January 2016

On Our Cover

Jesus instructed that Baptism was needed in order to gain eternal life in heaven.  He said in John 3:5 :

“Unless a man be “born again” of water & spirit, He cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.”

Thus Baptism is the 1st step to paradise.

Baptism, unites us to Christ our Lord in a most significant manner as “heirs” of the Kingdom of Heaven, as God’s sons & daughters.  This is really a heavy thing and of great importance.

But we need to keep in mind, that a Baptism is not “magical”.  Baptized people need to live the teachings of Christ in their daily actions & activities.  They need to be “as Christ” to be people of love, people of peace and forgiving people when there may have been some type of offense.  Baptized people need to care for others & support those in need as Christ instructed us to do.

Baptized people also need to repentant when they may have sinned, for this happens—sin that is, no one is without sin and no one is perfect.  When we recognize our sin as something harmful to us and to others, we need to make correction and restitution.  Therein we receive God’s grace again through the Sacrament of Confession & Communion and restore the Baptismal grace upon us and begin re-newed to follow Christ more closely.

We should also at this time, reflect upon the family Baptisms, noting them as a most vital part of our family life. When you reflect back far enough, you will reach the era of Jesus Christ and then even further back to the era of creation, when God formed and fashioned man & woman with His hands.

The Feast of Theophany (The Baptism of our Lord that we celebrate the 1st half of January) takes us back to creation, for the Blessing of the Waters as we Orthodox celebrate, which actually is a physical action that pronounces and  accents the Divine Miracle of creation and God’s relationship with His creation.

The Blessing of the water (and with it all of creation) acknowledges the dependence we have on the creation God has given us for water is essential to existence.  Most prime is the water. In turn we celebrate the relationship we have with God, as our creator, who has given us this earthly existence in advance of the heavenly.

Thus my beloved –

Let us not take our Baptisms for granted.

Let us believe deeply into what happens in this Major Sacrament of the Church and its long term affect on us; an affect that can ultimately lead us to Paradise.

Fr. Andrew


Thank you for your kind donations of our Christmas decorations:  Josephine Aliferakis—1 Poinsettia  for Christmas (in memory of William Aliferakis). Fred & Estelle Demars-1 large Icon for Christmas (in memory of Harriet Butler and her son Mark Davis). Susanna Manis-2 Poinsettias for Christmas (in memory of George & Helen Manis & Elias Bassakyros). Paul & Gera Degaitas-12 Evergreen Wreaths for Christmas (in memory of father John Degaitas & brother Stanley Degaitas). Maria Zaharakos-2 Poinsettias for Christmas (in memory of  husband Peter). Carole Xanthakis-1 large Icon for Epiphany (in memory of husband John Xanthakis).  Afrodite Fotopoulos-1 large Icon for Epiphany (in memory of husband George from the family).  Afrodite Fotopoulos-2 Poinsettias for Christmas (in memory of husband George from the family).  M/M Polydoros Petrou-1 candelabra for Epiphany,  M/M Vasilios Melanis-1 candelabra for Epiphany  (in memory of parents Spiros & Constantina Fotopoulos and brother George Fotopoulos).  M/M Christos Mantsos-2 medium Icons– 1 for Christmas and 1 for Epiphany (in memory of Nikolaos & Smaro Mantsos from grandchildren, Smaro & Artemis), 2 small Christmas trees at the Church entrance in memory of Anna Campopiano and Presvytera Maria, by Fr. Andrew, 6 Poinsettias donated by James & Nancy Harritos and 4 large outdoor wreaths and ribbons were donated by Anna Demetrakas.

We also thank the committee that decorated the interior of the Church for Christmas, headed up by Elizabeth Degaitas and assisted by Betty Ann Andriotis and Ioanna Rawlinson.  KAI TOU CHRONOU.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News

Financial Report for the period ending November 2015

                                Endowment Fund Portfolio$ 727,649.52

                              Endowment Fund Checking Account $5743.28

Kudos To A Trailblazer

Did you know……

In March 1979, our most beloved Archbishop lakovos of Blessed Memory announced that the Archdiocese was granted “Non-Governmental Status” at the United Nations.  This uplifting designation made it possible for the Greek Orthodox Church to increase its involvement in the programs, activities and seminars of the UN, along with visitations to its headquarters.  At that moment, the spirits of all of our immigrant forefathers surely must have soared with happiness and pride!!!

