed are: (Prices listed are estimates only in some cases). Poinsettia Plants (large) $35.00 each (6 needed); Icon Floral Frames – 2 large ($50.00 each) for the Nativity and 2 large for the Epiphany; Candelabras – 2 for the Epiphany ($50.00 each). Holy Water bottles (for Epiphany-Jan 5 & 6) approximately $375.00.

Christmas Gifts from our Bookstore
As you shop for gifts for loved ones, keep in mind that our parish bookstore has a good variety of items for children and adults.  Our stock includes:  CD’s, study bibles, icons, vigil lights, hand censers, prayer ropes, and many, many books on a variety of religious themes, both in English and in Greek.

The Children Of St. Basil’s Academy Need Your Help!!
Please Support Our Vasilopeta Luncheon
Let’s Put a Smile  on the Children’s Faces…

Date: Sunday, January 17, 2016
Place: Mihailides Center
Time:  11:30 AM
DONATIONS: $10.00 Per Person

Call: Kate Silva  946-1935
Roula Proyous  781-8567
Eleni Trikoulis  944-4530


Your stewardship committee meets the first Tuesday of the month…and there are ten members on the committee.  Our main purpose is to generate active participation in the pledge program and to encourage parishioners to give of their time and talent.  It has not been an easy task.  Year after year our pledge program fails to meet our annual budget and we have to rely on proceeds from the festival to make ends meet.  Our concern is that some years our festival has not generated enough because of poor attendance, mostly due to poor weather, to supplement our bills and keep us financially healthy.

We have approximately 550 potential donors in our church—we have received 400 pledges to date.  We estimate that there are 100-150 who have not pledged.  Some of our pledges are individual donors, some are married households donors, some are parents with children donors, some are elderly, some are retired and some are young adults attending college.  Some are struggling to give what they can and some of the 550 don not contribute at all.  Some only donate the year they have a wedding or a baptism and then never pledge again until another child is born.

It is up to us—who are part of the pledge program to keep our church functioning.  We thank God for all of you who so tirelessly give not only monetarily but also give of your time and talent.  Your committee is doing it’s best to try to bring more parishioners into the program, to help those of us who are giving regularly.  Many times those who are regular pledges forget to send in their donation and we have to struggle to take from Peter to pay Paul…as they say.  Please if you have—pledged this year and have forgotten to send in your pledge, it will be appreciated if you can send it in as soon as you are able.  One year Lisa and I had sent in our pledge card in January and completely forgot to send our donation in….we remembered in August when a reminder was sent to us……..and we’re the stewardship chair people!!!  We know it happens!!

We have placed a stewardship table at the back of the church—as a reminder to all. On the stewardship table we have added a suggestion box.  We welcome any of your suggestions or ideas as to how we can reach out to those who are not in our pledge program.  Your suggestions will be very much appreciated.  Also if you have any questions about finances or programs please submit your questions on the card provided nd place it in the box.  It is not necessary to add your name.  I will be checking the box regularly and a response will either be given personally, if you add your name, or if you wish to remain anonymous, a response will be addressed in the monthly Annunciator.

It is so difficult to come before you and ask for your continued help…it seems today you can’t go shopping without sales people asking for a donation for some worthy cause.  We can’t support everything but this is your church…it is your home…it is your guarantee that it will be your home for eternitythere’s no other worthier cause than that!!!  The holidays are coming…it’s a joyous time of year…we are thankful for all that the Lord has provided us…we pray that you and your family will not forget Your Church when counting your blessings!

National Philoptochos Children’s Medical Fund Donates $20 ,000.00 to Hasbro Children’s Hospital Providence, RI
The most critically ill children admitted to Hasbro Children’s Hospital occupy beds in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), which consists of two suites of eight rooms each.  Loved ones are allowed to stay at their child’s bedside but families need to retreat, eat, shower and recharge.  The PICU family room has not been renovated since the hospital was built in 1994.  The grant will assist with the renovation project including reconfiguring the current room to create a suite of new spaces that encourages use by multiple families.  Family members  will have a redesigned space that serves as a haven for those whose children are critically ill and having to spend time in the intensive care unit.  “A home away from home that delivers comfort, solace, brightness and warmth during a difficult time.”

