April 2017

Christ enters Jerusalem (after raising Lazaros from the grave). But this time He doesn’t enter as He did before, unrecognized, unknown, unacknowledged. No, now He himself, who never before sought either power or glory, prepares for his triumph. He orders his disciples to bring a young donkey, and sitting upon it He enters the city pre-ceded by a crowd and children bearing palm branches in their hands. The crowd and the children greet him with an ancient greeting reserved only for the king: “’Hosanna…! Blesses is He that comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the high-est!’ And when he entered Jerusalem all the city was stirred…” (Mt 21:0-10).

This crowd, these palm branches, that thunderous royal welcome, that triumphant joy, what does it all mean? And why do we commemorate this event each year with exactly the same joy, as if we ourselves were standing on the street of that holy city waiting, welcoming, exulting, and repeating the very same words, the very same “Hosanna”?

He taught about the Kingdom of God and about his future reign. But on this day, six days before Passover, He reveals his kingdom on earth, He opens it inviting the people, and all of us as well, to become citizens of this Kingdom of Christ, subjects of this humble King, a King with no earthly authority, with no earthly might, but with all-powerful love.

We live in a world, under governments, that have renounced God and are busy only with themselves, jealously guarding their own authority, power, might and victories. There is almost no place in this world for God’s love, God’s light, God’s joy.

We say to ourselves and to the world: Christ’s Kingdom lives. The kingdom that shone so brightly on that day in Jerusalem has not died, it has not perished, it has not disappeared from the face of the earth. We say to God: You are the one Lord, You are our only King; we know and believe and affirm that this Kingdom of your love will be victorious over sin, evil, and death.

The joy of this faith no one can take from us, even if others put all their hope in power and violence. But your kingdom, Lord, will remain. And the time will come when with your love You will wipe every tear from our eyes, dissolve every sorrow in your joy, and fill the world You created with the light of immortality.

Excerpts From Fr. Alexander Schmemann


This Annunciator is in memory of Despina “Pat” Maintanis 3/year Anniversary 

With Love Sponsored by: John & Lillian, John Jr. & Karisa & John III, Jason, Rhea

Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day, Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear.


Annunciation Luncheon Thank You’s 

A full house attended our recent Sunday Observance of our parish name day on March 26– thank you to all who came and all who cooked. We especially thank our food donors..Athanasios & Lena (Zafiriades) Meltsakos and the desert donors, Dr. Kennth and Myrto Morrissey and Sotiri Mioni, in memory of Dr. Jacques & Eva Mioni. Congratulations to the children of our Greek Language Program who entertained and inspired us all with their program!

Numerous Activities After Easter 

Sat April 22– Buffet Dinner for the benefit of IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities), sponsored by our parish. This is a most important ministry of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in the USA. See details on our back page and plan to attend in person or support through a donation. Note reservations are being taken “online.”

Sunday April 30– The Armenian Community of RI is sponsoring a play by Judith Bo-yajian “Woman Of Ararat” – at the Scottish Rite Auditorium—Cranston. Seating is lim-ited—Reserve early—401-749-0269 or dmartiesian@yahoo.com

Tuesday May 2- Our parish will be the host site for a Metropolis Sponsored Seminar for our District of the Metropolis, beginning with a light dinner at 6PM. Guest speaker is Rev Fr Robert Archon “What our possessions tell us about our relationship with Christ our Lord.” Parishioners in all leadership roles and any interested persons are invited. Both a Sunday School Teachers and Philoptochos breakout sessions will also be held.

Wednesday May 10- Author of the book “S.O.B.E.R.” (Anita Baglaneas Devlin) will speak at our parish concerning the addiction and recovery of her son, sponsored by Philoptochos….see details on the Philoptochos at page 14.