 Additional in Memory of Georgia Manolakos (died 7/30/15) donations to the Endowment Fund: by M/M Christodoulos Andriotis

 Additional in Memory of  James Limperis (died 10/20/15) donations to the Endowment Fund: by John Psikakos

 Additional in Memory of Angelo Maintanis (died 11/18/15) donations to the Endowment Fund:

M/M James Degaitas,  M/M Stanley Brown Jr., M/M Al Centracchio, Mary Ann Ciano, M/M Gregory Demetrakas, M/M James Demetriou, Louis Dostou, Edwin Furtado, M/M Michael Haveles, Olga Haveles, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Janigian, Jr., M/M Andrew Jeas, Julie Karahalios, Peter Leasca,  M/M Christos Mantsos, Elizabeth Marses, M/M George Nonis, M/M Michael Papigiotis, M/M Ernest Pappas, Annunciation Church Philoptochos Society, M/M Steven Richard, M/M Constantine Rougas, Mary Samaras, M/M Albert Scappaticci, Sinel,Wilford & Vinci CPA’s, Peter, Kalomoira & Maria Speridakos, M/M Peter Vassilopoulos

In Memory of Eftichia Gioni—donations to the Endowment Fund:
M/M Michael Papigiotis, Antonia Vanikiotis

 Generous Donation of $30,000.00 to the Endowment Fund:
Directly by Dr. Mary Lekas

We have to date  461 parishioners with a pledge of $239,347.00
The actual amount received to date is $236,735.70

Since our last newsletter the following pledges have been received for 2015:
Jon Alexion, Nicholas Bouris, Sheri Cesario, M/M Nicholas Distaolo, M/M Kenneth Falcone, M/M Spiro Fotopoulos, M/M Theodoros Fotopoulos, John Grossomanides, Spiro Haritos, M/M James Hosey, Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Kanelos, Karissa Karageorge, M/M Fotis Karageorgos, Dr. Elias & Mrs. Koutros, M/M Demetrios Ladas, M/M Nicholas Lambros, Dr. Andrew Lekos, Jason Maintanis, Theodora Maniatakos, Peter Manis, Artemis Mantsos, M/M Christos Mantsos, Smaro Mantsos,  M/M Andrew Mihailides, Peter Mihailides, John Mihelakos,  Nicoletta Panos,  Helene Papantonis, Dawn Pappas,  M/M Petros Petrou, Lorena Pesek, Dr. & Mrs. James Photopoulos, Frederick Promades,  M/M Paul Provost, Elaine Regopoulos, M/M William Rougas, Konstantina Sampalis, Patricia Skoutas, M/M Robert Senerchia, M/M Ernest Sotirakos, Jeanne Stappas, Anne Stevens, Theodora Stone, M/M Aristotelis Tsonis, M/M Peter Vican, M/M Kenneth White, Leona Zachos, Ariana Zervos.

Thank you to all our 2015 participants  – If you have forgotten, it is not to late—simply call the office and pledge over the phone (401) 942-4188.

 Dr. Mamalakis Well Received
Last months program that featured Dr. Philip Mamalakis was very meaningful and enriching.  The parish council offered this special event with much joy through the efforts of Voula Devlin, Elaine Crabtree and Elaine Otto.  We thank Demetri Benekos for providing the pizza, an anonymous donor who provided the clam chowder, pasta and green salad and James Harritos for cooking.

An old Cherokee is teaching her grandchildren about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” she said to the girl. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.” “One is evil—he is anger, hate, envy, sorrow, greed, rage, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, betrayal, false pride, and hurtful.” “The other is good—he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, peaceful, generosity, truth, compassion, forgiveness, and faith.””This same fight is going on inside you—and inside every other person, too.” The granddaughter thought about it for a minute and then asked her grandmother: Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee smiled and replied, –  “The one you feed.”