Other recipients of funds raised from the luncheon were awarded to:  Bayside Pediatric Endocrinology, Springfield, Mass., Camp Sunshine at Sebago Lake, Inc. Casco, Maine, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, Mass.,  Health Imperatives, Inc., Brockton, Mass., Julia’s Wings Foundation, Sherman, Conn., Matthew’s Hearts of Hope, Sherman, Conn., Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Mass., New England Disabled Sports (Neds) Lincoln, NH.,  Umass Memorial Children’s Medical Center Palliative Care Program, Worcester, Mass.

Attending the Oct. 31st luncheon in Boston from our parish were:  Georgia Pappas, Bessie Papigiotis, Anna Demetrakas, Josie Aliferakis, Diane Mitrelis, Angela Provost, Koula Rougas, Roula Proyous, Elizabeth Degaitas, Marianne Phelan, Mersine Florio, Stella Vassilopoulos, Maria Zaharakos, Helen Argeris, Mary Quinn, Eleni Pappas & Mary Samaras.

Sponsors for the Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon from our parish
Good Samaritan Philoptochos Society for $1000.00; Michael & Bessie Papigiotis for $250.00; Gregory & Anna Demetrakas for $250.00; Andrew & Diane Mitrelis for $250.00; Marianne Phelan for $250.00; Harry P. & Demetra Hoopis for $250.00; Kathleen Trambukis Coyne for $100.00 and Dr. Eleni T. Pappas Zervos for $100.00.

Donations for the Hospitality Baskets for guests staying in Hotel:
Anna & Gregory Demetrakas donated 100 manicure kits and 100 silk pouches.  Bradford Soap Works, Inc. (West Warwick, RI)  donated 250 bars of soap for the Hospitality  Baskets.  Demetri and Valerie Sampalis donated 4 cases of Dunkin Donuts Coffee for the Hospitality Baskets.  Bessie Papigiotis—Co-Chaired the Hospitality Committee along with Helen Quinn Argeris and Georgia Pappas.

Thur. Morning Dec 24 – Royal Hours (no communion) – 9:30am
Thur. Evening – Dec 24 – Vesper/Liturgy – 6PM (with caroling afterwards)
Fri Morning Dec 25 – Nativity Orthros – 8:15am
Nativity Liturgy – 9:30am

November 2015

On Our Cover
We become so busy asking, “What have I to be thankful for?” that we forget that thanksgiving is not an audit or an inventory but a fundamental attitude toward life. The important questions are these 1) Is my very nature one of thankfulness? 2) Am I as thankful in bad times as in good times? When our hearts are truly thankful, we do not say, “O God, I thank thee for this and that, “but rather, O God, I thank thee for thyself.”
The highest gift of all for which we ought to be thankful is God. He is a living God. He is a personal God who wills, thinks, cares, loves, creates, and continuously acts within his world. This means that God knows me, loves me, guides me, and never leaves me alone. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. He is trustworthy, fulfills his promises, and is everlasting in his forgiveness, compassion and love.
We ought to be thankful for God’s love which is shown in two ways. 1) by his creation. “The heavens declare the glory of God”. Jesus assures us that God knows and feeds the birds, clothes the grass of the field, and makes the sun to shine. Most of all we have and know there is a great mind, a loving heart, and universal truth, and God is still creating. 2) Supremely the love of God is shown in Jesus Christ as redeemer. In his teachings Jesus talked of the love of God for his children. In his deeds Jesus proved that God is a loving, compassionate Father. In his death he shows just how far the love of God would go to call back his wayward children.
We ought to be thankful to God for his fatherly goodness. He loves all of his children. Every human being is made in the spiritual image of God, and he is as concerned with one child-white or black, rich or poor. American or otherwise-as with another. His goodness shows no partiality based on superficial qualities but loves each man as though there were not others to love.

Thank God for himself. This is the fundamental attitude, and all other thanksgiving grows out of it. We show our gratitude by doing what he has taught us to do, by surrendering ourselves wholly and completely to his way, by telling him in prayer of our love for him, and by serving those whom the Father loves.

Fr. Andrew to be Away Nov 2-12
Fr Andrew will travel to California in November to attend the bi-annual meeting of the Archdiocese Presbyter’s Council (APC) in which he represents the clergy of the Boston Metropolis as their elected representative. These meetings will precede the national 4 day clergy retreat of the Archdiocese then after the retreat he will remain there for just some personal time. He will be away from the parish from Nov 2-12.