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News
Financial Report for the period ending 2/28/17
Endowment Fund Portfolio $802,207.73
Endowment Fund Checking Account $22,213.28

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by
M/M John Fotopoulos, M/M Michael Haveles, M/M Basil Karanikos, Elizabeth Marses, Jean Mihelakos, The Philoptochos, Andrew Rougas & Mary Samaras in memory of Nikolitsa Tsamis

A donation has been made by Mary Samaras in memory of Maryanna Floskis

A donation has been made by Mary Samaras in memory of Dr. Charles Allendorf

A donation has been made by Mary Samaras in memory of Angela Promades

A donation has been made by M/M Constantine Rougas & M/M John Vanikiotis in memory of Eleftheria Perdikakis

A general donation made by Matthew Massenzio


Lenten Floral Icons 

Thank you for your donations for the Friday Lenten Icons: M/M Michael Haralambides (in memory of John & Angeliki Katsetos & Elias & Eleni Haralambides, Lynda Takoudes (in memory of Christos Takoudes), Betty Marses (in memory Efstathios Marses), Carol Xanthakis (in memory of John Xanthakis), Gus & Roula Proyous, M/M Michael Papigiotis (in memory of Theofanis G. & Martha Papigiotis, Harry D. & Irene Psilopoulos, Dennis H. Psilopoulos, Angelica E. Stappas), Niovi Constantinides.

Donations Needed for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Pascha 

We are accepting donations for Flowers, Palms, Bows, Candelabras, etc. Simply call the office @(401) 942-4188 and make a donation in memory of a loved oneWe appreciate your generosity. 


Charles Gionis, age 64 of Centerdale, RI passed away on 3/10/17, his funeral and buri-al was held on 3/17/17. Eleftheria Perdikakis, age 92, of Cranston, RI passed away on 3/14/17, her funeral and burial was held on 3/20/17. ALSO: Elias Kondilis, father of parishioner Paraskevi Mantsos passed away in Greece.

Lazaros Saturday to Pascha 

Sat., April 8 Saturday of Lazaros / Church School Communion 8:15 am – Orthros
9:20 am – Forgiveness Prayers
9:30 am – Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Sun., April 9 Palm Sunday / Entrance to Jerusalem
8:15 am – Orthros
9:20 am – Forgiveness Prayers
9:30 am – Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom with distribution of Palms

Sunday Evening: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm— Nymphios Service 

Mon., April 10 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm— Nymphios Service/Forgiveness Prayers afterwards

Tues., April 11 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm— Nymphios Service/Forgiveness Prayers afterwards

Wed., April 12 The Sacrament of Holy Oil (Euchailion)
4:00 pm – 5:15 pm— Followed by anointing (especially for families w/ children)
7:00 pm – 8:45 pm— Nymphios Service — Followed by anointing

Thurs., April 13 Commemoration of the Mystical Supper
6:00 am – 7:45 am— Vesper / Liturgy of St. Basil

Communion to be distributed within the proper context of the liturgy

(Thursday Evening) 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Reading of the 12 Gospel Narratives
And Procession of the Crucifixion

Fri., April 14 Holy and Great Friday
10:00 am – 11:45 am- Service of the Royal Hours (Teens as readers)
Simultaneously the decoration of the Tomb
4:00 pm – 5:15 pm— Service of the Descent from the Cross
7:30 pm – 10:30 pm— Service of the Lamentations w/Procession 

Sat., April 15 Holy & Great Saturday / Discovery of the Empty Tomb
9:00am – 10:45am— Vesper / Liturgy of St. Basil
Communion will be distributed within the proper context of the liturgy
11:00 pm— Chanting of the Paschal Canon
Please arrive early giving yourself time to park your car and enter the Church which will take extra time due to the large number of people who normally attend.
11:45 pm – 2:15 am Paschal Orthros & Resurrection Liturgy 

Sun., April 16 Holy Pascha (Easter Sunday)
Noon—1:00 pm—Agape Vespers
(Gospel Read in Various languages of the World)
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt follows at 1:00 PM

We have to date 268 parishioners with a pledge of $145,977.00 as of March 31. The Actual Amount Received as of March 31, is $108,361.98 