 A Blessed, Healthy & Prosperous New Year 2016 to All
This is a  leap year, year

Special 2016 Liturgical Dates
Triodion Begins – Feb 21
1st Saturday of Souls – March 5
Meat Fare Sunday – March 6
Great Lent Begins – March 14
(Western Easter – March 27)
Orthodox Palm Sunday – April 24
Orthodox Pascha – May 1
Ascension Day – June 9
Pentecost – June 19

Godparent/Godchild Observance –  Sun Jan 31  (Goya Luncheon following)
Valentine Luncheon (complementary) Sponsored by the Parish Council – Sun Feb 14 after Liturgy.

Special Program – “Christian Trinity & Islam” sponsored by the RI Orthodox Clergy Fellowship – Sun Feb 21 (Assumption Parish – Pawtucket / 5PM

Joint event of the Assumption & Annunciation Parishes – APOKRIES Glendi (Mardi Gras) with Basile the Comedian – Saturday March 12 – Foxboro, MA at Demetri’s Functions (2 Washington St—route 1).

Attention College Students
See within for information on applying for this year’s scholarship through the     PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation – 20 awards of $10K each based on academic achievement & financial need and another 20 awards of $2,500 each based solely on academic achievement.

All Providence area Orthodox college students are invited to join in on the Brown University OCF gatherings – held most Tuesdays at 6PM at J Walter Wilson Building / Room 409.  Fr Elie Estephan of St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Parish is the coordinator <frelie@stmarypawtucket> or by phone at 1-(240)205-9079


2015 Ecclesiastical Report

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
WEDDINGS 4 12 13 8 11 11 8 12
BAPTISMS 25 26 16 22 23 13 26 19
CHRISMATIONS 0 1 3 3 4 4 1 6
FUNERALS 25 21 21 27 25 31 17 22
TOTALS 54 60 53 60 62 59 52 59

Eviana, daughter of Matthew & Marina Barboza on January 25. Godparent was  Kassiane Campopiano.

Alexandra Eve, daughter of Scott & Heather Bravi on February 21. Godparent was Benjamin Ross.

Samantha Jane, daughter of Michael & Jennifer Hayes on February 22. Godparent was  Jason Xynellis

Nikolaos, son of Nektarios & Anna Maria Arsenis on February 22. Godparents were James & Paraskevi Andriotis.

Alexia Maria, daughter of Demetrios / Vanessa Ladas on April 19 Godparent was Konstantina Sampalis.

Ava Christina, daughter of Donald & Larissa Capuano on April 25. Godparents were Stephanie & Boris Mocka

James Charles, son of Jason & Rebecca Xynellis on May 16. Godparent was Stephanie Todd.

Melina, daughter of Gregory & Maria Tsonis on May 30.  Godparents were Argirios & Vasiliki Christou.

Eugenia Esmerelda, daughter of Peter & Eleni Xiarhos on May 31. Godparent was Anthony N. George.

Ellieanna Georgia, daughter of Anthony & Effie Lopez on June 6. Godparent was Themistoklis Filippou.

Zoe Dimitra, daughter of Anthony & Effie Lopez on June 6. Godparent was Dimitrios Filippou.

Emma Brooklyn, daughter of  Jared & Carrie Lynn Coyne on June 7. Godparent was Matthew Panichas.

Samuel Teddy, son of Barbara Boudalis on June 28. Godparent was Ted Michael Boudalis.

Sotiria Genevieve Joy, daughter of Stamatios & Erika Revis on June 28. Godparent was Nikolaos Revis.

Jackson Michael, son of Joseph & Teresa DiCarlo on July 11. Godparent was Andrea Palmieri.

Anastasia, daughter of John & Eva Loezos on September 5. Godparents were Anastasia & Gregoris Kimbouris.

Oliviani, daughter of John & Eva Loezos on September 5. Godparent was Sophia Schneider-Stolis

Kostantinos Vasilios, son of William & Angelika Rougas on October 4. Godparents were Ted & Ellen Giannacopoulos.

Penelope, daughter of Daniel & Renee Beaudoin on October 18. Godparent was Bessie Papigiotis.

Loukas Nikolaos, son of Grigorios & Gina Marie Sifakis on October 24. Godparent was Maria Markos.

Christian Theodore, son of Michael & Jennifer Kyriakakis on October 25. Godparent was Lisamarie Kyriakakis.