Medicare Open Enrollment Friday, November 6th at 10:00 am
Open Enrollment is from October 15th to December 7th . If you are turning 65 or getting ready to retire, you may have questions you want answered. A licensed Medicare sales agent will be here, Annunciation Church, 175 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, RI.

Sun Nov 8—St Demetrios Annual Dinner Dance
Venus De Milo Swansea, MA/ 75 Grand Army Highway (Route 6)
Music by: Kostas Haroulakos
Cocktails at 5:30 pm ~ Dinner at 6:30PM
Adults $50.00 per person or reserve a prepaid table of 10 for $45.00 / Dance Only $25.
For reservations call Kostas Mitisis ~ 617-335-5841 or Bill Kyros ~ 401-323-8353

Sat Nov 14—Rathamanthus-Ide Cretan Chapter of Boston
Dinner-Dance at the Cathedral Center, 162 Goddard Ave., Brookline, MA
Entertainment by Cretan recording artists: Nektarios Samolis, Dimitrios Prinaris, Christos Angelidakis
Dance Troupe performances and Cretan cuisine will be served
For Information contact: Giannis Sfakianakis-781-492-5545, Maria Binieris-508-726-7427
Michael Terzakis-617-347-4970—Admission $50.00 adults-$30.00 students-children under 10 free

Sat Nov 21—St. Spyridon Newport—100th Anniversary Gala
Hotel Viking – One Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI
Cocktails 6:30 pm ~ Dinner 7:30 pm
Music by: Orfeas $100.00 per person
For Information please contact Maria Stefanopoulos-Johnson at 401-842-7227
Anna Kyriakides at 401-862-6777 / Mary Kyriakakis at 508-742-8632

Hellenic Nursing Home Radiothon
The 40th annual radiothon for the benefit of the Hellenic Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center of Canton, MA will be held on Boston area Greek radio programs on 2 consecutive weekends on radio station WNTN 1550 AM.
Fri Nov 6 or 13 from 7am-11am = 617-969-1550
Sun Nov 8 & 15 from 7am-2PM = 617-969-1550


Pancake Bar with eggs & home fries..$6.00 each
Come and enjoy a great family morning!!
Raffle Prizes!!!!!!
“Pictures with Santa”

Inspire us to be like Saint Nicholas who brought comfort and joy to children and their families. We ask this in the name of the Holy Child, Jesus, whose coming we await with anticipation and  love.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News

Financial Report for the period ending (September 30, 2015)
Endowment Fund Portfolio:  $713,354.92
Endowment Fund Checking Account: $5,235.78

Donor( s) for the current period:
In Memory of James Limperis (died 10/20/15) donations to the Endowment Fund: Drs. John & Eleni Zervos

 In memory of Michael Lekos (died 9/12/15) donations to the Endowment Fund: M/M James Silva: Drs. John & Eleni Zervos

In memory of Georgia Manolakos (died 7/30/15) (continued from previous month) M/M Christopher Pappas

In memory of Dr. Nicholas Pliakas (died 7/3/15) donations to the Endowment Fund: Mrs. Mary Samaras

Food for Thought
Thanks to Costa Grammas, an astute member of our Endowment Fund Committee, who provided the following information that bears repeating: In 1626, the Dutch acquired Manhattan for roughly 60 guilders in assorted goods from the Lenape People.  Exactly what this converts to be is difficult to estimate, however, common folklore contends it was $24 (or roughly $1,000 in today’s currency).  Today, the land alone on Manhattan is estimated to be over 500 billion dollars, however, had the Lenape invested that same $24, it too would be worth billions today because of compound interest.  Fast forward almost 300 years, when our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers emigrated from Greece and established Orthodox churches in their new homeland at the turn of the 19th century.  Had they invested $5,000 ($100,000 today) in 1912 at 6% interest, when left untouched, it could be worth $1.6 million today.  Likewise, if we were to invest $100,000 today with the same assumptions, it would be worth close to $34 million one hundred years from now for the benefit of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

The Endowment Fund Committee wishes to express its deep appreciation for your continuing support.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Samaras, Endowment Fund Secretary 

Let us take a moment and remember our Veteran’s Nov. 11th. 
God Bless you dear Veterans we thank you for our freedom everyday.  In remembering, we salute you with pride and feel very blessed, we had and have the nation’s very best.