Gregory Agakos, Zaharoula Agakos, M/M Christodoulos Andriotis, Alex Biliouris, Donna Broccoli, Viola Degaitas, Artemis DiCarlo, Jason DiCarlo, Dr. & Mrs. Michael DiMaio, Dr.’s Jonathan & Thomai Dion, M/M Hercules Fircanis, Nicholas Fircanis, M/M Thomas Frank, Stavros Hantzopoulos, M/M Vasilios Harritos, M/M Joseph Howard, Mary Kanelos, Zoe Kazianis, James Kripotos, M/M Spiro Kyriakakis, M/M John Loezos, Catherine Louth, E. Nicholl Marshall, M/M Matthew Massenzio, Demetri Melanis, Sotiris Mioni, M/M Theodoros Moran, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morris-sey, Melissa Morrissey, Stephen Morrissey, Victoria Moschou, M/M Harry Nicolopou-los, M/M George Panas, Flora Popovici, Carroll Promades, M/M Stamatios Revis, An-drew Rougas, Cathy Rougas, Nanci Sarganis, Georgia Scapinakis, Christopher Sheehan, M/M Peter Simone, M/M Edmund Sullivan, Mr. Thompson & Dr. Tryforos, M/M Peter Tzanetos, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vezeridis, M/M Peter Vassilopoulos, M/M Peter Vican, M/M Charles Xynellis.

Remember the wise words of the Scriptures… “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” (1 Peter 4:10)


The Capital Improvement Committee has been very busy meeting with different con-tractors regarding various improvement projects planned for our church. We have met with two contractors to discuss the refurbishing of the pews in the church. This work should be performed in conjunction with the contractor who will install the new carpet, therefore, the two projects will require a great deal of coordination. We are also negoti-ating with two companies about the replacement of the mosaic icon screens. These companies are in Italy and we need to carefully evaluate their pro-posals. Finally, we are beginning the preliminary discussion regarding the replacement of the church’s HVAC system.

Our fund-raising effort continues and we have received a total of $139,742.00 in pledge donations from 70 families. Thank you for your support and generous donations. Donations, however, have slowed down considerable. There has been only one donor since our last Annunciator was issued. The new donor is: Joseph & Joann Howard. Thank you very much.

If you have not yet submitted your 2 year pledge, please do so. We have a lot of work to complete in the coming months.

– Submitted by James Silva


Invite your family, friends and neighbors and come enjoy the same great food as our festival! Our traditional menu will include gyro, souvlaki, lamb dishes, pastries and Greek coffee.

Saturday, May 6th, 11am 7pm / Sunday, May 7th 11am 6pm 

We ask you to offer your time and talent to this parish event! Submit the sign-up form below to the parish office by designating your preferred work area and suggested shift schedule or contact Elaine Crabtree @ 401-433-8018, also you may contact the office @ 401-942-4188 with your choice of date (s) and times. Flexible shift hours will be accommodated!

Thank you for your support!

Annunciation Athletics Program 

2016/17 Basketball Team 

We continue to have a healthy group of youth participating in the Annunci-ation Basketball Program. The 2016/2017 season has once again been re-warding to our youth with much growth as teammates, players and Ortho-dox Christians from neighboring parishes. Once again this year Cranston and Pawtucket teamed up to form the 9-15 year old junior division that have been playing games for decades at Haven Methodist Church in East Providence on Saturday mornings.

13 wins and 2 losses. Congratulations! 

Any questions relating to the Athletics Program please contact Stephen Sterpis 226-3116 or email ssterpis621@gmail.com


Sunday February 19, 2017 by Anthony Pappas

To be a Steward in the Vineyard of the Master of Creation 

To be a steward in the vineyard of the Master of Creation: what would it be like to approach that gate And see it awing open to me, who then in vinyl sneakers plod and, when I have found my space of earth, till soil as black as the genesis of the universe? I wave my hand at fellow hands, and they look me in the eye and, for the pleasure of the moment, place fists on lower backs to arch their spines and press lips to the sun. As I work I hear singing, and there is no need to do any myself. And because I am listening, I hear the Lord approach. He wasn’t going my way, but he turns to confront me and says, “Brother,” placing a hand on my shoulder, “you made a good impression today. Your labor speaks for itself. There is no one who can do for me what you do now. My Father was right to employ you.” And turning he takes his leave, though never truly leaving, and I can feel his power echo in my soul.