Constandiana Angelia, daughter of Theodoros & Nikki Fotopoulos on October 25. Godparent was Eleni Tsigaridas.

Katherine Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander & Jennifer Carr on October 31. Godparent was Nicholas Carr

Casianna Arista, daughter of Nicholas & Heidi Bosh on December 5. Godparent was Cody Callahan

Kloe Irene, daughter of Jonathan & Tammy Michailides on December 12. Godparent was Chris Michailides.


Nicholas Edmund Sullivan to Andrea Lynn Corrigan both from Warwick on May 23. Sponsor was Christos Vasiliadis

Steven Joseph DiDino to Christina Florio both from Narragansett on July 18. Sponsor was Thalia Tzorzis Vlepakis

Andrew David Martel to Michelle Marie Laprad both from Middletown on July 25. Sponsor was Helena Lambrakis

Cody Thomas Callahan to Madison Pray Smith both from Seekonk on October 4. Sponsor was Lee Stephanopoulos

Recent Deaths

The sister of our parishioner George Grammas (Eftichia Ghionis) passed away in Buffalo NY.  The mother of our parishioner Garifalia Melanis (Julia Mariola) passed on in Greece. The mother of our parishioner Marie Lascarides (Elvira) age 82, passed away 12/24/15 in New York,  the brother of our parishioners Marcos, Takis & Anthony Fountoulakis (Michalis) passed on in Greece, the father of our parishioner Dr Margret Tryforos (Nicholas) passed on in Flushing, NY on Dec 31.

~May Their Memory be Eternal~


2015 Stewardship Review
Below is a chart depicting the results of this years stewardship program.
Also included with the totals for amount pledged and number of stewards
participating, is a breakdown of the demographics for those who pledged.

Totals for year of 2015
AMOUNT PLEDGED $239,347.00
Pledge Demographics
Disabled 1
Divorced 15
Married 171
Single 71
Widow/Widower 85
Divorced with Children 7
Full Time College 4
Married with Children 92
Retired Couple 10
Retired Single 4
Single with Children 1

We Thank You for Your Thanksgiving Donation
John Alexion, Pauline Alexion, Josephine Aliferakis, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Allendorf, M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, Nicholas Bouris, M/M  Michael Campopiano, Rebecca Cardillo, Sue Cimino. M/M George Coclin, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M  Gregory Demetrakas, Helen DiMaio, Louis Dostou, Georgia Fortunato, Artemis Frangos, Rev. Andrew George, Argiri Ghionis, M/M George C. Grammas, M/M James Grammas, M/M Carl Hague, M/M Elias Haralambides, M/M  Michael Haralambides, M/M Demetrios Harritos, M/M John Hatjopoulos, M/M Nicholas Janikies, Julie Pkarahalios, M/M Arthur Kazianis, Niki Kyrou, Angelo Lazarides, M/M William Lehourites, Peter Manis, M/M Christos Mantsos, Elizabeth Marses, Marianthi Mastpiano, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, Anne Morrell, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrissey, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M Ernest Pappas, Mary Pereia, M/M Kevin Phelan, M/M  Carroll Promades, John B. Quinn, Mary Quinn, M/M Nicholas Sarkis, M/M Robert Senerchia, M/M Peter Simone, M/M Michael Sotirakos, M/M Leon Stamatakos, Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, M/M Edward Tarbox,M/M George Trikoulis, Antonia Vanikiotis, M/M Theodore Vaphiades, M/M  Russell Wheatley, Carole Xanthakis, Katherine Xiarhos, Zambeta Xiarhos and M/M Frank Zavota.
Total donations were $2232.00.