We have to date 377 parishioners with a total pledge of $192,852.00
The Actual Amount Received is $177, 945.73
Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2015:

Christina Arsenis; M/M Michael Baldoumis; Yiota Bertrand; LisaMarie Henderson; M/M James Limperis; Catherine Louth; Gregory Mihailides; Nicholas Pakuris; Georgia Scapinakis; Eleni Tsigaridas; M/M Nikolaos Tsigaridas; M/M George Tsimikas; and M/M Vasilios Zafiriades.


A generous donation was made to the Priest’s Discretionary Fund for those in need by, Drs. Kathryne & Robert Leonard, in honor of their parents, M/M Robert Leonard, Mr. Joseph Gagne & the late Rita Gagne

Robert & Lorrie Goralski celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on October 6th. They were married at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, on October 6th, 1990.  Best Wishes.

Recent Deaths
James Limperis, age 59, of Seekonk, MA passed away on 10/20/2015.  His funeral and burial was held on 10/24/2015.  Anastasia (Xiarhos) LeClair, age 72, of Coventry, RI. passed away on 10/30/15.  Her funeral and burial was held on 11/3/15.  Also the mother of our parishioner James Karon (Ines Karon) age 94, passed on in Boston.  Her funeral and burial was held on 10/6/15.  The mother of our parishioner Kevin Badway (Barbara Badway) of North Providence passed away on 10/6/2015, her funeral and burial was held on 10/9/15 at her parish.

~May Their Memory Be Eternal~

New Orthodoxy 101 Series in December

The 4/part series of classes for those desiring to enter the Orthodox Church (as well as those born in the Orthodox Church) which reviews the basic history, teaching & life of Orthodoxy will be held on—Mon, Dec. 14th, Tues, Dec. 15th, Mon, Dec 21 & Tues, Dec 22, from 7:30-9:00 pm.  Please register thru the parish office (401)-942-4188.


Below we have the September 2015 financial data.


Stewardship                                        $   8,313.33
Total Envelopes                                  $   0.00
Sunday Collections                            $   3,738.00
Special Contributions                         $ 11,477.99
Special Fund Raisers                         $   2,390.03
Sundry Receipts                                 $   2,032.00
Parish Center                                      $   2,775.00
TOTAL REVENUE:                         $ 30,726.35

                        World Mission Ministry                       $   4,366.67
Education Ministry                              $   2,282.55
Youth Ministry                                     $   0.00
Music & Worship Ministry                   $   2,743.65
Pastoral Expenses                             $ 12,173.12
Administrative Ministry                      $   7,558.98
Buildings & Grounds                          $   7,270.84
Parish Center                                      $   4,766.42
Utilities                                                $   2,898.03
Special Function Expenses               $   2,386.85
Mortgage Loan                                   $   4,725.90
Total Expenses                               $ 51,173.01

Please note that the total expenses for September were $51,173.01 but the total revenue income for the month was $30,726.35. The expenses exceeded the revenue by $20,446.66 for the month thus requiring the church to transfer money from the Festival Account to make ends meet. It is very important for everyone to try and submit their stewardship payments in a timely fashion. This will insure that the monthly revenue flow will be adequate to pay the bills.

If anyone has any specific questions they can submit those questions to my attention at the church office.

Cordially Submitted by
James Silva

Just ahead-Goya Leaf Raking Session Sun Nov. 8th
Every year Goya helps the elderly of our Church Community by raking leaves. This year Goyans will be racking on Nov. 8th after coffee hour. Pizza will be provided.  Goyans are asked to bring rakes or leaf blowers  Our elderly parishioners (Cranston area) who would like their leaves raked should contact CJ Mitrelis at 401-632-8752.

Just ahead- Hope & Joy event Fri Nov 20th
We invite all Hope and Joy youth (Pre-K-3rd) to join us for our next event on Nov 20th from 5-7PM. Dinner will be provided and families are asked to bring desserts to share.