But, says a voice in the dark, would you ever kill him? I respond, Would I ever? Do you mean if He were someone else—someone less important? Is there enough blood money in the world? Is there some authority I could gain that would be greater than what I have been given? Here I’ve betrayed my naivety. In my life, who has been like the evil vinedressers in the parable (Matt 21:33-44) who murdered their master’s son to steal his inheritance? Who can be that wicked? While there may be real scoun-drels in the world, everyone I have known seems good. The voice that asks me, What becomes of that person when he is far from church—during the workweek?—is tremu-lous in its skepticism. I feel that, in spite of my ignorance of the personal lives of my fellow congregants, it is possible to know them far better by the example they are striv-ing to emulate. This is active “knowing”: working side by side, rubbing shoulders, hammering out our details. The alternative is a character sketch of perceptions, and mine have always been equivocal, and how do you befriend someone born out of the confusion of your mind?

Instead of that I am certain of this: the members of my church are stewards. The vineyard is this building, that sky this perfect dome. That dome refers to our situation. Unlike a church steeple that symbolizes reaching for paradise, the dome holds us in place. While it is said to be a steward we invest time, talent, and treasure—which may seem like a lot—to accomplish any of it we have only to stand still. And listen. Did you hear the choir? Don’t worry if you missed them; they’re going to sing again. And if you see beside you an empty seat that was filled, consider the possibility that the per-son who sat there is a Sunday School teacher who has gone below to see to the commu-nity’s “foundations.” I think those students, even, are stewards, with the combined tal-ents of enthusiasm and curiosity. Many of you, I am sure, are here today because you like to bring your children to church. Older parishioners, tell me: doesn’t it warm you to see all the friends playing at coffee hour?

Now one of you is thinking: I don’t teach Greek school (I don’t have a dollar for the donation basket, either). Hello, I saw you come in—and a few like you—and thanks for being here. Do you know it means something to me that you’ve contributed your ears just now? Every Sunday, I imagine, Fr. Andrew or Fr. Emanuel stands where I’m standing and is grateful for even one more soul to address in the pews. The Gospel of Matthew 18:20 reads: “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” You’ve only contributed the presence of the Lord.

You’re chuckling. You’re looking at me askance. A couple of you have become very

serious all of a sudden. All I can offer, besides Scripture, is a suggestion: take it from me, who am of equivocal opinions—perceptions matter. In scientific studies of the very small, perceptions shape matter. And in Matthew 17:20, Jesus tells his disciples that faith as miniscule as a mustard seed has the ability to move mountains. A mustard tree is smaller than a mountain, but it is enormously larger than its seed, and whether your faith is a like a mustard tree or its seed is no clear indication of the effect you have had on us or will have. So far, in your role as steward, you are doing an acceptable job.

Sometimes we want to do more. It’s not unusual to feel inadequate, but nor is it the best solution. Matthew 6:21 lays out the axiom: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”—but if you consider too much the difficulty in acquiring treasure, in the first place, and sending it out from yourself, in the latter, then I would be surprised if that makes you feel very good. I love you and want you to be happy.

What if we agreed together that we are in the Vineyard of the Master of Creation, and it smells sweet, and outside the snow is melting. What more would it take for you to want to be here, to participate? Fill in the blank. When our heart is in the community, then we will want to help it grow. The time you donate to YAL will be time with your friends. The cooking you do in the kitchen will have us asking you for your recipe. The money you give will go right back in your pocket.