We Thank You for Your Christmas Donation
Josephine Aliferakis, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Allendorf, M/M Christodoulos Andriotis, M/M Stephen Antoniou, Nicholas Apostolou, M/M Dionysius Argeris, M/M Dimitrios Arsenis, M/M Ilias Arsenis, M/M Savvas Arsoniadis, M/M Loukianos Avramides, Nicholas Bouris, M/M Michael Campopiano, Sherri Cesario, Sue Cimino, Demetra Coclin, M/M George Coclin, M/M Thomas Coyne, M/M James Demetriou, M/M Steven DiDino,  Louis Dostou, Artemis Frangos, Rev. Andrew George, Constance Georgeadys, M/M Constantine Grammas, M/M Carl Hague, M/M Nicholas Hantzakos, M/M Elias Haralambides, M/M Michael Haralambides, M/M Demetrios Harritos, M/M Christopher Hoopis, M/M Nicholas Janikies, Julie Pkarahalios, M/M Arthur Kazianis, James Kripotos, M/M Spiro T. Kyriakakis, Niki Kyrou, M/M William Lehourites, Peter Manis, Elizabeth Marses, M/M Matthew Massenzio, Marianthi Mastriano, M/M Emmanuel Mihailides, M/M Andrew Mitrelis, Dolly Mnayarji, M/M George Moragemos, M/M Theodore Moran, Anne Morrell, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrissey, Theodore Nicolopoulos, M/M  Richard Otto, M/M Christo Pakuris, Anthony Pappas, M/M Ernest Pappas, M/M James Pappas,  Mary Pereira, M/M Demetrios Petrou, Sophia Petrou, M/M  Kevin Phelan, M/M Carroll Promades, M/M Gus Proyous, Mr. Protopsaltis & Dr. Giovanis, John B. Quinn, M/M Steven Rothemich, M/M Robert Senerchia, Christopher Sheehan, Irene Simone, M/M Michael Sotirakos, Elle Strekouras, Ethel Strekouras, Sophia Tzanetos, Dr. Golfo Tzilos, Antonia Vanikiotis, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vezeridis, M/M Theodore Vaphiades, Zambeta Xiarhos, M/M Charles Xynellis, Peter Yidiaris and Eugenia Zaharakos.
Total donations as of 12/31/2015 were $3580.00.

The Children Of St. Basil’s Academy Need Your Help!! Please Support Our Vasilopeta Luncheon Let’s Put a Smile  on the Children’s Faces….

Date: Sunday, January 17, 2016
Place: Mihailides Center
Time:  11:30 AM
DONATIONS: $10.00 Per Person

Call: Kate Silva  946-1935
Roula Proyous  781-8567
Eleni Trikoulis  944-4530

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!  As we begin the year 2016, Philoptochos continues on its journey of PHILANTHROPY.  Our Annual Vasilopeta Luncheon for the benefit of the children of St. Basil’s Academy will be held on Sunday, January 17th, immediately following Divine Liturgy.  This is a wonderful family luncheon enjoyed every year by our Parish Family.  Reservations may be made at the Sunday Coffee Hours or by calling Kate Silva 946-1935.  Tickets are $10 each.

CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Our Christmas celebration was  held  on the evening of December 3rd.  We had a wonderful evening of fellowship, caroling, and of course, a delicious dinner at Spain Restaurant. Thank you to Karen Drager and Georgia Pappas for organizing a great evening.

CHRISTMAS VISITATIONS:  Over the Christmas season, Philoptochos ladies accompanied Father Andrew and Father Emanuel as visits were made to our housebound and nursing home parishioners.  Gifts were prepared by Ann Heberg and Ginger Pappas.  Thank you to Josie Aliferakis,, Kate Silva, Elizabeth Degaitas, Carol Rothemich, Evalina Paraskevakos, Ginger Pappas and Katie Senerchia, who took the time during this busy season to show compassion and kindness (true work of Philoptochos) to these parishioners.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY:  We continue with this project headed by Anna Demetrakas.  This project is ongoing.  At this time, we need baby blankets for the 40-day Baby Blessing Bags and Prayer Shawls.  Yarn will be provided.  Crocheting and knitting is being done at home during the winter months.  We will resume meeting on Monday mornings in the spring.  Thank you to Koula Rougas, Lynda Theroux, Maria Zaharakos, Diane DiCarlo, Josie Aliferakis, Mersine Florio, Bessie Papigiotis, and Anna Demetrakas who continually participate in this Ministry.  Thank you to Ann Heberg and Ginger Pappas for preparing the 40-Day Blessing Baby Bags.

MEMBERSHIP:  The New Year 2016 is here, and we remind you to be sure to send your membership to the Church Office attention Philoptochos/Mary Samaras.  Please keep in mind when remitting your membership that $15 per capita is sent to the National Philoptochos and $5 per capita is sent to the Metropolis Philoptochos. Thank you.