Just ahead- Goya Lock-in Fri Nov 20th  / Overnight.
Our first Lock-in for youth grade 6-12, will be held from Friday Nov 20th starting at 6pm and ending Nov 21st with pick up no later than 11:30 am. Remember to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Families are asked to bring a dessert. We ask that children bring a box of Band-Aids for our IOCC hygienic kits which we will be making as the year progresses. RVSP with CJ Mitrelis at 401-632-8752.  This is also a District Youth Retreat of our Metropolis for SE New England, so invite your relatives and friends from neighboring Orthodox parishes.

Family Night-Friday, Friday Dec. 4th @ 5:30PM
Special segment for parents (see back page)

Family Outing—LaSalette Shrine  Monday, Dec. 28th
Join us on December 28th at 3:30 for our trip to LaSalette Shrine. $5 for children 5 and under $10 for ages 6 and up. Portion of proceeds will be given to LaSalette Shrine. Hot chocolate will be provided. A bus is being considered depending on the numbers of attendees. RVSP with CJ Mitrelis at 401-632-8752.


The ANNUAL GREEK FOOD FAIR AND CHRISTMAS BAZAAR of our Philoptochos is fast approaching, and we are all working diligently to make our biggest fund-raiser a success once again this year.  As always, we are thankful and grateful for your continued support each year.  Please come and enjoy the delicious food and pastries.  Dinners will be served all day Saturday, and of course, on Sunday…..after Divine Liturgy.

So plan to come…… eat dinner, enjoy dessert and help Philoptochos to help those in need throughout the year.  We remind you once again that hand knit items, prizes for raffles, Silent Auction items, and of course, assorted pastries (Greek and other baked goods) are needed. New this year, is “NOT YOUR YIAYIA’S CLOSET’, chaired by Elaine Sardella.  Gently used prom dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, party dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, will be displayed in the Library to sell.  Please call Elaine at 641-4454 with any questions you may have.  We all have fancy dresses of this type in our closets.  Please be sure the items are clean and ready to sell.  Thank you. Bazaar Chairladies this year are Diane Mitrelis (946-3339) and Stephanie Venditelli.  Please call Diane with any questions.

THANKSGIVING BASKETS – Once again, Philoptochos will extend a helping hand to those in need. If there is a family or individual whose Thanksgiving holiday will be a little brighter by receiving a Thanksgiving gift,  please call Bessie Papigiotis (949-3240), or Georgia Pappas (351-3927) to give the information.

OPERATION HOUSEWARMING – HOMELESS VETERANS PROJECT – We are winding down our year-long effort with this Metropolis-wide project for our Chapter very soon.  We thank everyone for their support of this worthwhile cause.  Housewarming Baskets with necessary items are being prepared to bring to our local VA facility for distribution to homeless veterans setting up their apartments.  Cost of one basket is $100.  Monetary donations are being accepted to buy supplies, or you may bring items that are needed to fill a basket.  A Poster Board with a list of items is in the entranceway of the Church Office. Our goal is 12 complete baskets for Veteran’s Day.—thanks to your help, we are almost there.

PHILOPTOCHOS CHRISTMAS PARTY- Our Philoptochos Christmas Party will be held on Thursday evening, December 3rd, at Spain Restaurant, in Cranston.  Please save the date and details and more information will be announced soon. Chairlady is Karen Drager

VASILOPETA LUNCHEON – Our Annual Vasilopeta Luncheon will be held on Sunday, January 17th, immediately following Divine Liturgy.  All proceeds from this Luncheon are for the benefit of St. Basil’s Academy which is a National Obligation of each Philoptochos Chapter in the country.  Chairing this year’s event once again is Kate Silva.  Save the date and further details will be announced.

MEMBERSHIP –STEWARDSHIP– Now is the time to think about your stewardship to Philoptochos for the 2016 year.  Please send your stewardship to the Church Office, attention Philoptochos – Mary Samaras. When doing so, please keep in mind that $15 per capita is sent to the National Philoptochos and $5 per capita to the Metropolis Philoptochos.  Thank you.

SISTERHOOD OF ST. BASIL’S – For just $5 per year, you may support the Sisterhood of St. Basil’s Academy which assists the children residing at the Academy.  Please send your check to the Church Office, attention Philoptochos – Carol Rothemich.  Thank you.


We hope to see you all at our Christmas Bazaar.  A very Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to all.