Or you could think of your generosity as a gift, as on Christmas, to members of your family. The Bible tells us in the beginning there was darkness, but if we open our eyes we see God has given us not only the gift of His Son but of the paradisiacal garden we thought lost to us. Allow yourself to perceive without embarrassment how proud you feel setting your alarm on Sunday morning and knotting a tie and loading your children in the minivan and bringing them to heaven. Whoever you think you are when you’re not here, and whomever and whatever you bring physically or spiritually with you, you really have ar-rived. You are doing His work, and benefiting someone or everyone. I saw you come in—I hope I looked you in the eye. I’m happy we are permitted to do God’s work together.

Oratorical Festival Review 

Congratulations to ALL our speakers, you have made us all Proud! 

Those Ranked:
Junior Division 1st Place—Katherine Mitrelis
2nd Place—Nathaniel Nichols
3rd Place—Demetri Petrou
Senior Division 1st Place—Alexandra Nichols
2nd Place—Eleni Mihailides
3rd Place—Leticia Lekos 

Other Orators
Elementary Division Savvina Arsenis, George Grammas, Damian Sarkis, Nathan Sarkis, Alex-ander Vanikiotis, Christopher Vanikiotis, Junior Division Anastasia Coclin, Juliana Mihailides, Katerina Mihailides, Senior Division Constantine Coclin, Sophia Sarkis.

Compliments to our Lenten Friday Readers 

We commend the following children of our Greek Language School for taking an active part in our Saluta-tion Service by reading prayers in Greek: Gianna Degaitas, Demetri Petrou, Eugenia Meltsakos, Christo-pher Lambros, Savvina Arsenis, Christopher Vanikiotis, Angela Marses and Alexander Vanikiotis.

Up-Coming Goya Activities (teens in grades 6-12)
Sat. April 22—Dance @ St. Katherine’s Parish , Braintree, MA
Sat. May 13—Brunch at our center (10 am) then making our Mother’s Day Flowers (Special Sr. Dance Troupe practice following 2-6 pm.)
Sat. June 10—Teen Outing at Colt State Park (watch for details)

Saint Spyridon Orthodox Christian Film Festival– Sat. July 8, 2017—9:30am
Films By Us, Films About Us, Films for Us, the Orthodox Christian Community.
Each summer Saint Spyridon sponsors the Saint Spyridon Orthodox Community Film Festival.
For more information, visit http://stspyridonchurch.org/filmfestival.html

Cranston Week @ MBC—Mon. July 24th Week
When Fr. Andrew will attend, but pick the week best for you.

Our Annual Vacation Church School (VCS) – Mon. July 31st week
Watch for details soon


Soon, we will be chanting and exchanging “Christos Anesti” greetings with our family and friends. And at the same time, Philoptochos is quietly doing the work of Philoptochos….helping those in need.

INTERNATIONAL PATIENT FROM GREECE IN RI: Recently, many Philopto-chos members and their families have reached out and assisted a young woman, 44 years old, the mother of a young, 14 year old boy, who is here from Greece for some very serious surgery. Our Philoptochos Chapter has extended a helping hand and warm welcome to Georgia, her husband Yianni, and her parents, Evangelia and Paskali. Un-fortunately, complications from her surgery have made it difficult for Georgia to return to Greece, and she will remain here with her parents until the end of May if her recu-peration proceeds as hoped for. Her husband, Yianni, returned to Greece prior to the complications to care for their young son. Philoptochos is assisting on all three levels to help this family with unexpected, everyday expenses. Our local Chapter, the Metropo-lis Philoptochos, and the National Philoptochos have lent a compassionate hand.

As the word spread regarding Georgia’s situation, many parishioners have expressed a desire to help. On Sunday, May 14th, Philoptochos will pass a special tray expressly for Georgia. We ask that you open your hearts and be generous. If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to Philoptochos, memo line Georgia Assistance, and mail to the Church office attention Philoptochos, Bessie Papigiotis. Thank you to all who have been so kind to this family.