SISTERHOOD OF ST. BASIL’S:  We remind you also to support the Sisterhood of St. Basil’s by sending in $5 to the Church Office attention Philoptochos/Carol Rothemich. Welcome to the Sisterhood Ginger Pappas, Diane Mitrelis, Evalina Paraskevakos.

DONATIONS AND OBLIGATIONS:  We ended the Philoptochos year with the following donations and obligations:  National Philoptochos –Ecumenical Patriarchate $100; Ecumenical Patriarchate tray collection $503; Sisterhood of Presvyteres Benevolent Fund $100; General Medical Fund $100; UNICEF $100; Metropolis of Boston Camp and Retreat Center $300; Interfaith Food Ministry $500; Elizabeth Buffum Chase House $75; Hospice Care of RI $100; Samaritans $100.

OPERATION HOUSEWARMING-HOMELESS VETERANS’ PROJECT – We are winding down with this project the month of January.  Please look at the list on the Board at the entrance to the Church Office and donate any of the items listed.  If anyone would like to donate a complete basket, cost is $100.  Marianne Phelan is heading this project. If you have any questions, please call her at 943-9201.  Thank you to all that have contributed in any way thus far.

Our next Philoptochos meeting will be held on Monday, January 18, 6:15 Board Meeting and 7:00 p.m. General Meeting.  We invite all ladies to join us and help Philoptochos continue on our mission which is to help those less fortunate and in need of our help.  Please consider becoming a member of Philoptochos.

A very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year to all!!

Happy New Years!! We are about to begin the new year of 2016. Let’s take a final look at 2015. Below you can see the total revenues and expenses for December and also the entire year of 2015. Total revenues for the year were $459,507.24, however, our expenses for the year were $629,780.79. Our expenses exceeded our revenues by $170,273.55. This shortfall required the church to use money generated at the summer festival. Hopefully 2016 will be a better year.

Cordially submitted,
James Silva

                                                            Dec 2015                     Entire Year 2015
           Stewardship                            $39,159.93                  $247,506.75
            Total Envelopes                       $ 4,410.00                  $ 15,971.20
            Sunday Collections                 $ 5,626.00                   $ 63,770.00
            Special Fund Raisers               $        00.0                   $ 59,581.65
            Special Contributions             $ 8,843.49                   $ 38,287.82
            Sundry Receipts                      $ 5,370.03                   $ 14,648.82
            Hall Rentals                            $ 3,275.00                   $ 19,741.00
TOTAL REVENUE:                           $ 66,684.45                 $459,507.24

                                                                              Dec 2015                     Entire Year 2015
             Pastoral Expenses                              $13,798.78                  $ 152,942.30
            Administrative Expenses                 $ 8,888.82                   $ 102,745.28
            Building & Grounds                            $ 7,910.32                   $   81,355.67
           Mortgage Loan                                      $ 4,725.90                   $   56,710.80
            Social Function                                   $    952.64                   $   42,600.20
            World Mission Ministries                    $ 5,184.63                   $   54,069.25
            Music & Worship Ministry                 $ 3,738.04                   $   33,769.42
            Education Ministry                             $ 4,570.59                   $   36,753.88
            Utilities                                                $ 3,117.27                   $   39,809.12
            Parish Center                                      $ 4,913.06                   $   15,561.43
            Youth Ministry                                   $ 1,767.13                   $     7,900.58
            Hall Rentals                                        $     778.39                  $     5,562.86
TOTAL EXPENSES:                                      $60,345.57                  $ 629,780.79              

Winter Bible Study Series
Beginning Thur Jan 14 – a new Bible Study Series will begin on the theme “The Great I Cames” – referring to statements Jesus made wherein He explains the reason for His coming to earth.  This series will run for 10 weeks up to the beginning of Great Lent / Thursdays 7:30-9PM.

Christ our Lord, with His coming to earth as a new born babe, came to minister to His creation (man and woman). He came to seek and save the lost, He came to serve, not be served, He came to give us abundant life.  These will be some of the themes we will discuss and review in this winter bible study.