2015 Metropolis of Boston Clergy Laity Address

Our Clergy Laity Assembly convenes at a most critical time not only for our Metropolis, but for our Archdiocese and Orthodoxy throughout the world. Over the last year, I had the opportunity to participate in 11 meetings of the Holy Synod of our Ecumenical Patriarchate, traveling as I did on a monthly basis to Constantinople. This past September, at the end of the meeting of the Holy Synod, I also had the opportunity to meet with another 140 or so bishops from throughout the world who are in the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Among the items on the agenda were the preparations for the Holy and Great Pan-Orthodox Council which is scheduled to take place in Constantinople in conjunction with the feast of Pentecost, 2016. We were brought up to date on the progress of the various theological dialogues, including those with the W.C.C., the Orthodox-Roman Catholic, the Orthodox-Lutheran, Orthodox-Anglican, etc. Hierarchs from Greece reported on the refugee tragedy that has reached the shores of Greece as well as the humanitarian outreach of the church on the islands of Kos, Lesvos, and Karpathos.

During these meetings we had the opportunity of sharing our pastoral experiences. Many hierarchs opined that people have lost their sense of identity and purpose. Here in America, it seems that one’s value in society is largely identified by his career and his economic status. Many men and women suffer apathy, disinterest, and depression. In America and throughout the world, man’s relentless obsession for wealth at all costs has led to the abuse of the natural environment. Religious fanaticism has led to never before seen levels of extremism, of violence and death especially in the Middle East and North Africa as well as in Ukraine. We cannot but be concerned about the massive displacement of countless thousands of refugees forced to leave the Middle East. We cannot but be reminded of our brethren who suffered in Smyrna and Asia Minor one hundred years ago. Many of today’s refugees are Christians, including Orthodox.

Shortly following my return to the United States, I attended meetings of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of the United States. During the three day conclave we engaged in fruitful discussions on various pastoral issues as well as the subject of the future of Orthodoxy in America. We discussed the fact that we living in the United States are witnessing our children becoming victims of unprecedented violence of all types in our neighborhoods, our homes, and our schools. Only a couple of days ago nine innocent college students were assassinated by a crazed individual. We Orthodox are challenged to witness our faith in our neighborhoods where mistrust and racial tension rear their ugly heads on a daily basis. Life is under attack. It is sad to see that marriage is no longer understood as a special relationship between a man and a woman. Many decide to live together and bear children outside of marriage.

It is vital that orthodoxy has something to say about these  and other challenges facing society today, living as we do in a pluralistic environment. We cannot close our eyes to what is happening around us. We are called to share the Gospel of Orthodoxy with everyone. Statistics provided by the Pew Foundation and other study groups compel us to look within and ask ourselves about the present state of our Archdiocese, Metropolis and our parishes. We are all aware of statistics which report that the number of marriages and baptisms blessed in our churches is down, as is the number of faithful who worship on a regular basis. Do we dare ask what lies ahead?

What will our Church look like 10, 15, or 20 years down the road? The picture will not be very bright if we do not take Christ’s commandment seriously to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.” We must ask ourselves if we take that commandment seriously and respond with the same zeal as did the 12 disciples that did “go” into the world to teach and make disciples.  Honestly: Do we go out into our parishes, our towns, our cities and neighborhoods to bring the message of salvation? Every community in New England has a large number of faithful that are (for one reason or another) not active in their parish.  Do we “go” to them? Do we “go” to those that are not baptized to share the Evangellion of salvation?  Do we “go” to our young adults, many of whom are professional men and women to encourage them to serve on our parish councils—to bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the work of the church?  Two years ago we inaugurated a program known as Orthodoxy on Tap.  We went where young adults gather to engage them in dialogue about the church and their spiritual lives.  We will continue that program this year.

Let the ecclesiastical year which lies ahead be a year dedicated to re-evangelize, to re-catechize, to re-teach the faith….to encourage one and all to “observe all  that Christ has commanded us”.  The truth is that many brethren sitting in the pews of our parishes are not knowledgeable of even the basic teachings and tenets of Orthodoxy!  The  truth is that we have not reached out to bring into the embrace of Orthodoxy those who seek to quench their spiritual thirst at Jacob’s well.

 Today we have three dynamic speakers, Fr. Bob Archon, Dr. Anton Vrame and Theo Nicolakis who will address our assembly during the morning session. They will be followed by Metropolis ministry reports. Following lunch we will have the opportunity to attend one of 9 workshops.  Please enjoy the day.  Ask questions, contribute to the discussions. I sincerely hope that you return to your communities renewed in our faith.