VASILOPETA LUNCHEON REPORT: We are happy to report that our Vasilopeta Luncheon was an overwhelming success once again this year. A grateful thank you to Kate Silva, Roula Proyous, and Eleni Trikoulis who have chaired this Annual Lunch-eon for many years. A check in the amount of $5,500.00 will be sent to National Philoptochos for the St. Basil’s Vasilopeta obligation of our Chapter. Ke to chronou!!!

SENIOR CITIZENS LUNCHEON FRIDAY APRIL 21ST: As is the tradition for many years, Philoptochos will, once again, honor the Senior Citizens of our Parish, and host a luncheon on Friday, April 21st, following Liturgy (10:00 a.m.) for the Feast of the Life-Giving Fountain – Zoodoghos Pighes.


Please make your reservation by calling Bessie Papigiotis 949-3240 or Georgia Pappas 351-3927. Co-Chairing also are Anna Demetrakas, Josie Aliferakis, Diane Mitrelis and Karen Drager.

SPECIAL EVENT WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 10th, at 7:00 p.m. DEMETRAKAS HALL – ANITA BAGLANEAS DEVLIN- SPEAKER: Anita Baglaneas Devlin will speak on her book S.O.B.E.R., a story of addiction and recovery of her son, Michael Devlin. This book will open the eyes of many to no longer hide shamefully from this disease. We encourage everyone….all ages…. to come hear this powerful story from Anita. Please bring your friends, neighbors or anyone who may be interested. This program is open to all. Anita grew up in the Pawtucket Parish until the age of 14, the daughter of the late Father Theodore Baglaneas and Presvytera Mary. Book signing will follow, and coffee and dessert will be served. Marianne Phelan, Chair of this event. Mark your calendars and other details will be announced very soon.

PHILOPTOCHOS CHAPTER ELECTIONS: On May 15th, the Philoptochos Board for the term 2017-2019 will be elected. At this time, our Philoptochos Chapter has reached a critical point in our journey of philanthropy. It is important that members come to participate in this election process, and then work to help our fellow-man in time of need. Our Screen-ing Committee will be calling various members to join the Philoptochos Board. Please respond YES! Please be sure your Philoptochos stewardship is paid and your parish stew-ardship is up to date. Thank you. 

METROPOLIS OF BOSTON PHILOPTOCHOS FUNDRAISER MAY 7, 2017: A Festi-val of Tables will be held at the Taxiarchae Parish Hall, Watertown, MA on Sunday, May 7th, 3-6 p.m. Tickets are $50. Please call Georgia Pappas 351-3927 or Bessie Papigiotis 949-3240 to make your reservation. Car Pooling will be available. It will be a fun afternoon. Please sup-port this event. Thank you.

NATIONAL PHILOPTOCHOS NEWS: Philoptochos experienced a record-breaking year with disbursements totaling $2,057,990 in 2016. The National Board of the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society announced “that as a result of the hard work of every Philopto-chos chapter across the nation and with the support of their entire parish families, funds totaling $2,057,990 were disbursed”. These donations are in addition to assistance provided by the Metropolises and individual chapters across the country. This is an amazing accomplish-ment. Thank you all.

DONATIONS AND OBLIGATIONS BY OUR PHILOPTOCHOS: National Philopto-chos: Social Services $350, Cancer Fund $300, Autism $100, St. Photios Shrine $100, Me-tropolis of Boston: FOS Program $100, Memorial Donation $100, ANNUNCIATION CHURCH: $5,000 Annual Donation, Sunday School, $1,000, Greek School, $1,000, Savvas Savvides Scholarship $200, Memorial Fund $75, Endowment Fund $25. And Assistance for medical needs $388.61. 


Georgia Pappas, President
Karen Drager, Corresponding Secretary

Sunday April 30, 2017
Parade begin at 1:00 pm
From Boylston St. to Charles St.

To reserve a seat on the bus from our parish, contact Anthony George @ 401-580-0112, email: ageorge711@yahoo.com

Concerning Parish Scholarships 

Applications for the “Annunciation Scholarship” (which encompasses the Christelis Goya, Stella Pappas, George Pakuris and Andrew/Helen Vican Awards) will be avail-able after April 18. The application process includes the submittal of the academic transcript and the writing of an essay. Deadline date to submit is May 23.