Metropolitan Methodios

ADVENT BEGINS NOVEMBER 15  /  The Christmas Lent

Advent is the sacred season of preparation, penitence and expectancy! “Advent” means “the coming” and refers to the coming of our Lord as an infant child….as the fulfillment of all the ancient prophesies…..the coming of the Redeemer!

 In our Orthodox Tradition, Advent is a 40-day period of preparation for the Feast of the Nativity, the Blessed event of the Birth of Jesus Christ, when the second person of the Holy Trinity entered human history, when God took on flesh.

During this season, the Church recognizes the spiritual and psychological need for readying the believer’s mind and soul for the anniversary of Christ’s Coming as the Babe of Bethlehem…..for His Coming to the hearts of those who love Him.

“…lifting our minds to Bethlehem, let us ascent with our conscience and behold the great Mystery that is in the cave…” (from an Advent Vesper Hymn).

Most especially, during Advent, our Holy Church reminds us to be very careful of the secularization and commercialization of the Christmas Season.  The Church also encourages her faithful to perform works of charity and penance, to practice the discipline of fasting in preparation of the up-coming feast, to spend extra time in prayer and meditation.  All this, in order to prepare for celebrating as worthy as possible, the Coming of God in the flesh, the Birth of Our Lord and Saviour.

The Advent Food Fast is broken into two distinct periods.

NOV 15—Dec 12:  Sun, Mon Tues, Thurs & Sat. are a “light fast”. 

Weds & Fri. are a “strict fast”

Dec 13—Dec 24:  All days are a strict fast with oil & wine permitted on Sat. & Sun.

As with all fasting seasons, fasting is to be done in accordance with peoples age and health

To Participate in This Years Parish Christmas Card Return this coupon by Dec 7

Print in English how you’d like your name to appear

Your Name___________________________________________________________________

Phone Number’s___________________________

Amount of enclosed donation: $___________           /  Cash_____  /   Check _____

AHEPA’S Active Role for Humanitarian Assistance in Greece

National Ahepa has assisted with the crisis in Greece  in the following manners: 

  • AHEPA collaborated with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) to secure nine shipping containers of medical supplies which have been delivered all throughout Greece, totaling more that $6 million in medical supply aid. Each container costs between $15k and $20k to secure.
  • A tenth medical supply container is planned to be secured and sent in September.
  • In 2013, AHEPA Canada donated a rigid bronchoscope machine valued at 10,000 euros (approximately $12k Canadian) to Evangelismos Hospital. It is used to prevent bleeding while positioning stents in tumors.
  • More than $500k was given to Apostoli Mission in Athens to feed people in Greece.
  • AHEPA’S 31 chapters in Greece are helping local communities through charitable and philanthropic initiatives and programs.
  • To date, the AHEPA family has raised nearly $700k for humanitarian aid for the people of Greece to secure public health assistance or to help feed those in need.


Are we ready, all the hustle and bustle that is created by the stores sending out  flyers, special day sales events, longer hours for shopping.  The stress begins and we also start to get caught up in the flow of all this.  Is that what the holidays though are all about, buying material things, spending money that is not there to be spent.  “No” the true meaning of a gift giving holiday is to make it special.  Our faith is the first step to be considered, make the time for Church. Make it a family holiday event.  Come and enjoy the true meaning of a Christian holiday, be in Church to pray and  listen to the divine service and sing with choir.

 There is no gift you can give that is more meaningful than spending quality family church time together. So make the plan with the family!  Give the gift of family church time. 

Save the Date, Friday, December 4, 2015

Come to meet and hear Dr Philip Mamalakis
Author of “The Journey of Marriage” used in our Marriage  Preparation Seminars.

He will speak to already married couples on the topic of “Keeping your Marriage Strong Thru Loving Communication”

~Donations to the Annunciation Church are welcomed~

This special event will take place within “Family Night”      5:30—7:30 p.m. Child care will be provided for those who are potty trained and older, by our Goyans

Light Dinner for all  @ 5:30 pm
Dr. Mamalakis ‘ talk @  6:30 pm
Youth Groups Activities @ 6:30 pm
Final Departure @ 8 pm

Reservations are requested  email:
Please state if you need “child care”
Give names and ages