The Savvas Savvides Scholarship is a separate standing application process adminis-tered by a different committee as it has been for the past 40 plus years. These applica-tions will also be available after April 15 and also requires an academic transcript. Deadline date to submit is May 23.

Parishioner Congratulations 

Alexandra Goralski, daughter of Robert & Lorrie Goralski, has made the dean’s list at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Ally earned a 3.7 for the fall semester. This is her Jr. year at the college.

Two New Parishioner Restaurants
Athens Diner @ 1449 Mineral Spring Ave., North Providence (co-owners are Peter Trikoulis and Mario Kirios)

YiaYia Maria’s @ 1674 Cranston St., Cranston (owner is Maria Zaharakos with her son Michael)

O D Y S S E Y D A N C E T R O U P E 2017 

Come and join Rhode Island’s finest Elementary Group: Ages 6-10 Greek Dance Troupe! Mondays: 6pm-7:30pm

First Practice: April 24, 2017

Meet other members who love Greek Dancing! Junior Group: Ages 11-13 Share in great fellowship and Mondays: 6pm-7:30pm meet some wonderful people! First Practice: April 24, 2017 Expose yourself or your child to a wonderful environment Senior Group: Ages 14 & up and culture! Thursdays: 6:30pm-8:30pm First Practice: March 30, 2017

if you are interested in joining
Koula & Savva Rougas

Calendar – April thru Early May 2017 

Divine Services (year round) Orthros (morning prayer) 8:15 am / Liturgy 9:30 am 


Wed April 5— Pre-Sanctified Liturgy– 6PM / Choir Practice—7:30PM

Thur April 6—Sr Dance Troupe—6:30PM

Sat April 8- Saturday of Lazaros—usual morning hours – followed by brunch and palms weaving

Sun April 16—HOLY PASCHA—Agape Vespers—12Noon followed by Children’s Easter Egg Hunt 

Mon April 17- Yal Meeting—7:30PM (location to be announced)

Tue April 18- Parish Council Meeting—7:30PM

Wed April 19- Phase 2 Meeting—7:30PM

Thu April 20- Sr Dance Troupe—6:30PM

Fri April 21- Life Giving Fountain (ZOODOCHOS PEGHI) – Special Times: 9am Orthros / 10am Liturgy, Luncheon Following, by reservation

– Yal (Paint & Vino) – watch for details 

Sat April 22- IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities) FUND RAISER
5PM—Pan-Orthodox Vespers / 6PM-Dinner

Sun April 23—Antipascha / Apostle Thomas Sunday / Great Martyr George – Goya Meeting after Church School

Mon April 24– Start Date for Elementary & Junior Dance Troupe—6PM Philoptochos Board– 6:15PM / General Membership—7PM

Tues April 25- Pastry Preparation for Spring Food Fair -5PM / Ahepa—7PM

Wed April 26- Pastry Preparation for Spring Food Fair -5PM / Choir Practice—6:30PM

Thu April 27- Sr Dance Troupe—6:30PM

Sat April 29- District Oratorical Festival (Assumption Parish-Pawtucket—10am)

Sun April 30— 3rd Sun of Pascha / Myrrh Bearers / James of Zebedee

MEMORIALS: Charles Gionis-40 days, Eleftheria Perdikakis-40days, Solon Chris-1 yr, Charles Allendorf, MD– 1 yr Dennis H. Psilopoulos—20 yrs

– Parade in Boston—1PM

Mon May 1- Goya Advisors & Officers—6:30PM

Tue May 2- Metropolis District Leadership Seminar—6PM (at our parish) 

Sat May 6— GREEK FOOD FAIR / 11AM—7 PM 

Sun May 7—Sun 4 of Pascha / Paralytic Sunday / Martyr Akakios

MEMORIAL: Peter Lekos—20 yrs